"Catch" of Governor Kozhemyako

Former businessman and governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako gathered around him a company of dubious entrepreneurs with whom he can "profit" from the fishing industry?


Former businessman and governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako gathered around him a company of dubious entrepreneurs with whom he can "profit" from the fishing industry?

The other day, Oleg Kozhemyako, the "serial governor" (as he is called for his eyes), supported three grandiose new objects that are about to appear in Vladivostok. This is a yacht port, wholesale and retail center and fish market! Wholesale and retail food center should be opened in the area of ​​ Fadeev Street.

A modern yacht port will soon appear in Fedorov Bay. And finally, the fish market is, by the way, the first whole functional complex in the Russian Far East. This complex will include the market itself, and catering enterprises.

This fish miracle promises to rise by the bridge over Golden Horn Bay.

Pleasant news for the ears of all those who are somehow "tied" to the fish business. And in addition to the Kozhemyako family, the family of the former governor of Primorye Sergey Darkin, and other "fishermen," such as the notorious entrepreneur-politician Sergei Slepchenko and his inner circle, are sitting in this business at the very top.

It should be noted that Mr. "serial governor," who is also popularly called the governor - "a plug," was once noted in the heads of the Koryak Autonomous Okrug, Kamchatka and Sakhalin, in Primorye he behaved, according to local journalists, a little differently he began to "make friends" with big business.

And this was especially pronounced during the quarantine on coronavirus, although in Kamchatka and Sakhalin, Mr. Kozhemyako often clashed with big business. Perhaps the reason is that some representatives of this business could become partners of the large and friendly Kozhemyako family: after all, it is no secret that both the spouse and the son and sister of Mr. Kozhemyako are engaged in the fishing business.

The correspondent of The Moscow Post understood the intricacies of this business.

Leader of the organized crime group "Vladivostok"?

They say that Oleg Kozhemyako does not really like to remember his difficult past. And it is not for nothing that some ill-wishers call Kozhemyako "an authoritative entrepreneur." According to the authors on the portal Igolkin allegedly the former plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Primorsky Territory, who had been serving in the FSB for many years, allegedly repeatedly repeated that citizen Kozhemyako was the leader of the Vladivostok organized crime group.

So, from Sakhalin in September 2018, Kozhemyako returned home? Of course, home, he is a local, seaside bottling, was born in the village of Chernigovka.

Home, in Primorye, Oleg Kozhemyako returned in September 2018

How was his path to big politics? This constantly interests our reader. Kozhemyako received his education at the Khabarovsk Installation College. For several years he worked in his specialty. But as soon as the perestroika began, he went into business. On the calendar then was 1988. Kozhemyako's first cooperative was called Galatea. The cooperative grew tulips. The money earned allowed over time to open the Primorskoye food association. The main asset of this food association was the Argo distillery. The enterprise flourished! Kozhemyako also flourished. But the fish caught him more alcohol...

In 1995, he became deputy chairman of the board of directors of Preobrazhenskaya Trawl Fleet Base OJSC (PBTF). And after 3 years, he took the chair of the chairman of the board of directors of the PBTF. Things went well, and this is understandable: friendship with the former governor of Primorye and the chairman of the State Committee for Fisheries Yevgeny Nazdratenko helped.

Sometimes, however, competitors spoiled the picture. But even in his younger years, Oleg Kozhemyako learned to easily get rid of these competitors, confused under their feet. Moreover, in the most primitive way. Here, he put his eye on the Vostoktransflot company, but the owner of the company Anatoly Milashevich turned out to be incongruous, like his manager Igor Zhurenkov. Soon, Milashevich was attacked. This was written by Kommersant in 1999.

Soon, the manager Igor Zhurenkov also got into a hospital bed with a broken skull. The investigation concluded: the cause of the attacks was a conflict with the owner of the PBTF.

Poacher Kozhemyako?

And then Kozhemyako came into big politics: he became a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai, later - from the end of December 2002 - a member of the Federation Council Committee on Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

But our fellow journalists were very surprised at this purpose, since Oleg Kozhemyako's trawling fleet was repeatedly spotted in the real poaching industry.

Ships of the Preobrazhenskaya base of the trawl fleet

The prosecutor's office of the Kamchatka region at that time opened 2 criminal cases against officials of the PBTF. And 49 documents on violations of fishing conditions were also considered. This was reported by The Moscow Post.

