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29 November 2023

"Corporation" Golubeva: Vice-Governor Goncharov left "with things" to master the airport

Viktor Goncharov resigns from the post of vice-governor only then in order to "master" the giant project for the development of the territory of the former Rostov airport with partners? And here Ali Uzdenov.

Vice-Governor of the Rostov Region Viktor Goncharov, one of the closest associates of the head of the region Vasily Golubev, left his post. But he left not far - according to sources, he will return to the leadership of the Regional Development Corporation (RKR) of the Rostov Region.

In 2023, the development of the territory of the former Rostov airport began. Investments in the project - over 130 billion rubles, and the issue will be supervised by the RCR. However, Goncharov is so not a poor person - his family does business with the governor's family. Given this, the development of the airport will probably take into account the interests of the "Golubevskys."

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Rostov region.

Viktor Goncharov entered the management of the region unexpectedly, in 2010 - and immediately to the position of vice-governor. In 2011, the region created the Regional Development Corporation, which was supposed to accumulate funds from utility bills of the population and other sources, directing them to the most important infrastructure projects of the Rostov region.

From 2014 to 2016, he headed this corporation, and then returned to the position of vice-governor, having also managed to visit the Ataman of the Donskoy army. However, in 2023, finally, the region decided on a project for the development of the territory of the former airport - this is 40 hectares of tasty land, for which several large structures fought at once.

A huge project worth 130 billion rubles will become a real gold mine for local officials and businesses. Photo:

Among them - "Cortros" Viktor Vekselberg. He was called the main contender for the integrated development of this territory. Back in 2018, Cortros presented the first concept for the renovation of this site at an investment forum in Sochi.

At the same time, the president of the group, Veniamin Golubitsky, said that an application had been submitted to the regional government for the implementation of a large investment project. In the fall of 2022, the government of the Rostov region began to sue the structures of Vekselberg - a significant part of the territory returned to the control of the authorities.

The governor's favorite "SCI"

Apparently, they did not agree with Vekselberg. And they agreed with the local company YugStroyInvest (YSI), whose projects have repeatedly moved and in all respects praised Vasily Golubev.

For example, the company has three large objects included in the list of Golubev's "100 investment projects," including the development of the Krasny Aksai microdistrict.

According to the author of the blog k0m2375 on the Live Journal platform, allegedly during the development of the latter, YSI experienced such problems - that even with contractors it was necessary to pay for apartments, which were immediately resold to Avito by dumping. In addition, the same author claims that realtors dissuaded people from buying apartments in Krasnoye Aksai because of the allegedly secret foundation and many other problems.

And more recently, Golubev inspected the construction of the YuSI of the Levoberezhny microdistrict, and on the same trip launched the development of the airport.

Mr. Golubev signed an agreement on the comprehensive development of the airport area with the US for PMEF-2023. 5 schools, 10 kindergartens, clinics and a regional consultative and diagnostic center will appear on the territory of the former airport. Part of the space will be given for trade and offices.

At home and social infrastructure will be implemented by the SCI, and the process will have to be supervised by the Regional Development Corporation, which can be headed by Viktor Goncharov.

The main beneficiary and general director of the SCI is Yuri Ivanov. But here it's time to talk about the entire conglomerate of companies - he was the founder of 30 legal entities, of which 13 are operating - they work in the Rostov region, Stavropol and Krasnodar territories.

The governor Golubev and the head of YuSI Yury Ivanov give start to building of the territory of the former airport. Photo:

This company is known to a wide range of readers for scandal with barbaric cutting of the Aleksandrovsky grove well-loved by residents of Rostov for the builder of her ZhK. The project got approval of administration of Golubev for the social reasons: the firm undertook to transfer 5% of apartments in favor of defrauded investors.

All this developed into unauthorized protest actions against cutting of a grove. But unless it could stop the project in which the interests of the governor can be "sewn up"?

"The effective manager" in RKR

Returning to Victor Goncharov: being in the status of the vice governor, he also supervised Regional corporation of development. Meanwhile, around her - too a lot of scandals. In 2020 I wrote Bloknot, the corporation invested the money received from utility payments of inhabitants in various unprofitable companies. And it - instead of large infrastructure projects?

Since August, 2020 the former city manager of Rostov-on-Don Vitaly Kushnarev had to control this process. He also one of the closest associates of the governor. He was appointed the Chairman of the board of directors of RKR where he is still.

