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05 December 2023

Digital "casino" Anatoly Tikhonov

New, shocking details of the criminal case of former Deputy Minister of Energy Anatoly Tikhonov are surfacing.

A voluminous envelope came to the editorial office of The Moscow Post. A certain citizen of N., apparently very closely acquainted with the former deputy minister Tikhonov sitting in prison, sent curious papers. These papers shed new, brighter light on the actions of Mr. Tikhonov and his entire "funeral team," which destroyed a large energy project: it appropriated more than 700 million rubles during the "development" of the State Information System of the Fuel and Energy Complex (GIS Fuel and Energy Complex). All this happened when Mr. Tikhonov headed the Russian Energy Agency (REA) of the Ministry of Energy.

Recall that on the prison "helicopter" Mr. Tikhonov has been sitting since September last year, 2020. His common-law wife, part-time shadow accountant Valery Kovalenko, an amateur of French oysters and Swiss champagne, was also sent to prison. Investigators have already discovered Tikhonov's overseas real estate: this is a cute cottage on the shores of a lake in Suomi, and apartments both in Monte Carlo (Monaco) and in Lugano (Switzerland). Later, an apartment surfaced in France.

Apparently, having failed to reconcile with the sloppy walls in the pre-trial detention center, Ms. Kovalenko asked for free will. And she handed over all the enrichment schemes of the closest spouse, so now Valery Kovalenko is found under house arrest in her elite apartment on Patriarchal Ponds.

The investigation, meanwhile, continues to work. And, quite likely, especially after the ardent confessions of the shadow accountant Kovalenko, investigators will receive fresh materials for new criminal cases. Recall that with many "ropes" Mr. Tikhonov is associated with the ex-Minister of Energy Alexander Novak, who managed to get rid of the Ministry of Energy in time. And today, Mr. Novak, who is in the post of deputy prime minister, is doing everything possible - according to citizen N. - to get Mr. Tikhonov out of prison.

The Moscow Post understood Mr. Tikhonov's "murky" schemes.

"Gray Cardinal" Ministry of Energy

Citizen N. said that Anatoly Tikhonov in the Novak department was magnified no other than the "gray cardinal of the Ministry of Energy." Today Tikhonov changed his luxurious apartments to a double camera in Sailor Silence.

Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov has already reduced the post of Anatoly Tikhonov, under which 4 departments "went" at once. And in every possible way reveals corruption in the REA of the Ministry of Energy, and in fact all the forces of the Ministry of Energy and Novak - as our informant N. puts it on this - are thrown to pull Tikhonov out of prison.

In the case, the director of FSUE REA, Alexei Kulapin, who was put in his place with his undercut reputation when he was the director of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise of the EIRCC in Saratov. In the same company, the previously dismissed deputy head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District S. Solod. He was hired to oversee criminal cases on stolen money for the construction of a building for REA in the amount of more than 1 billion rubles. Mr. Tikhonov took the building on paper, but forgot to build.

Minister of Energy Nikolai Shulginov

So another criminal case isn't far off?

"Today they all argue in vain that Anatoly Tikhonov is a man of crystal honesty. The "bleaching" of Mr. Tikhonov's person has been going on for more than one month, "Mr. N. continues his narrative. - And the" friends "are trying so hard that they even forgot to appeal the decision in the A40-10794/17 case to the Cassation Court, agreeing to reduce the penalty for creating a fuel and energy complex from 270 million rubles. up to 20 million rubles. But at the same time they found 500 thousand rubles. for a review on fictitious examination. And then 3000 rubles. too large expense for Kulapin. He has the status of a witness in a criminal case. "

So Kulapin is trying, he even filed for bankruptcy of ISSB LLC, from which in 2015 Tikhonov extorted a bribe through his man Roman Shcherbov. The goods were taken by Tikhonov. Since 2016, this product has been in operation with FSBI REA. This is established in the decision in the A40-99793/17 case.

But they do not want to pay for it: the court and bailiffs do not comply with Kulapin's decree, he does not comply with decisions and requirements.

Alexey Kulapin

According to N., allegedly Minister Shulginov is aware of the theft, but does not want to interfere in this process. And the Tikhonov-Novak team failed to shake Mr. Shulginov in the end.

So, indeed, there may be new cases related to the "creative activity" of Tikhonov and Novak?

Black Financial Schemes

Tikhonov's relatives in the Ministry of Energy of Russia, the State Duma and other warm places with ministerial portfolios deserve special attention. They clung to government projects like ticks.

Lugano, Switzerland: Valeria Kovalenko has been living in this paradise place since 2006

And it was the defiantly luxurious life of Valeria Kovalenko, who was the holder of the family "common fund," and ultimately attracted, according to N., attention to Tikhonov.

Valeria Kovalenko, from 2006 until her arrest, lived with her children in Switzerland. And a considerable share of the stolen went to the maintenance of the Kovalenko-Tikhonov family.

Even together with Tikhonov and Kovalenko, recalls N., R.V. Ryzhkov and E.V. Golovko were arrested. But both Ryzhkov and Golovko are not random people in finance. And the "black" financial schemes for them are not new. It was these bright abilities that led them to Tikhonov's "team."

