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01 December 2023

Business and Prices of Rector Anzor Saralidze

Instead of fulfilling the tasks set by the state to prevent and combat coronavirus infection, the leadership of the Vladimir State University can engage in "plotting," while the university itself has "egged" "pocket" companies.

The editorial board of The Moscow Post received letters from relatives of some students of this respected educational institution.

According to the authors of the letter, allegedly students who do not want to be vaccinated are under intense mental pressure, with threats to prevent them from practicing, and accordingly subsequent expulsion. Of course, this is hard to believe. And we wouldn't believe it. But the second message made you think.

It followed that allegedly one of the students to a state of "panic attack" could bring a teacher on the general basics of pedagogy of the Pedagogical Institute (the university includes several institutes). According to one of the readers, he witnessed how this lady arranged a "personal interrogation" to a student whose allegedly stated "You are dangerous to society, I will not allow you to practice,...." After which the girl had a nervous breakdown.

It is clear that the question of the need for vaccination is not worth it at all, it should be ubiquitous if possible. Otherwise, such trouble as Covid cannot be stopped. But the methods used, judging by the letters of our readers, teachers at Vladimir University should be interested in the competent authorities.

Further, it follows from the letter that students have already been familiarized with certain documents, in which everything is spelled out both about independent study and about deprivation of practice... But the university itself allegedly denies everything and cleans up comments on local social networks if someone leaves "wrong" reviews under posts about vaccination.

Separately, in their letter, the parents of students indicate the ill-treatment of teachers... The names of these teachers were transferred to the editorial office.

The more we understood, the more we understood that the Vladimir State University was not the first year shaken by high-profile scandals. It is enough to type the name of the university in the search engine. This is the first... The second was surprised by the commercial "vein" of the rector of the university, Anzor Saralidze: After all, from the outside, the university appears as a kind of "merchant" with a wide range of "services," although the students themselves complain in their reviews about the lack of places in the dormitories. And other problems...

The correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Vladimir region understood the details.

Will everyone pass the practice?

But we note the clear, organizational work of the rector of Vladimir State University: The Moscow Post did not manage to notify the rector of the university, Anzor Saralidze, that the editors received "signals" from the parents of the students, literally an hour later a call was heard from Vladimir. Natalya Shapshay, head of the university's press service, called.

A day later, the university's press service sent a letter stating that "The vaccination procedure is in no way connected with the educational process of students... practice, along with mastering disciplines at lectures, practical classes and laboratory work, is an integral part of training programs.

Students - future teachers - are informed about these features.

So I want to ask about what particular features are informed by "future teachers"? The peculiarities of the approach to students shown by teachers of the All-Russian State University in relation to their students? Or those that will be discussed below?

"Passing yard" or alma mater?

According to our readers, the university saves on security measures. Judging by the letter shortly before the New Year, a "young man of 26-28 years old" died right in the building of the educational building of the Pedagogical Institute of Vladimir State University, who ran into the educational institution for unknown reasons... And carried along the corridors of the institute. He shouted something loudly. He was being chased by a cleaning lady with a mop... Then the uninvited guest was caught and locked in the library until the police arrived.

He allegedly complained of heart pain. As a result, the police, along with the ambulance, arrived at the cap analysis: the uninvited guest unexpectedly died.

Local news reported that it was a drug addict. About this wrote Province.

The journalists of the Zebra TVportal described the story in detail. The university students themselves said that this person even managed to run to the student dormitory, frightening the freshmen with his inadequate look...

Rector of Vladimir State University Anzor Saralidze

It is strange in this story and here's something else: on September 20 of last year, 2021, after the famous events in Perm, when people died on the campus of Perm State Research University, his colleague rector of VlSU Anzor Saralidze urgently gathered a meeting at which he announced that security measures would be strengthened. This was reported by Tsargrad.

But how did an inadequate young man get into the educational building of the Pedagogical Institute of the subordinate VlSU on Stroiteley Avenue? This emergency occurred on November 30, almost 40 days after a commemorative meeting at Vladimir State University to take new, tougher security measures.

Where was the security? And why did only a cleaner drive an uninvited guest with a mop?

Or did Rector Saralidze stand in person?

Price in Vladimir

Mr. Saralidze has been in office since 2013. It's a deadline. And big. We also add that Mr. Saralidze has been working at the university itself since 2000. From 2006 to 2012 served as vice-rector for educational work.

At the end of 2005, Vladimir State University was shaken by local "cataclysms." At the university then the change of leadership was ripe.

Rector Alexei Sergeev, having reached the age limit of 65 years, resigned.

Former Rector of Vladimir State University Alexei Sergeev

The duties of the rector in those days began to be performed by 64-year-old Vladimir Kechin. On June 20, 2005, the election of a new rector was to be held.

But it was in those days that a big scandal erupted at the university. And he could influence the results of the election of the rector.

Suddenly it turned out that students pay more for a place in the hostel than they owe. And from students who study free of charge, they took a higher fee for a hostel than provided for by Federal Law No. 125 of 22.08.1996 "On Higher and Postgraduate Vocational Education," which states that "every student in need of living space must be provided with a place in the hostel that meets sanitary standards and rules if there is a corresponding housing fund of the university. The amount of accommodation in the hostel may not exceed 5% of the amount of the scholarship... "

But students "state employees" paid much more than 5% for hostels, utilities and household services. And these funds come as income from entrepreneurial activity. About this wrote Prizyv.

