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01 December 2023

AVDolite departure: A-Property owner continues to "make mine" in bad game

At a time when the construction of the railway by the A-check company is being discussed in the media, could its "authoritative" owner Albert Avdolyan, having changed his name, leave Russia?

Meanwhile, the structures of the oligarch in court are fighting for the plant they bought for 17.6 thousand rubles.

Just the other day, the Arbitration Court of the Moscow District sent for a new consideration a case on invalidating the contract of sale of shares of the Hydrometallurgical Plant, the beneficiary of which is Albert Avdolyan. The billionaire is trying to return the asset, which he acquired, according to the court, being in collusion with its former owners, at a minimum price. The Moscow Post correspondent understood the situation.

How to "get" on Chuck

Sergey Makhov and Sergey Chuck were the owners of the group of companies. Among their assets was the Hydrometallurgical Plant, which Makhov sold to Avdolyan for nothing, Interfax reported. Last summer, the supreme court suspected collusion in this situation and declared the deal invalid.

Since 2011, Makhova and Chuck's companies have been credited to Sberbank, businessmen have acted as guarantors, and have also pledged 75% of GMZ shares and 100% of YUEK. In December 2017, borrowers had problems servicing loans, and from here the story began with the initiation of bankruptcy of debtors.

Around the same time as the transactions were being made, Avdolyan's press service reported that the investor would invest in restoring the GMZ. However, with the arrival of a new investor, the net loss of GMZ increased to 2.44 billion rubles.

The courts stated that the new investor turned the GMZ into a loss center, and consolidated the profit center into Cashmere Capital LLC, created in 2017. The bottom line is that GMZ produced mineral fertilizers under an agreement with Cashmere Capital, and for the most part the latter had revenues from this.

Moreover, the structure that the courts considered affiliated with Avdolyan - Almaz Capital, appeared in Makhov's personal bankruptcy, wanting to receive part of the alleged debts from him. Avdolyan tried to pull everything out of history that he could? The dispute about the legality of the appearance of Avdolyan's structure in the register of claims against Makhov dragged on for two and a half years! But in the end, the decision was not made in favor of the billionaire.

The investigation also established the existence of "informal unscrupulous agreements, according to which Avdolyan contributes to the release of Makhov from accounts payable to independent creditors."

Until now, Avdolyan's structures are trying to challenge the court's conclusions and return the plant's shares, bought for an amount slightly exceeding 17 thousand rubles!

And from the other side came

There is reason to believe that Avdolyan's structures, not only, according to the court, could be in collusion with the owners, but the businessman also acts in the case through other firms. And more successfully.

As the News Tracker edition reported, after filing an application for Makhov and Chuck, the court, by a strange coincidence, satisfied the complaint of one of the minority creditors - LLC PC "Energy-saving technologies," the requirement of which to the plant was a little more than 30 thousand rubles. The office complained about the actions of the bankruptcy trustee, he was removed, and the new one was not appointed.

At the same time, the court, at the request of the same creditor, suspended the auction for the sale of the plant's property for an indefinite period. Everything to save the asset for its beneficiary Avdolyan?

The office is clearly called "muddy" - it is registered in a residential building in Chelyabinsk, it does not have information about housekeeping and financial reporting. The rights to claim the debt passed to the company from a certain Peregudov Ilya Valerievich. He also previously worked as a lawyer at the Bartolius Law Office and provided large loans to the owners of the plant, Sergei Makhov and Sergei Chuck. What is this, if not another collusion? And in whose favor?

Everything for yourself with the help of Chemezov

Recently it became known that Albert Avdolyan's A-Property will build its own railway line from the Elginsky coal deposit to the coast of the Sea of ​ ​ Okhotsk to the port of Chumikan. The cost of the project, together with the port of Elga, is estimated at almost 100 billion rubles.

Avdolyan is known for his takeover policy: under it lay a lot of companies that implement, among other things, state projects. At the same time, consider money in the same "A-Property," according to open financial data - no. At least the company's revenue has been steadily at zero since 2019.

Photo: https://www.rusprofile.ru

Until 2021, the Cypriot offshore company SANOMIL KO LIMITED sat tightly in the structure of its founders. Did all the money leak there?

Now in the founders of "A-Property" - "AP Holding" with indicators similar to "daughter." It turns out that Avdolyan may not have his own funds at all when making transactions?

Photo: https://www.rusprofile.ru

In general, judging by the market, many of Avdolyan's transactions were built and built according to one cunning scheme: an asset is selected whose owners are experiencing difficulties, the transaction is financed by large state banks, and Rostec can provide hardware support. This was the case, for example, with the acquisition of the Elginsky field from Mechel and Gazprombank.

