"Friendship" will be released to Yuri Novozhilov and Alexei Taicher sideways

How the pollution of the oil pipeline, Transfin-M, NPF Blagosostoyanie, Dmitry Zotov and Alexey Tycher are related.


How the pollution of the oil pipeline, Transfin-M, NPF Blagosostoyanie, Dmitry Zotov and Alexey Tycher are related.

It seems that Sergei Kononov (located in SIZO No. 5 "Vodnik"), in the past - the owner of the Transnational Bank, who "robbed" hundreds of clients, "mortgaged" his partner, a man with an ambiguous reputation Yuri Novozhilov.

And Mr. Novozhilov is now putting up his assets for sale. Recall that today Yuri Novozhilov holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Promsvyazbank.

And the other day, people who may be associated with the ex-head of NPF Blagosostoyanie sold 3 hectares of zemlitsa in the elite area of ​ ​ the capital, at Serebryany Bora GC Ingrad for 2 billion rubles.

Controlled by Roman Avdeev's Ingrad Group of Companies, Walda LLC became the founder of Corona LLC, which through Denika LLC now owns 3 hectares on 21 Picturesque Street. Earlier, the beneficiary of the site was Elizaveta Yurievna Novozhilova - presumably the daughter of Yuri Novozhilov.

And under Mr. Novozhilov himself, it seems, the earth is "burning," and melts...

An informant writes about this to the editorial office of The Moscow Post, who last fall, 2021 announced the arrest of the notorious banker Sergei Kononov, as well as that Mr. Kononov was occupying one of the cells in the Vodnik pre-trial detention center.

Banker Kononov did not immediately, but began to testify.

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the details.

The case of banker Kononov

Thus, it is already known that the ex-head of the Welfare Fund, also the scandalous banker Yuri Novozhilov, could have been involved in the case of the scandalous banker Sergei Kononov.

The Russian investigating authorities continue to deal with the case of Sergei Kononov: in the course of investigative actions, a new large "fisherman" pops up and pops up.

A source from The Moscow Post, who previously sent very curious documents - and they shed light on the activities of the former owner of the Transnational Bank, Sergei Kononov - shared intriguing facts with the editors.

Apparently, after the publication of the journalistic investigation "Banker under the moire" veil. "

Kononov was finally arrested.

Recall that the license from the Transnational Bank was revoked back in 2015.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

According to our source, now investigators are very actively engaged in the "case" of Mr. Kononov, or rather, his Cypriot company Urals. The main stake in the company through an offshore company is registered for the 24-year-old daughter of Mr. Kononov.

Urals, we recall, previously has Russian "daughters." They are together engaged in the production and processing of oil on Sakhalin and oil production on Kolguev Island. Mr. Kononov is also the owner of a seaport on Sakhalin.

Investigators are digging well: according to our information, they intend to prove that the assets were acquired by Mr. Kononov with the money of depositors of the Transnational Bank and the savings of hockey player Radulov. Mr. Kononov received Radulov's money fraudulently.

The multinational bank is now closed. Photo: https://yandex.ru/maps/org/transnatsionalny_bank/1115767792/?ll=37.660350%2C55.717031&z=14

What The Moscow Post talked about in the second part of the investigative journalism "Finale" of the moire "banker."

During the investigative actions, several interesting names surfaced.

We are talking about Roman Trushev, who not so long ago had an oil refining business in the Samara region. Today he is forced to hide in Switzerland. But, it seems, much more questions from people in uniform have already arisen to Yuri Novozhilov.

The Moscow Post informant reports that interrogations of former subordinates of Sergei Kononov are underway today. And they allegedly give a lot of invaluable information.

It was during interrogations that the name of the citizen of Malta Roman Trushev, the one who was accused of oil pollution in the Druzhba oil pipeline, suddenly sounded. And it was on Mr. Trushev that all the "dogs" were hung and made the main organizer.

Roman Trushev. Photo: https://oboz.info/

In 2018, Mr. Trushev was taken away from an oil refining business in the Samara region. And he created this business since 2011 with the financial support of the Welfare Fund and its subsidiary bank - Absolut Bank.

At that time, the head of the Welfare Fund was Yuri Novozhilov, he also headed Absolut Bank, which became famous for its tough actions towards owners of mortgage apartments. They even went on hunger strike.

