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30 November 2023

From LANIT to Kalina, or where Sobyanin's "counterfeit" is forged

How the LANIT company "was selling" Chinese "hardware" to the Moscow city hall.

The editorial office of the Moscow Post received a new pack of documents telling about corruption cases in the Department of Education and Science of the times of Isaac Kalina.

For the past few days, the name of the LANIT group of companies seems to come from every "device"... It should be recalled that this office of the deceased businessman Georgy Gens was closely associated with the Department of Education and Science of the capital, apparently, all 10 years of Mr. Kalina's sitting in the soft chair of the Minister. And the LANIT-Integration company received the most delicious contracts all this time. This is what The Moscow Post wrote about in the first part of the journalistic investigation Astronomy by Gens.

And then other criminal news arrived: a few days ago, the Investigative Committee of Russia announced the detention of Deputy Minister Anatoly Tikhonov, his adviser Roman Ryzhkov and two Vice-presidents of LANIT LLC - Vladimir Makarov and Viktor Serebryakov. The involvement of a group of friends to withdrawal of budget funds amounting 600 million rubles, allocated by the Federal state institution Russian Energy Agency Ministry of Energy to create SIS FEC system. This system was supposed to combine all information about the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation.

Interestingly, does LANIT GC do the same everywhere, as in the schools of the capital with Chinese astronomy classes, which the investigation "Astronomy by Gens" told about? The news about the withdrawn millions of the budget allocated to create SIS FEC, is also from the category of awful ones.

Does it turn out that such financial magicians as Sergey Mavrodi or Semyon Mogilevich need to move, especially since instead of suddenly deceased Georgy Gens, all the affairs of the LANIT GC are run by his son Philippe Gens? He's already caught up in his scandalous stories.

A correspondent of The Moscow Post tells about all these twists and turns.

Scandal with Chinese computers

It seems that the LANIT GC simply adores its suppliers from China, otherwise, what can explain the fact that in December 2018 (Gens Sr. died in April 2018), the LANIT-Integration company decided to earn, according to the authors of the Capital education website, allegedly more than 3 billion rubles for the supply of computer equipment for the capital's exam points: in total, there should have been 10 procurement procedures with a total initial price of 4 billion 136 million rubles.

LANIT-Integration offered to supply Chinese-made equipment to Moscow schools ( we wrote about Chinese inflatable yurts for astronomy classes in the first part of the investigation). The FSS Economic Security Service was interested in this proposal, as experts drew the attention of regulatory authorities to the low reliability of this "hardware" from China. And the true cost of such laptops was no more than 15-18 thousand rubles per item, that is 3 times lower than the price specified in the contract.

Former Minister of Education of Moscow Isaak Kalina found a job in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation

But by agreement with the FAS, LANIT actually desplaced the Russian manufacturer of computer equipment - Technoprogress LLC. The terms of the contract specified a requirement for the location of i/o ports on the back of the case. And the appearance of such an "important" condition in the technical task made it virtually impossible to supply laptops from leading world manufacturers.

However, soon officials from the Moscow Department of Education had to answer some awkward questions. According to the authors of the "Capital education" website, allegedly subordinates of Isaac Kalina before the New year felt some nervousness in the behaviour of their boss.

They say that the information about the triple overpricing of computers reached Vice-mayor Anastasia Rakova. And the auction results were cancelled.

Philippe Gens (left side) and Georgy Gens (centre)

In general, the LANIT-Integration company in the end did not receive a tender for the supply of Chinese hardware. And has filed a lawsuit against the Moscow Government.

Let us recall that all this operation was carried out by the heir to the Empire of Georgy Gens - Philippe Gens. And through the court, Gens Jr. tried to force the Moscow Government to sign contracts with LANIT-Integration. But it did not work.

But the tender still passed by.

Fat contracts of 2017

But the LANIT-Integration company was lucky in 2017. It should be recalled that Minister Kalina was still ruling the Department of Education and Science.

