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29 November 2023

"Car repair" for issue: how the capital's officials "earn extra money" at the former plant

The Moscow City Hall sells the same plots with a difference of 10 times. Pavel Tyo is in surplus.

The company Specialized developer Artstroy, which is part of the Osnova Group of Companies, bought 15 hectares of the territory of the former Wagonoremont industrial zone in the northern part of Moscow. For this, the company gave 538.3 million rubles. If we resort to simple mathematical calculations, we find out that 1 hectare cost Artstroy about 35 million rubles.

At the same time, earlier three hectares of the territory of the same "Car Repair" was acquired by Capital Group - the starting price of the lot was in the region of 9.5 million rubles. It turns out that with the largest investments, the Cho structure received land no more than 3 million rubles per hectare? That is, more than 10 times cheaper than they got to Artstroy.

What is the background of these "discrepancies" - the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

What a ship don't name...

It is believed that Osnova belongs to Alexander Ruchev, who created the company in 2016 - immediately after the sale of the developer Morton, who became toxic amid numerous scandals, to the founder of the PIK group, Sergei Gordeev. The general director of Osnova is Yevgeny Popov, a native of Ruchev's other structures.

In this case, no matter how the ship is called, if the owner is alone, nothing will change. Over the short period of its existence, Osnova has already managed to disgrace itself more than once. Last year, Mosgosstroynadzor brought the company to justice for violating the requirements of project documentation, the construction procedure, as well as failure to comply with the legal order of the construction supervision authorities on time.

It was about a whole galaxy of violations, due to which Osnova may have tried to reduce the cost of its work by "spitting" on quality:


Mosgosstroynadzor has repeatedly sued "Basic" and on other occasions. It is quite possible that Ruchev's relations with the mayor's office are not particularly friendly against this background. What can not be said about Mr. Cho, who is called by the eyes "Sobyanin's favorite because of the tidbits of the capital's territories allocated to his companies annually. It is possible that this, among other things, played in his favor when selling the cherished 3 hectares for nothing - in comparison with the price for Ruchev.

Down with loneliness

At the same time, Artstroy, judging by the financial indicators for the past year, does not have revenue and "sits" in negative profit. Which suggests that 15 hectares of the office will not be developed alone.


The fact that "Foundation" is almost never built alone leads to the same reflections - it recently bought out the GoodZone shopping center. As the source of The Moscow Post reported, in partnership with the family of the former State Duma deputy Vakhi Agayev. Ruchev had other projects with the Agaevs: for example, Ruslan Agaev, the son of Vakha Agaev, became an investor in a residential complex in Starokoptevsky Lane in northern Moscow.

In addition, the family of the State Duma deputy was engaged in the implementation with the "Foundation" of investments in the construction of the MainStreet residential complex in Kuntsevo and Red7 on Sakharov Avenue.

The site purchased by Artstroy was claimed, among other things, by the company SZ Kuskovo Park, owned in equal shares by companies whose ultimate beneficiaries are Andrei Golik and Pyotr Shatrov. A meager share through NPK Forum JSC is present in a certain Valery Stepiko - as The Moscow Post investigated earlier - most likely a nominal person covering up the interests of Sergei Sobyanin and oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov.


Shatrov worked with Tyo in a project to build a technology park for Pharmstandard. The Moscow Post covered the story in detail.

Shatrov is a longtime "friend of the mayor's office." Earlier, Shatrov's partner in another company, Glavpromstroy LLC, was Sergei Pakhomov, the former head of the Ministry of Construction of the Moscow Region (2015-2017). A man from the team of Andrei Vorobyov, who was appointed to his post. So it is believed that Shatrov can respect the interests of Pakhomov.

In addition, Shatrov is the founder of Bityugov Bereg LLC. In his partners, on a parity basis, Vladimir Borisovich Prokhorov is a native of Perm, a former law enforcement officer, and then a media manager and businessman. Shares of partners in the pledge of the Solidarity Bank owned by Moscow.

And Mr. Prokhorov has a son, Alexander Prokhorov, who from 2018 to 2022 was the head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy. "Strings" from the developer lead up to the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov.

In turn, Partner Shatrova Golik, more precisely his firm "Aidi Partner," received from the Moscow Government 861 million rubles for the development of a TDM Messenger analogue, as its developers, Telegram and Skype claimed in one person. By the way, after the release and testing of the application, no one else heard about its fate.

"Grief conglomerate" under the "roof"?

In any case, they were pushed away from the competition. But strange amounts of 35 million rubles per hectare can indicate that only formally. Perhaps Osnova teamed up with Shatrov and KO in a conglomerate in order to contribute together to "love and prosperity" in the territories of "Car Repair." And they turned everything through the acquaintance Shatrov Cho.

Which offered a deal favorable to all parties - those who applied overpay, for which they receive a large share in the project and the opportunity to build, despite the "tests" with Mosgosstroynadzor and a pool of other scandals. We could already observe something similar in the situation with the development of the Northern River Port. There, Tyo and Vekselberg staged a real "sale" - moreover, not for the most "clean" market participants. As they say - if only they gave money.

Returning to "Wagon Repair" - "surplus" of 35 million rubles per hectare in this situation almost certainly drip into the pockets of Tyo himself, as well as officials of relevant departments close to Sergei Sobyanin.

Vice-Mayor for Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov, who "glows" as much as possible next to the mention of the territory of "Car Repair" and almost weekly announces what is happening there, actively "advertising" projects.

If the claims of Mosgosstroynadzor cease to arise against Zaza, its current head Igor Voistratenko can also be suspected of bribery. I must say that in 2021 there were already rumors that the latter was waiting for investigators. All his predecessors emigrated or died suddenly, and a criminal case was opened against Alexei Amelkin.

Voistratenko, on the other hand, ill-wishers attribute offshore companies to which he allegedly withdraws "kickback" money, and they can also come to Mr. Amelkin, who allegedly organized this whole scheme.

In any case, there is no direct evidence of this yet, and to figure out what to the investigators. We can only point out that in Moscow, it seems, there is another sale of the capital's lands, on which some can be seriously enriched while others (equity holders paying horse sums for "studios" and interest on loans) finish the last "kukish with butter."

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