Mr. Novozhilov, as mentioned above, today is the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Promsvyazbank. And evil tongues spread rumors that Novozhilov allegedly persists in obtaining kickbacks from loans issued.

That is why the security forces have already come out to Mr. Trushev. And allegedly, in exchange for useful information and testimony against Yuri Novozhilov, Mr. Trushev can be supported... And will they even return the oil business?

Scandals in the life of Novozhilov

Here it would be necessary to return to 2017. This year was very stormy for Mr. Novozhilov, he still worked at Absolut Bank.

Then many media outlets talked about the conflict between Absolut Bank and foreign exchange borrowers who were on hunger strike. The management of Absolut Bank refused to negotiate with citizens who took out a currency mortgage. And in order to "smoke" unwanted guests, the office on Vorontsovskaya Street was closed. Kommersant wrote about this.

And as a result, protests from the office on Vorontsovskaya Street flowed into the street.

Borrowers at Absolut Bank. Photo: https://dailymoneyexpert.ru/

Borrowers demanded a reverse conversion into rubles of their mortgage obligations, in which the amount of debt on the day of signing was translated into foreign currency.

And another scandal is connected precisely with the mentioned Mr. Trushev, who is hiding in Switzerland today. Mr. Trushev gave an interview to Le Temps journalist Adrià Boudry Carbo (Switzerland) some time ago.

From his refuge, Trushev claimed that an oil refinery had been taken from him. And this story is also connected with the pollution of the Druzhba oil pipeline, which connects Russia with the European Union, passing 5500 km through Belarus. It was here that a warning sounded when a high level of chlorine-containing compounds was found in oil, destructive to infrastructures...

There was panic in the market. Oil exports were paralyzed for a month.

Ten days later, 6 suspects were named. 4 people were arrested. Trushev disappeared abroad.

Roman Trushev owned the Samaratransneft terminal and the Petroneft oil refinery. The plant was stolen from Trushev.

As the Swiss journalist of the newspaper Le Temps wrote, Mr. Trushev was the victim of an extortion attempt by a man close to Absolut Bank, who provided him with a loan. But soon the credit "tap" was closed. The bank initiated bankruptcy proceedings at the plant... The Moscow Post wrote about this.

The financial and sales agreements that Le Temps newspaper was able to familiarize itself with are quite complicated, but Trushev claims that they were imposed by those who deprived him of the Petroneft plant: the company that owns the plant was sold in December 2018 to three companies owned by Absolut Bank: Spetsresurs-Service, Damatria and Development, and Development. " The Samaratransneft terminal was sold in June 2018.

What has Mr Trushev put together? These are the facts of receiving funds, gifts, there are audio recordings and photo materials. There is an audio recording of the conversation between Novozhilov and Trushev (April 2018), where Trushev is given tough advice - "give the whole business for 1 rupee." He didn't obey.

We quote part of the letter to the editorial office: "Roman Trushev was not a timid dozen and fought to the end for his asset with these" reptiles. " This was said by a good old-school tracker from Shabolovka, who conducted an audit on the far-fetched statement of Absolut Bank about the initiation of a criminal case against him... "

As it turns out further, the documentary materials that Trushev so painstakingly collected for several years ended up with the investigators who developed them.

And there are already some progress: the investigators who received these folders contacted their colleagues from the relevant law enforcement agencies, and they immediately seized on the valuable material.

The case of businessman Zotov

But Mr. Novozhilov's track record includes not only Roman Trushev's "drowned" business and some muddy participation in the affairs of banker Sergei Kononov.

Mr Novozhilov may be involved in the ruin and arrest of businessman Dmitry Zotov, who received 7 years in prison, a whistleblower told The Moscow Post. Kommersant wrote about this.

Before his arrest, Zotov was forced to hide first in Spain, then in Latvia. This is also stated in letters sent to The Moscow Post by "well-wishers."

And in connection with the Zotov case, both the Welfare Fund and Absolut Bank are mentioned. In addition to the surname Novozhilov, the name of Alexei Tycher from the TransFin-M company also sounds.

Alexey Tycher. Photo: https://newspotok.ru/

And the name of Yuri Novozhilov appears, who until 2018 was the executive director of the Welfare Fund (part of the structures of Russian Railways).