Only city manager he resigned on extremely negative background. Kushnaryov was criticized for unsuccessful carrying out transport reform which developed into repartition of the market of public transport and turned back the mass of inconveniences for residents of Rostov.

In exchange for 800 apartments for defrauded investors he gave for building 32 hectares of a grove in Aleksandrovka, having provoked unauthorized protest actions of locals about what we mentioned above. Also expostulated him on prolonged construction of the new Rostov cemetery, scandalous repair of Stanislavsky Street (all terms were broken) and many other things.

Probably, for this "progress" Golubev also "put" him in the Board of directors KRK. Thus, with Victor Goncharov on the CEO's position KRK will be controlled completely by the people personally loyal to the governor.

Uzdenov's factor

Vasily Golubev shouldn't doubt Victor Goncharov's loyalty. Their sons do joint business on production of wine and pouring of drinking water in the Rostov region. Writes Bloknot about it.

Earlier the company to them was kept by one of sons of the former head "Gazprom mezhregiongaz Rostov-on-Don", the skandalneyshy oligarch Ali Uzdenov – Evgeny Aliyevich Uzdenov. It is possible that Uzdenov Sr. invested in this business.

Ali Uzdenov - one of the most influential businessmen and managers not only in the Rostov region, and in all South of Russia. He heads agricultural holding "Steppe" which enters a contour of AFK Sistema of Vladimir Yevtushenkov. And it can be "purse" of the governor Golubev. He is even called the informal "owner of Rostov".

Earlier our edition assumed that as the head of "Steppe" Ali Uzdenov could stand behind unfriendly merger of Mishkino confectionery. However scandals behind him much more.

In 2021 the criminal group at the head of which, according to the investigators, there was Vitaly Borzenko who was more than 20 years the head of the Aksay district of the Rostov region was revealed. It is the richest area of the region which gives serious percent on any elections. I.e. Borzenko has to be Golubev's person. Together with Borzenko fell under investigation the businessman Karim Babayev (allegedly "brain" of group) and his sons who "held" many markets of the Aksay district.

According to authors of the website "Russian Crime", allegedly Karim Babayev there is an old business partner of the person who is very respected in Rostov, the vice president of AFK "Sistema" Ali Uzdenov. Authors of the website attribute the last possession of the markets in the territory of the Aksay district, and even mining farms which there as if were hidden. And allegedly Uzdenov's son Evgeny is responsible for everything in this business.

If it is the truth - there could be it without the knowledge of Vasily Golubev? We doubt. And it is possible to remember how he Uzdenova awarded the medal "For Merits in front of the Rostov Region" - for a contribution to social and economic development of the region. Perhaps, he only "developed" the income of golubevsky team?

Rostov trio: Golubev, Goncharov, Kushnarev

Returning to Victor Goncharov, since 2002 he ran JSC Yantarnoye in Martynovsky district of the Rostov region which is engaged in cultivation of grapes and production of alcoholic products. Now Victor Georgiyevich's family controls one more large producer of grapes and the fault controls JSC Tanais in the Ust-donetsky area.

Now 29% of the stocks "Tanais" belong to LLC Konstanta which is directly connected with the governor's son Aleksei Golubev. Earlier he had 52% of shares of the company, but in 2021 left the capital. Probably, it is only formal.


Now 47% of Tanais is behind the alleged relative of Viktor Goncharov, Elena Goncharova. And another 52% is with Konstantin Kushnarev, who may be a close relative of the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RCR Vitaly Kushnarev.


At the same time, Goncharova's share is in trust. Presumably, from Viktor Goncharov himself? And here's what is interesting: in 2015, Evgeny Goncharov was the general directors of Constanta, and in 2015 to 2019 he also served as director of Constanta LLC.


Another common business of the sons of Golubev and Goncharov concerns the sale of drinking water. This is already known LLC "Listopadovsky sources." A third of the company is owned by Alexey Golubev, Konstantin Kushnarev and Evgeny Goncharov.

Until recently, Ali Uzdenov's son, Yevgeny Alievich Uzdenov, was also part of the owners. And until 2016, the company belonged to the already mentioned Tanais. Thus, one can observe a likely spike in power and business. And now a new project has arrived, already under the state "umbrella": the development of the area of ​ ​ the former airport. There is a place to roam.

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