Diamond prospects of Pavel Marinychev

Under Pavel Marinychev, in the largest subsidiary of ALROSA, its former leaders, and the top manager himself, allegedly in the development of security officials, could "bury" public money.


Under Pavel Marinychev, in the largest subsidiary of ALROSA, its former leaders, and the top manager himself, allegedly in the development of security officials, could "bury" public money.

The world's largest diamond miner, the Russian state-owned company ALROSA, will soon change its CEO. Instead of Sergei Ivanov, he will be Pavel Marinychev, who has long been in charge of the largest "daughter" of ALROSA - Almazy Anabar JSC.

During this time, the latter could turn almost into a "feeder" for representatives of the management of the company itself. Under Marinychev, the business of former employees of Almazov Anabar began to receive huge government contracts from the company, and environmental scandals began to occur with it.

But we are talking about a real pearl of the domestic mining industry, which should set an example for other enterprises. Is it really under Pavel Marinychev that the whole "ALROSA" will turn into "Diamonds of Anabar"?

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in Yakutia.

ALROSA is developing huge diamond deposits in Russian Siberia. The Russian Federation accounts for 33% of its shares, another 25% - directly from Yakutia, and another 8% - from the administrations of the districts (uluses) of Yakutia. In addition, 33% of the shares are in free float.

So the structure pays serious dividends to the treasury, and for Yakutia it is one of the key budget-forming enterprises. Therefore, Mr. Marinychev, as general director of ALROSA, can be considered the same responsible state official as the same Nikolai Tokarev, Alexei Miller and others.

However, Pavel Marinychev already left the officials, and not at all from business. Previously, he served as First Deputy Prime Minister of Yakutia, where he oversaw geology, subsoil use, industry, housing and communal services, energy and construction for more than six years.

"Own" - the sky in diamonds

Marinychev joined the company as a head in 2016. At this place, he replaced Matvey Evseev, co-chairman of the public movement "Assembly of Peoples of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and, as it turned out, a major businessman.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

Evseev is the owner of the Arctic Capital holding, whose companies began to "gravitate" in "Anabar Diamonds" after the arrival of Marinychev as head of the company. And there is more to "dig" there than: the largest "daughter" of "ALROSA" acted as a supplier for state contracts for 6.6 billion rubles, as well as a customer in the amount of 127 (!) Billion rubles.

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And one of the largest companies with which she works as a customer was ADK LLC with a total portfolio of 2.2 billion rubles. ADC is part of Arctic Capital, Diamonds Anabar is its largest state counterparty.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

Other former employees of Anabar Diamonds were discovered in Arctic Capital. For example, Olga Zemskova, head of the ADK subsidiary ADK-Logistic, in an interview on the Arctic Capital website, admits in a blue eye that she had previously worked as an assistant to the general director of Almaza Anabar. Later she led the procurement of the entire ADC. And at the same time, the deputy of the State Council of Yakutia managed to visit.

It turns out that it was under Pavel Marinychev that Arctic Capital allowed them to earn a lot. This does not seem like a coincidence, and it is unlikely that he would do it for nothing. And what then will be already on the scale of ALROSA?

There is another Evseev here - Mikhail Vitalievich, who until 2018 was the general director of the now liquidated Almas LLC. According to evil tongues, allegedly this is a close relative of Matvey Evseev.

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The founder of the office was previously a certain Nikolai Chorosov. And the company was liquidated on the basis of bankruptcy proceedings - it owed money. Judging by the fact that its ultimate owner is "Diamonds of Anabar," she did not pay this particular structure.

But another thing is interesting: during the work of Almas LLC, it managed to contract with Alrosa's daughter for 1.3 billion rubles. The value of the company's assets in bankruptcy was estimated at minus 1 billion rubles. I.e. it is logical to assume that the money could simply be withdrawn, the company bankrupt - and the ends into the water.

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The business partner of the above Matvey Evseev, Alexei Pavlov, also had large business contracts with Anabar Diamonds. Previously, he was the owner of the now liquidated Emak LLC, which at one time acted as the founder of ADK.