And in October 2019, the A-Property company received the Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company (YATEK) for debts. A-Property has been buying up the company's debts since the end of 2018, RBC reported.

It is worth adding that Avdolyan's "adventures" have already led to the bankruptcy of enterprises, as was the case with the Stavropol hydrometallurgical plant "Notepad-Stavropol".

Avdolyan's structures maintain partnerships with Rostec. For example, the state corporation was also a shareholder of Elgaugl and owned a stake in Yota Devices, founded by Avdolyan.

Rostec's reference bank Novikombank owns 21% of YATEK. Rostec itself has 25% each in the port of Vera and the Ogodzhinskoye field.

According to Forbes, Avdolyan and Chemezov are familiar personally and, possibly, very close. Anastasia Kharitonova, A-Property spokesman, says Chemezov met Avdolyan's family in the late 1980s in Irkutsk, where the head of Rostec was born and raised.

Couple of bay

Note that together with Mr. Avdolyan, he has been working for a long time and reliably, as the authors of the General Newspaper called him, "a rogue of the international level" Sergey Adonyev, a person with a very motley biography.

Both Avdolyan and Adoniev (especially) are followed by ambiguous plumes. Let's start with the fact that this "couple of bay" met in the dashing 90s.

In 2006, Adonyev created the Telconet Capital fund, which became the main shareholder of the telecommunications operator Skartel (trademark Yota). Yota bizarrely managed to obtain a GSM license without having its own transmitters (the office used Megafon towers), after which Sergei Adonyev invested $600 million in Skartel in four years.

Where did such millions come from? It is worth emphasizing that at that time Sergey Chemezov was already a "acquaintance" of Adonyev Avdolyan's partner, and in 2008 Rostec won a 25% stake in Skartel, Vedomosti wrote. Yes, I found the head of Rostec partners...

Sergey Adonyev and General Chemezov. Фото: https://og.ru/business/2015/11/25/adonev-chemezov

Yota itself appeared in 2007. And soon experts noted that the resource did not justify trust. Yota had serious losses and problems with the arrival of new clients, and Adonyev himself even went out of business over time, where he invested tens of millions of dollars.

But Mr. Avdolyan somehow turned out to be the owner of Megafon shares for $11 million. Vedomosti wrote about this.

Why did Chemezov start making a smartphone with Yota? Isn't it to support a friend and share with him the young ladies from the income of the enterprise? In 2008, Rostec acquired 25% of the owner of the Yota WiMax brand of the Scartel WiMax operator (Adonyev's company).

Prison and banking stories of Adonyev

There is such a remarkable fact in Mr. Adonyev's biography: in the 90s, he was sentenced by the US District Court of California to a fine of $4 million and 30 months in prison for money laundering. The conviction was removed only in 2021. This was reported by RBC.

According to journalists, Sergei Adonyev was included in the list of those wanted by Interpol in 1995 on the warrant of the Prosecutor General's Office of Kazakhstan. According to the prosecution, Adonyev wanted to supply Cuban sugar to Kazakhstan for $6.7 million through his company MCW Enterprises, registered in the United States. And he was suspected of giving bribes to Kazakhstani officials for resolving the issue of delivery in his favor.

American law enforcement officers came to the conclusion that Adonyev's company violates the ban on trade with Cuba, introduced in 1960. Along with charges of fraud and money laundering, the entrepreneur faced 127 years in prison, so he partially pleaded guilty, apparently in order to get a minimum term.

Mr. Avdolyan may also be related to the infamous BBB bank, checks in which reveal a lot of violations. According to Pravda URFO, in 2019, a structure close to Mezhregionsoyuenergo JSC, which is controlled by Yuri Shulgin and Eldar Osmanov, AENP LLC tried to enter the bankruptcy procedure of an affiliated sales company - Khakasenergosbyt JSC.

AENP referred to a number of interrelated transactions on the assignment of debt claims to the bank, whose activities are also associated with the Shulgin-Osmanov group. The bottom line is that the share of 21% of AENP at that time was located behind the Cypriot Sparkel City Invest Ltd, which, as the creditors of Mezhregionsoyuenergo sales themselves note, is associated with Avdolyan. In addition, in July 2018, Albert Avdolyan's son married Osmanov's daughter, which also adds to the piquancy of the situation.

Photo: https://www.rusprofile.ru

In October last year, the Arbitration Court will approve the timing of the sale of the property of the company, co-owned by Dmitry Gordovich, a shareholder of the bank's BBB. This was written by "DP".

According to rumors, Albert Avdolyan took loans to the BBB for the business of the problematic energy holding MRSEN, in which Marina Sechina was with the support of Rostec Group of Companies.