Kozhemyako received fines of 2 million 579 thousand rubles. More than 3,560 tons of illegally caught fish were confiscated from the Preobrazhenskaya trawl fleet base.

War with the fishermen?

He appeared in Primorye in September 2018... It seems that no one in Vladivostok assumed how the new "broom" - the acting governor - would behave. And there was something to be surprised!

At the International Congress of Fishermen in Vladivostok, Oleg Kozhemyako immediately attacked the Association of Pollock Miners (ADM) and the All-Russian Association of Fishermen and Exporters (VARPE). These organizations are headed by the same person - German Zverev.

- These associations should not inflate cheeks and talk about high materials in the offices of the government, but become intermediaries between the population and fishermen, - Oleg Kozhemyako made such a statement at the International Congress of Fishermen. - But ADM and WARPE, instead of doing real work, solves their narrow interests.

Oleg Kozhemyako was unexpectedly supported by the deputy head of the Federal Fisheries Agency Pyotr Savchuk. He spoke about the ineffective activities of associations:

- A few years ago, the Presidium of the State Council set the task of maximizing fleet renewal and more effective tax return of the fishing industry. However, the business consolidated quotas, and the fleet remained b/w. The average profitability in the industry reached 50%, and the share of tax deduction is only 8% of gross turnover. But we all hear the moaning of the business for one reason or another. Enough. New times have come. " About this wrote in detail Regnum.

Peter Savchuk

Which ones? And why did they come with the advent of Mr. Kozhemyako?

By the way, the Association of Mint Miners was created 15 years ago. This is the largest association of the fisheries industry of the Russian Federation. The association includes 30 fishing companies with a total catch of 1.6 million tons of fish and seafood.

VARPE is also the leading association of the fishing industry in Russia. And what is noteworthy is that the position of its leader is necessarily agreed in the Government of the Russian Federation.

According to experts, unexpected passages of both Kozhemyako and Savchuk can talk about personnel metamorphoses both in VARPE and the Association of Pollock Miners.

Radioactive business

But in July 2018, the Kozhemyako family (at that time he was still taxiing Sakhalin) urgently had to get rid of its Preobrazhensky base of the trawl fleet. And this happened after the publication in The Moscow Post of the investigation "The radioactive business of the Kozhemyako family."

This journalistic investigation was sent to the TFR. And lay on the table of General Bastrykin. And soon news feeds reported that Governor Kozhemyako got rid of his fish business... Vedomosti wrote about this in detail.

"Primorsky fishing enterprise - PJSC Preobrazhenskaya Trawl Fleet Base" - announced the change of ownership. Relatives of the governor of Sakhalin sold their shares in PBTF. 28.05% of the shares were sold by Irina Gerasimenko (wife of Kozhemyako), 27.4% - Olga Kravchenko (sister of the governor), 11% - Nikita Kozhemyako (son of the governor). The share of 16.6% was also sold by Trade House Fili (owned by Kravchenko and Gerasimenko), and the share of Vympel (55 and 25% by Gerasimenko and Kravchenko) decreased from 13.7 to 0.5%.

The new owner was Sakhalin Island CJSC from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. This company is the structure of the former member of the Federation Council from the Sakhalin Region, Alexander Verkhovsky.

He controls the Hydrostroy fishing group. The transaction amount is $600 million.

Alexander Verkhovsky

PBTF is one of the largest fishing enterprises in the Far East: its share in the extraction and production of fish products is 13%. PBTF owns 10 vessels of various types, including sairols and squid ships, as well as freezing trawlers. The company owns a ship repair complex, a fish processing plant with a production capacity of more than 90 thousand cans per day, as well as a mariculture site of 16 hectares, where mussels and scallops are grown. The company annually produces more than 120 thousand tons of fish, including 100 thousand tons of pollock.

PBTF owns a floating plant, two large autonomous freezing trawlers, as well as a whole flotilla of middle-class mining vessels, an auxiliary and transport fleet. PBTF ships are repaired at their own ship repair plant. Catches pollock, herring, saira, terpuga, salmon, crab and shrimp in the Sea of ​ ​ Okhotsk, Bering and Japan. At its own fish processing plant with a capacity of more than 90 thousand cans per day, it produces three types of canned salmon, two of saira, four of pollock caviar. On a mariculture site of 16 hectares grows mussels, scallops and seaweed.

Experts estimate the total package of Kozhemyako's relatives at $400 million.