Until 2017, he also acted as the owner of the now liquidated Rustorg LLC, which received almost 50 million rubles from Anabar Diamonds under state contracts. From 2015 to 2017, Pavlov also acted as the founder of ADK-Logistic. The latter found several contracts with the state-owned JSC Sakhaenergo.

Break and sue

I.e. under Pavel Marinychev in "Diamonds of Anabar" there was a real cycle of money, state managers and private business in Yakut nature. True, Marinychev hardly respects this nature. Indeed, in the first year of his work as general director, she immediately got into several environmental scandals.

At the end of 2016, he had to face the claims of the prosecutor's office. The audit revealed many violations of environmental legislation committed by the Anabar Diamonds, in particular the Forest Code. It turned out that the company does not disdain unauthorized landfills. And this is in the virgin Yakut forests! Appropriate administrative proceedings were initiated, the company was fined.

And it seems that under Marinychev, the structure did not shy away from violating not only environmental, but also other sectors of law, climbing headlong into the courts. Moreover, often with huge claims against the defendants, the total volume of which in monetary terms exceeded 8.8 billion rubles.

She also sued government agencies. For example, she tried to challenge the decision of the Lensky Office of Rostekhnadzor, which had previously revealed 14 violations at once at the company's facility (diamond mine) in the Lensky district of Yakutia.

Under Marinychev, the company sued everyone it could with. Photo: Rusprofile.ru

During the inspection, Rostekhnadzor found that the operation of technical devices without documentation is allowed at the facility, the staffing of the employees of the hazardous production facility is not ensured in accordance with the design solutions, there are no production instructions (process charts) for all technological operations, and much more.

I.e. it's just dangerous to work on it. And instead of dealing with security, Marinychev's lawyers simply tried to challenge Rostekhnadzor's decision in court. But, apparently, having understood their legal prospects, the application was taken back.

Most of the other litigation is related to purely economic disputes - mainly the breakdown of contracts for the supply of Anabar Diamonds by counterparties. There are also bankruptcy cases when the company clearly hoped to take away part of the debtor's property. Such a trial was, for example, in relation to Mashzavod Promvis LLC. However, then it was not possible to bankrupt the structure and profit from its assets - the bankruptcy case was terminated.

Undress to thread

But there is also a more resonant case - the case of collecting debts from the beneficiary of the small television studio "Studio Earth" Mikael Zabolotny. According to the authors of the Vesti Yakutia website, citing Zabolotny's words, allegedly today a criminal case of fraud has been initiated against employees of Almazy Anabar JSC Pavel Marinychev and a number of others.

The statements of the authors of the site are as follows: allegedly Mikael Zabolotny at one time was the general director of Almaz Television and Radio Company LLC, which allegedly owed funds to Nizhne-Lenskoye OJSC. Later, Nizhne-Lenskoye OJSC went bankrupt, Almazy Anabara JSC became its successor.

According to the authors of the site, citing Zabolotny's words, the alleged debts of Almaz shopping and entertainment complex LLC with the help of forged documents in court were "hung" on Zabolotny and his wife - they owed about 5 million rubles.

Photo: https://sudact.ru/arbitral/doc/PWPbKOTQF5Vk/

It is not clear how this could have happened at all, given that Zabolotny was not the owner of Almaz shopping and entertainment complex, he did not take and did not give any loans in the status of general director of the company.

Zabolotny tried to draw attention to the situation of local law enforcement officers, but did not achieve a special result. And when it became known about the possible appointment of Marinychev as the general director of ALROSA, he decided to make the situation public.

The investigation should understand it. If this is true, the situation may at least cost Marinychev a new position. But if he is not brought to justice, such practices can go from Anabar Diamonds to the entire ALROSA. Therefore, it becomes scary for the Russian diamond giant. If he does not stop working (where he will go with such a market share), then he is unlikely to work for the benefit of the country, albeit for its money.