Former partners from TransFin-M accused Dmitry Zotov of major fraud. Zotov denies these accusations, which is why in the summer of 2020 he decided to return to his homeland, having received some promises from Boris Titov. But in the end he was arrested right at Sheremetyevo airport, despite the guarantees of the General Prosecutor's Office. He spent 3 weeks in the pre-trial detention center until Vladimir Putin intervened in his case after widespread publicity in the media.

All this time, Zotov tried to restore not only his name, but also the whole picture of what happened...

But he got 7 years in prison. And in this Zotov was helped by people who divided the assets of TransFin-M.

We quote another excerpt from the letter to The Moscow Post: "One person (operative - MR), whom we cannot name, said that we are not interested in any husk from the bank (we are talking about Absolut Bank) and the fund (Welfare), but, of course, they would not interfere with planting... in a pre-trial detention center for a while. First of all, we are interested in Yuri Novozhilov. Novozhilov today works in Promsvyazbank and does the same - these are bribes and kickbacks... "

Dmitry Zotov. Photo: https://legal.report/zashhita-zotova-osporit-arest-biznesmena-iz-spiska-titova/

But even before the verdict was passed, Zotov managed to give an interview to journalists and said that his criminal case was beneficial to the new owners of TransFin-M. The Company wrote about this.

Zotov began working as the general director of TransFin-M in February 2012, when the company belonged to NPF Blagosostoyanie (and was a structure of Russian Railways).

Mr Novozhilov was Zotov's boss until March 2018. In March, NPF Blagosostoyanie was corporatized. Gazprombank and Rosselkhozbank became the new shareholders. The share of Russian Railways decreased to 25%. The Moscow Post wrote about this.

And just at that time, the Blagosostoyanie Foundation decided to reduce the share of non-core assets and sell TransFin-M.

Dmitry Zotov was appointed responsible. Negotiations on the purchase were conducted with VTB-Leasing, GTLK and Sberbank Leasing.

But the transactions did not take place: NPF employees argued their actions with the desire to receive a 50% mark-up to the book value of TransFin-M, selling the company in parts.

In mid-November 2018, Zotov ceased to be the CEO. In his place came a certain Maxim Anishchenkov. And soon a certain scheme was turned.

TransFin-M took a loan of 55 billion rubles. from VTB Bank on the security of the company. These 55 billion rubles. transferred to TFM-Garant in the form of a loan. Note that the latter was at first one hundred percent daughter of TrasnFin-M.

In 2019, TFM-Garant was bought by four individuals at a symbolic price

It was TFM-Garant that became the new owner of TransFin-M.

Railcars of Transfin-M. Photo: https://fedleasing.ru/a

The new management began selling assets. In theory, the profit of 15.5 billion roubles was to go in favor of shareholders and pensioners of NPF "Blagosostoyanie." But the profits came from new shareholders.

Loan of 55 billion rubles. appears in the statements of TransFin-M for the first quarter of 2020. Of these, 32.6 billion rubles. went to buy TransFin-M through the TFM-Garant company of the Blagosostoyanie fund.

It turns out that the new management of TransFin-M deftly received a loan secured by the company's free property in order to buy the company itself. In other words, privatization took place with the money of TransFin-M. And they not only underestimated the price of the company by 15 billion rubles, but also made a deal without investing their own money.

When such a "big game" went, Dmitry Zotov was called by the leadership of the NPF "Welfare." He told how he was offered to disappear, promising to reward for silence.

Apparently, the most interesting thing begins in this multi-part thriller? Dmitry Zotov was imprisoned. Roman Trushev was ruined. Banker Kononov is a prisoner of the Vodnik pre-trial detention center...

But folders with documents that Trushev collected for almost 10 years are in the hands of investigators. According to the informant The Moscow Post, Roman Trushev is expected to apply for a criminal case.

Who's next?

Necessary Afterword

June 6 this year. The appellate instance of the Moscow City Court commuted the sentence to the former Director General of PJSC TransFin-M Dmitry Zotov. And reduced the punishment from seven years to 5.5 years. The defender of Mr. Zotov noted that, despite the mitigation of the sentence, he will be appealed in cassation.

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