General affairs with businessman Slepchenko

For more than one day, "fish" passions are boiling in the social networks of Primorsky Krai. The people oppose the fishing of mollusks such as corbicula, anadara and sea urchins in Shamora Bay. And writes evil comments. Especially evil is written about the "fisherman" Sergey Slepchenko, he is also the head of the local "United Russia" in the Legislative Assembly of Primorye.

Mr. Slepchenko began fishing at a time when Sergey Darkin was governor.

Sergey Darkin

Only lazy did not write about Darkin's possible involvement in organized crime groups in those years. Is that why Slepchenko's fish business went uphill? Today Slepchenko owns the company "Aquatechnologies" and the fish factory "Kamensky." He has billions of dollars in revenue.

Apparently, the reason is that Mr. Slepchenko knows how to take someone else's business into his hands, if we recall the story of the seizure of "hedgehogs" from the fishing collective farm "Lights of the East." But only law enforcement agencies, like the administration of Primorsky Krai, for some reason did not consider this seizure a crime. Oleg Kozhemyako could say his gubernatorial word, but Kozhemyako's friendly family also loves fish.

Further, in December 2017, Aleut LLC became part of the founders of Aquatechnology. This LLC is also closely connected with the ex-governor of Primorye Darkin.

Sergey Slepchenko, business partner of Governor Kozhemyako?

The general director of Aleut LLC is Sergey Peredriy, former deputy Sergey Darkin. Mr. Peredriy runs the Darkin Fish Empire: talking about PJSC NBAM.

What's curious? As of the time of filing the declaration for participation in the elections of deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Primorye in 2011, Slepchenko owned 90.01% of the stake in Aquatechnology and another 50% in Profit Trade.

But since October 4, 2017, 90% of the shares in Aquatechnology were already listed for Aleut LLC. Slepchenko has 10%. This is also spelled out in the declaration filed at that time. And also in the column "Expenses" is the purchase of two bonds for 50 million rubles. The source of receipt of the funds from which the bonds were purchased is the income from the sale of a stake in Aquatechnology LLC.

The appointment of Slepchenko as the head of the United Russia faction in the Legislative Assembly of Primorye occurred almost immediately after the sale of the business. Apparently, it was on October 4 that the deal was not only for the sale of Aquatechnology LLC. On October 4, the change of founders of LLC TD Fishery Kamensky also dates. He was also an asset of Slepchenko.

It is also curious that the Kamensky fish factory Slepchenko acquired at one time from entrepreneurs associated with Darkin.

The general director of the plant, Igor Uleisky, is also part of Darkin's close circle. The list of individuals and companies affiliated to Darkin-controlled PJSC TIGR and PJSC NBAMR was replenished simultaneously with 20 legal entities and 11 individuals. So it became clear the amount of the transaction for the sale of fish assets Slepchenko. This deal brought Slepchenko 1.2 billion rubles.

Today, Aquatechnology LLC accounts for 45% of the total production of gray sea urchin in Primorye. This is the largest quota in the segment.

Golden Bay. In this area of ​ ​ Vladivostok they plan to open a huge fish market

Slepchenko is a member of the Primorsky Fisheries Council, which distributes areas for the extraction of sea urchin. And on one of the days, 4 sites, which were assigned to the fishing collective farm "Lights of the East" for 7 years, unexpectedly moved to Aquatechnology LLC.

But we add that Mr. Slepchenko still sometimes does not stand aside from those cases that he has done. On September 17, 2015, searches were conducted at the office of Aquatechnology. They were related to a criminal fraud case. More searches took place at the Kamensky fish factory. But Slepchenko came out dry of the water.

Politician-businessman Slepchenko constantly keeps his nose in the wind. The Slepchenko company said it wants to enter the project to create a retail fish market in Vladivostok.

Aquatechnology LLC plans to become the main supplier of fish and seafood within the framework of this project. And Governor Kozhemyako has already given the green light to LLC Aquatechnology Slepchenko.

By the way, at one time it was with the filing of Aquatechnology LLC in Primorye that one of the most scandalous laws on changing borders and eliminating specially protected natural areas was "pushed." The adoption of the law was preceded by heated disputes and protests. This was written by The Moscow Post.

Sergey Slepchenko was able to drag the law, and Oleg Kozhemyako closed his eyes to this. So, Slepchenko and Kozhemyako have complete mutual understanding?

So Governor Kozhemyako with all his hands - feet - for creating the first fish market in the Far East.

But how wide it will be possible to turn around in this fish market!