And the acquaintance of Ryzhkov and Golovko took place at FinCredSoyuz Factoring Company LLC: this office was associated with VEB, in which Anatoly Tikhonov worked in the past. Talents Ryzhkov and Golovko found use in the Ministry of Energy. And Mr. Ryzhkov even took the post of adviser to Tikhonov.

What else did these individuals manage? Mr. Ryzhkov was the beneficiary and CEO of Quantum Medical Technologies LLC in Zhukovsky near Moscow. Previously, this position was held by Kondratov Vladimir Alexandrovich. The case also included some Poghosyan R.N., Veselov M.I. and Veselova Yu.L.

But since the end of August last year, 2020, Kondratov has become the general director of OOO Oil Production Supply, which was registered in 02.10.2015 by a certain A.A. Epanichnikov. At this time, Mr. Tikhonov had an "active cycle to control limits and quotas."

And nothing foreshadowed the troubles: detention and subsequent arrest.

Black Oil Schemes

But who else was in Mr. Tikhonov's proxies, except Ryzhkov. And what is the role of Vladimir Kondratov? This is told by Dr. N.

It is necessary to pay attention to such an interesting fact: R.N. Poghosyan in January 2015. becomes the owner of the business of OOO OptNefteSnab with a billion turnover. For her participation, Ms. Poghosyan pays 750 thousand rubles. Earlier, this LLC belonged to Gabdrafikov Nail Rishatovich.

But what prompted to give assets for 400 million rubles. for less than 1 million rubles? It remains only to guess. But after Gabdrafikov shared his assets, billions began to multiply.

Monte Carlo, Monaco, millionaires live here

Further, in the case was Epanechnikov Alexander Anatolyevich, who had previously had nothing to do with raw materials and oil trading. In 2015, he became an active player through Oil Production Supply LLC (NPO LLC). Mr. Epanechnikov was previously the director of the construction of the cottage village of Vsevolozhskie Dachi LLC.

Even Tikhonov suits his man at the FSUE VO Promsyrieimport of the Ministry of Energy - a certain Silantiev Mikhail Viktorovich. Silantyev and Epanechnikov were previously familiar.

Further in 2017, Epanechnikov sells 26% of LLC NPO LLC Kapitel, which is offshore with owners in the British Virgin Islands Abuna Holdings LTD, responsibility of Innovative Medical Systems Fund LTD (Cayman Islands) LLC Jaybad Limited

LLC Kapitel owned shares in the business. 26% or yet Tolya 30%, its tariff and profit from oil trading.

So he earned a channel set up by Tikhonov to withdraw money to offshore. The revenue of NPO LLC has grown rapidly from 70 million to 400 million rubles. per year. But the staff "worked" only 1 person. In 2020, oil was received for 1 billion rubles. And all this with a capital of 10,000 rubles.

Could all this "capital" work without the knowledge of the Minister of Energy (at that time) Novak?

Dubious Pakistan Stream

Let's move on. Year of birth. N. says that one day, Mr. Epanechnikov suddenly decides to sell the business. And sells her 20-year-old daughter - model Maria Epanechnikova. But what made him leave the fed place? It turns out that Epanechnikov could not combine the posts of civil servant of the FSUE "Center for Operational Services" of the Ministry of Energy of Russia and own a stake in NPO LLC.

Revenue at NPO LLC was only growing, oil and raw materials reserves for 2020, according to the balance sheet, exceeded 1 billion rubles.

"This is Tikhonov's very successful business, and most importantly, who will calculate these oil tanks, which are so convenient to interfere with oil on Iranian and Syrian transactions?" our informant asks. "Not only Tikhonov and Alexander Novak took an active part in them."

But the revenue of FSUE Center for Operational Services of the Ministry of Energy of Russia with the arrival of Epanechnikov soared to 17 billion rubles. It turns out that Mr. Tikhonov began to pump the modest FSUE with money. As a result, FSUE was supposed to become a klondike through which all contracts and orders of the Ministry of Energy would go. And the "diamond" in this crown was supposed to be a Pakistani stream.

Apparently, it was this step that ruined Anatoly Tikhonov's brilliant career. He decided to enter into an unequal battle with Igor Sechin and Sergey Chemezov, who, due to sanctions, were supposed to leave the project.

Pakistani flow is a very risky project that has been discussed since 2015, and its effectiveness is very dubious. About this wrote Kommersant.

And it is beneficial only to contractors who must master more than $3 billion. The share of the Russian Federation in the project decreased several times. And the goals themselves have become slurred in the reception of gas from competitors and its distribution in Pakistan. Very dubious goals, taking into account the fact that during the construction of the Blue Stream in Turkey, the network could not be developed. And in Russia with gasification, as we know, things are deplorable!

But on the other hand, how in Russia to master the next 3 billion dollars and leave them in the "necessary" accounts?

"The Syrian and Iranian deal also enriched Mikhail Silantiev from FSUE VO Promsyrieimport Ministry of Energy. After all, Mr. Silantyev is also part of the Tikhonov team. - summarizes N. Vedomosti wrote about this.

Thus, as we see, the sphere of interest of Mr. Tikhonov and Ko is very extensive...

It is not yet known exactly what schemes Ms. Kovalenko, the common-law wife of Mr. Tikhonov, issued "to the mountain," but the schemes of the "gray cardinal of the Ministry of Energy," which were told to reporters by The Moscow Post gr. N deserve to be noticed by them and their participants in the investigating authorities.


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