The university administration explained such cynical "excesses" by the need: the university treasury does not have funds for the maintenance of dormitories. But the administration is silent that an item of such expenses has already been laid down in the federal budget. Funds under this heading are allocated to the extrabudgetary fund. The amount can be several million rubles annually.

The fact that more than 5% of students did not even guess what kind of thing to do. The scholarship (at that time) was 550 rubles, which means that the hostel should have cost no more than 27-30 rubles, and studios paid 65 rubles each.

Today, with payment, too, not everything is clear, although the scholarship climbed to almost 1,400 rubles.

What do we have with goose?

As we can see, the spread of the "price" is huge: from 764 rubles. and below... And there are even those amounts that students dreamed of several years ago - 25-44 rubles... But do many university students pay such sums?

37 cases of Rector Saralidze

It should be noted that it was when Mr. Saralidze became rector that the scandals erupted especially strongly.

A very bad story happened in 2015 with the youngest vice-rector for extracurricular work and youth policy, Alexander Vedekhin, who "burned out" after the conclusions of the control and audit commission.

The dismissal occurred rapidly: Mr. Vedekhin left of his own free will. About this wrote AiF.

But Rector Saralidze stubbornly denied the connection between the resignation of Vice-Rector Vedekhin and control and audit measures.

And Mr. Vedekhin suddenly "surfaced" in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as deputy director of the Department of State Youth Policy and Educational Activities.

Alexander Vedekhin after the scandalous dismissal "surfaced" in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Thus, Mr. Vedekhina left a warm place in Vladimir. And he moved to the capital!

Next came a new scandal, even louder.

University students and teachers accused Assistant Vice-Rector Maurice Kosyan of corruption. Mr. Kosyan allegedly gave credits and exams for remuneration in subjects in which students had never been. This was reported by Molva33.

Then Mr. Kosyan began to put pressure on the teachers. And even tried to bribe them. As a result, a letter appeared to the rector of Vladimir State University Anzor Saralidze from the president of the All-Russian public movement "For High-Quality Education" Valeria Zotova.

Valery Zotova asked Rector Saralidze to understand the situation with Maurice Kosyan.

It seems that the story was simply "blunted," Mr. Kosyan, just as Mr. Vedekhin left at "his own request."

No less interesting is the high-profile scandal that happened in the spring of 2017.

The investigation counted 37 episodes of bribes in the resonant case. Associate professors of the Department of Personality Psychology and Special Pedagogy of the Humanitarian Institute of the University S. Malinin, A. Makarova and E. Bazalei were accused of these bribes.

According to the version of the investigative department of the Oktyabrsky district (the head - at that time - captain Edgar Seropyan), the facts of teachers receiving bribes from students were allegedly not in doubt.

Edgar Seropyan

Malinina, Makarova and Bazalei, being members of a state commission of 5 people and having a margin of votes allegedly for bribes, influenced the results of the exams. In the case there are also statements from students exposing self-serving teachers. But all statements are written as if with one hand.

The Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Vladimir Region almost a year later announced the completion of the investigation. And the transfer of the case to the prosecutor's office and to the court. But that didn't happen.

And only after some time the case was received by the Oktyabrsky District Court of Vladimir.

Why with such a prolongation?

One of the reasons for the prosecutor's return to the investigation was the insensitivity of the investigator in working with documents. In particular, with orders to approve the personnel of state commissions. The name of one of the defendants was not at all in the order on the composition of the commission on state examinations in 2015. It turns out that neither legally nor in fact this teacher could be a member of a commission capable of influencing the assessment. The testimony of individual witnesses disappeared from the case file.

There was another alarming fact: Malinin, Makarova and Bazalei worked together at the Department of Special Pedagogy before the university merged with the All-Russian State Pedagogical Institute. The department was led by Professor Alexander Paltov. This position is elected. But in the competitive elections, the majority voted for Malinina. But such a result, it seems, did not suit the professor.

Mr. Paltov made no secret of his desire to head the new department. And a lot of intrigue ended. Local media wrote that investigator Edgar Seropyan and Professor Alexander Paltov are relatives: their spouses are Elvira Paltova and Mary Seropyan are sisters. This was reported by the Tomix news agency.

By the way, in the spring of 2018, Mr. Seropyan left Vladimir for the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, to the city of Nadym, where he headed the investigation department.

Was Rector Saralidze away from this wild story?

Yes, he was not of course. Most likely escorted Seropyan to Nadym at this time.


And now about certain, non-rectorial affairs of Mr. Saralidze, who, as Rusprofail testifies, is connected by some strings with many LLC through FSBOU VO Vladimir State University, namely with the VlSU Development Fund, LLC NPP sp, ANO Ecocenter, etc.

And here Mr. Saralidze has a valuable assistant adviser to the rectorate, a certain Alexander Lyuchter, he is the founder of 5 different companies.

If you look at Mr. Luchter's biography, you can find out that some time ago he was cast as the head of the department of the Department of Family and Youth Policy in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow. This information is available on the website of this district of the capital.

Alexander Luchter

What caused Mr. Luhter to relocate from Moscow to provincial Vladimir?

Apparently, the wide opportunities that opened up to him in the city of Vladimir: these are generous state contracts that Vladimir State University receives through its LLC IC at VlSU.

Let us pay attention to the amounts - 350 0000, 300 0000, 422 000000, 1500 00000 rubles.

Not bad amounts? Maybe because of them there is a desire to present such "prices" to students?

With such "earnings," is it worth paying attention to all sorts of annoying trifles, such as bribery within the university, rudeness of teachers, threats (even) about deductions?


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