Then the office of Gens received several "fat" contracts. The company equipped demonstration classes at the exhibition "Contractual system of Moscow. Results of 2017".

Who was the organizer? Department of competition policy in Moscow.

Throughout 2017, LANIT-Integration was engaged in technical equipment of specialized classes in Moscow schools. Equipping schools with high-tech equipment and software necessary for its operation is a project of the Moscow Department of Education.

LANIT-Integration specialists have equipped more than 50 engineering classes. According to the results of two competitions, in 2018 the company equipped more than 100 classes for career guidance of future engineers. And it was then that it won the tender for the delivery of the first 59 astronomy classes in the capital. This was reported by the website of the LANIT company.

In addition to the engineering class and the astronomy room, the Moscow Department of Education, with the help of LANIT-Integration, demonstrated the capabilities of a medical class, a natural science laboratory, and a robotics class.

It seems that the LANIT company has been acting as a benefactor to the capital's schools in recent years. How much Chinese junk did Moscow schools accept from LANIT GC? And how many "bribes" went into the pockets of the capital's education officials?

How to steal a billion

Let us recall that Isaac Kalina and George Gens pulled off the scam of a planetary scale in March 2018. It was then that auction No. 0173200001418000270 was held for the supply of astronomy classes for educational institutions in Moscow at a price of more than 1 billion rubles. Moscow schools - were supposed to get inflatable yurts made in China, but again at a sky-high price!

Minister Kalina held a closed meeting on this issue. And it was at this meeting that the figure of 4.5 million rubles appeared. This was the new cost of the astronomy cabinet from China. In fact, the price of this miracle did not exceed 150 thousand rubles. The Moscow Post informed on it earlier.

Soon the auction was announced. But then complaints began to be heard loudly that the price was allegedly too high, and the technical task in the documentation was written incomprehensibly. The complainants were not heard.

The auction was held in mid-April. There were only 2 participants in the auction - LANIT-Integration LLC and Promnet LLC.

New Minister of Education and Science of Moscow Alexander Molotkov

Promnet LLC is a typical front player for the FAS not to start conducting an audit. On top of that, OOO Promnet LLC is engaged in selling construction materials. What does school and astronomy have to do with it?

But the purchase turned out to be competitive. Probably, the Commission's conclusions were influenced by the fact that the Deputy Head of the FAS is a long-time friend of the Gens family, M. Evraev.

It was he who accepted the housing and utilities program from LANIT LLC.

So, everything took place... But when an inflatable astronomy class in the form of a Yurt came to schools in Moscow, many heads of educational institutions were confused.

Davor Tuba, the headmaster of school No. 113, was the first to sound the alarm.

He decided to check the equipment in Rospotrebnadzor. Davor Tuba ordered a technical expertise of an inflatable tent. Experts' conclusion: such "astronomy" is dangerous for school children's lives. Novye Izvestiya wrote about this.

Davor Tuba informed the Moscow Department of Education of the results of the examination. And he said that the school will not buy such items. Davor Tuba's example was followed by the headmasters of three other schools. But 214 schools in Moscow still received inflatable "astronomy" in yurts.

1 billion rubles were spent on the construction of dangerous yurts!

It should be noted that the Department of Isaac Kalina did not respond to the message of the Director of school No. 113 Davor Tuba about the danger of Chinese astronomy classes.

But the supplier company was revived: LANIT-Integration sued the Director of school No. 113.

Though LANIT-Integration LLC lost in court, although it filed an appeal, but the Arbitration court also decided: Tuba was right, and the merchants from the LANIT company were wrong.

After several lawsuits, the Department of education did not lift a finger to remove dangerous equipment from the capital's schools.

But the protester Davor Tuba was dismissed from school No. 113.

It turns out that the Department of Education for some reason did not want to deprive LANIT-Integration LLC of a contract worth 1 billion rubles.

