"Freudian" inclinations of the West: first friendship, love, then expulsion of diplomats

Maria Zakharova is a correspondent for The Moscow Post about the "inadequate" behavior of European NATO partners and the new "Triple Alliance" in Europe.


Maria Zakharova is a correspondent for The Moscow Post about the "inadequate" behavior of European NATO partners and the new "Triple Alliance" in Europe.

The first question of The Moscow Post correspondent concerned security guarantees and relations between the Russian Federation and NATO:

- Now former NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg suggested that Russia resume relations and start a dialogue. How can you comment on this? - asked the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Maria Zakharova recalled that such speeches from NATO are constantly heard.

"We are for peace and friendship, and then begins - the expulsion of diplomats, the next measures to complicate work or generally betray any actions of impossibility of implementation, and so on. We all went through this. Cases diverge from statements. The declared messages, formulas, and theses have no connection with reality, "the diplomat emphasized.

Similar calls for dialogue have been made before, but Russia behind closed doors make it clear that the main topics of the negotiations should be different: for example, Ukrainian issues, to which NATO has nothing to do. Russia is open to dialogue, but only on equal terms, taking into account the interests of each other.

Maria Zakharova: "We are for peace and friendship, and then begins - the expulsion of diplomats"

Russia's constant attempts to discuss real issues in the field of military restraint, transparency, prevention of military incidents, a moratorium on the deployment of intermediate and shorter-range missiles have been ignored for many years.

"The Alliance has clearly shown that for it the main priority is to deter Russia in all directions. The European Union has a similar position. Military construction plans and exercises are attached to this. the construction of infrastructure, the organization's cooperation programs with partners are being built, "said Maria Zakharova and recalled that it is not Russia that is moving towards the Alliance, but NATO is bringing its troops and weapons closer to our borders.

"The statements and actions of Western partners are much like a real theater of absurdity, a freak thriller," the diplomat emphasized.

Russia has raised with NATO specific questions about security assurances - the non-expansion of the Alliance, the non-deployment of attack combat systems at our borders and a return to the configuration of NATO forces at the time of 1997. In addition, our country has requested information from members of the Alliance and EU countries on how they understand the principle of indivisibility of security. Russian diplomats are convinced that strengthening their own security at the expense of other states is unacceptable.

"We are waiting for a clear answer. Depending on what it will be, we will determine whether there is space for substantive dialogue. Participation in such conversations "for the tick" does not make sense, "the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said and tried to explain the reason for the numerous mistakes of Western partners - in factology, geography, the quality of the study of the material, and so on.

In her opinion, the whole point is that Western countries have never been responsible for their actions, actions and steps, they do not have such a culture.

Russia is ready to be responsible for its words and actions.

"We emphasize the consistency of our approaches and the continuity of our position. I tried to find transcripts of the interview on the website of the British Foreign Ministry - they are not. They are not used to reporting to anyone, they are used to making statements to work out the current moment, to work out the current situation and attract votes. And what will happen later, and how words and deeds combine, none of them was ever interested. From the past, they have no obligations, "the diplomat summed up.

The second question of The Moscow Post correspondent concerned the UK and the sanctions that the country may impose against Russian business:

- What, in your opinion, can be Moscow's response to London's actions regarding the assets and property of Russian citizens, as well as the assets of Russian companies in the UK?

Russia recorded the "ugly" statements made by British Foreign Minister Liz Trass about her intention to conduct a document through parliament providing for new grounds for sanctioning Russian legal entities and individuals.

"In this case, any company from our country can be sanctioned simply by the principle of belonging. Such a step causes a round of tension, will not serve to normalize bilateral relations. Britain thereby undermines its own investment attractiveness and threatens its large business interacting with Russian economic operators. We will be determined by the situation. If sanctions apply indiscriminately to any Russian companies without the presence of legally justified facts, then this will become a serious obstacle to the development of trade and economic relations and ties. Our response will follow, "said Maria Zakharova.

Russia has long drawn London's attention to the fact that the country has become a worldwide "laundry" for laundering "dirty money." From the Russian Federation, Britain transmitted information about corrupt officials who fled and settled there, are engaged in illegal activities, but the English authorities do not pay attention to this.

"People who have real facts of crimes behind them were supported by the country's authorities, as both militants and terrorists of the North Caucasus were supported. This is a bad British tradition and something needs to be done with it, "said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Finally, The Moscow Post's third question concerned the Alliance of Ukraine, Poland and Great Britain:

- Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba announced the creation of a new Alliance, which could include Ukraine, Poland and Great Britain. Question: is it worth taking this Alliance seriously?, "Asked the correspondent of The Moscow Post

Maria Zakharova recalled that any alliances against someone are doomed. It is at least foolish to create alliances, knock down flocks to be friends against someone without reason. All this inspires historical associations that do not benefit the participating countries.

"I would like to remind Western partners that the escalation of militaristic horror, the split of Europe by a triple alliance - this has already been. This whole Europe took place in the 20th century. All this we saw on the eve of World War II. Experiments of this kind should not be repeated. No matter how they fantasize about this topic, their true goals are obvious - this is a provocation, "Maria Zakharova summed up.