However, it should be noted that Rospotrebnadzor sent its paper to the Moscow Department of Education:

"The Moscow Department of Education did not give instructions for the removal of equipment, and did not file a claim for damages against LANIT-Integration LLC. The price of classes is many times too high, which, we believe, was the result of a corruption scheme." This was written by The Moscow Post.

Thus, there are corruption schemes under which Isaac Kalina and Georgy Gens worked.

And here are the conclusions of Rospotrebnadzor experts:

"In respect of air pump for the dome of a portable multimedia centre, the noise level which, when work does not meet the requirements of SN 2.2.4/ exceeded by 4.29 dB, according to expert opinion No. 2018 03 24516; the height of the dome on TK 3 m, 2.90 m in fact, during operation of the blower creates overpressure in the dome, which prevents a quick escape from him." The Moscow Post informed on it.

But these conclusions did not convince Minister of Education Kalina to take away unsuitable supercharged astronomy classes.

Offshores of the Gens family

But where were the billions that, as we see, the gens family earned together with the leadership of the Department of Education of the capital on the supply of Chinese computers, astronomy classes produced in China?

The fortune of the owner Georgy Gens during his lifetime was about 1 billion dollars. Apparently, for a long time, Georgy Gens conducted his business according to a proven scheme. Could officials also get kickbacks for conclusion of contracts with LANIT LLC and withdraw money  to offshore accounts via shell companies?

Georgy Gens

Let us recall that LANIT LLC is the founder of Lanit International Ltd. And it is the founder of CompTek International Overseas Ltd of the British Virgin Islands. And through this chain of offshore companies, 27 million dollars were withdrawn from Russia at one time. This money was cashed in the Bank UBS AG (Switzerland). The Moscow Post wrote about it.

Troubles in the life of LANIT GC began 5 years ago: in 2015, IBM broke the contract with the company. And this happened after 20 years of cooperation. Official version: IBM switched to direct delivery.

It is hard to believe this version, since the termination of the contract in 2014 with KROK company was most likely a consequence of the fact that FSS employees in 2011 conducted an investigation into the legality of importing IBM servers for Sberbank.

Foreign companies value their reputation very much. And they usually don't want to interact with those who have this reputation damaged.

Further, in the same year, 2015, the Federal Tax Service won a case against LANIT LLC for additional taxes in the amount of more than 1.43 billion rubles. The Federal Tax Service found that in 2011-2012 the company did not pay value-added tax and income tax. Received an unjustified benefit.

This was written by Vedomosti.

To reduce the tax base, LANIT could trade through a chain of one-day firms. And as a result, to pocket 2 billion rubles. This was described in detail by Vedomosti.

After the death of Georgy Gens, Philippe Gens took over the succession.

Philippe Gens took over the inheritance rights in December 2018. Scandals began immediately

According to the USRLE, since December 2018, Philippe Gens is the 100% founder of Dihaus LLC, a distributor of mobile equipment and digital gadgets.

Since 2013, the 100% founder of this company was Georgy Gens, and before that -  legal entities that were registered in the Seychelles.

Since September 2017, Philippe Gens is listed as the sole founder of LANIT Holding. This holding is the founder and co-founder of 28 different companies.

One last thing. By order of the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov, Isaak Kalina was appointed President of the Centre for implementation of state educational policy and information technologies of the Ministry of Education a few days ago.

"I am very happy to return to work at the Federal level and to the most important area of activity - the development of human resources in the education system. It is no secret that all the results of the education system depend on teachers and managers, so the task of professional development of these people is key to achieving success in the Russian education system," said Isaak Kalina. This was reported by Vesti Obrazovaniya.

But the investigation of the Chinese astronomy classes continues. Isaac Kalina, of course, made his feet in time from the Department of Education, but a person from Kalina's team, Alexander Molotkov, sits in the Minister's chair today.

Investigators have someone to ask questions. And who to bring to justice, even from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.


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