Back to the wedding

Recently, 51-year-old Albert Avdolyan became famous for several high-profile events at once.

The first. In the United States, he married Gaspar's son, who married Lolita Osmanova, the daughter of Eldar Osmanov, co-owner of the scandalous Mezhregionsoyuzenergo holding, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported. A luxurious wedding ceremony was held in Las Vegas, in the Academy Awards Hall.

The second high-profile event is the purchase of the Bombardier Global 7500 business jet.

Forbes wrote about this in detail. The Bombardier Global 7500 is one of the largest beachboards in business class. The Global 7500 starts at $73 million, but the final price depends on the interior finish. The estimated range of the Global 7500 is 14,260 km without refueling. The capacity is 19 people. Forbes said: billionaire Avdolyan bought a new jet in June 2021. Apparently preparing the way to retreat?

The brand new Bombardier is not the only jet in Mr. Avdolyan's air economy. The businessman also has Bombardier - Global 6000. The cost of the jet of this model starts at $60 million.

It's time to remember the debt burden of the billionaire's structures.

Russian banks, including the state-owned Gazprombank, lent to the production of gas, coal and other energy resources of Avdolyan companies. According to Kommersant, in 2020 A-Property increased its debt burden by more than 11 times - to 152.2 billion rubles. In the same year, Elgaugol, which belongs to Avdolyan structures and participates in the implementation of the railway project, postponed the repayment of loans by 123 billion rubles.

All the money went to the wedding and expensive purchases?

How to swallow Elga?

At the beginning of 2020, there were reports that the largest Elginskoye coking coal deposit was in a very difficult situation. Investments in Elga became one of the reasons for the increase in the credit burden of Mechel. To increase production to 20 million tons, it was supposed to attract a VEB loan of $2.5 billion.

But Mechel managed to choose only $170 million, and to receive the rest of the amount, it was necessary to reduce the debt burden. But it didn't happen. In 2016, 49% of Elga bought Gazprombank for 34.4 billion rubles.

The search for an investor has been going on since the beginning of 2019. An option was considered in which 100% of Elga could buy a consortium of investors, which would include Rostec, Vostokugol (at that time) Dmitry Bosov and others. As a result, Gazprombank and A-Property agreed to sell a 49% stake in the Elginsky coal project.

Mechel asked for 100 billion rubles for 51% in the Elginsky coal project, Gazprombank's share was estimated at 96 billion rubles.

Elga is the key investment project of Mechel. The project is being implemented by three LLCs: Elga-Doroga, Mechel Trans East and Elgaugol. Gazprombank bought 49% in each of them for 34.4 billion rubles.

A-Property was going to bring its controlling stake in the Elginskoye field to 100% and, through the mouth of Mr. Avdolyan, promised to invest another 130 billion rubles in the field. This would increase production to 45 million tons per year by 2023.

Mr. Avdolyan also announced the construction of a mining and processing plant. Again, in fact, only promises?

How to silence Bosov?

The final chord in the formation of the A-Property coal business is the absorption of the assets of the empire of the late Dmitry Bosov.

The main heiress of the businessman was his widow Katerina Bosov. However, in the media, she was subjected to such persecution on the one hand, on the other, a threat, and on the third, administrative pressure that the woman was silenced.

At the end of January 2021, a deal was held to buy 50% from the Alltek Bosov group in the Sugodinsky-Ogodzhinsky coal deposit (Amur Region) and the Vera port in the Far East.

Port "Vera." Photo: https://itelgroup.ru/dt_portfolios/morskoj-ugolnyj-terminal-port-vera/

And the management company Elgaugol, which is owned by A-Property, took control of the Vera port in Primorye and the Ogodzhinsky coal company in the Amur Region.

It should be recalled that the bundle of the Ogodzhinsky field with the port "Vera" is the largest project of the company "Sibanthracite."

Back in mid-2018, Dmitry Bosov proposed to build the Severomuisky tunnel-2 with a length of 25 km at his own expense, which would increase the capacity of the BAM. This was reported by Interfax. Bosov began building the Vera transshipment port. But with the death of Dmitry Bosov, everything got up...

Soon, the division of the billionaire's inheritance began. By the way, during the "redistribution" in the media, an active persecution of Bosov's mother began, organized by his widow apparently in order to get a maximum of assets. FLB wrote about this.

In December 2020, Rostec and Avdolyan agreed that Bosov's heirs would give them the port and the Ogodzhinsky coal company for compensation of 10 billion rubles, RBC wrote.

But soon Avdolyan and his partners began to have problems. More than 7 billion rubles were invested in the construction of the Vera port. The total cost of the capital development program is 15.4 billion rubles. And the construction of the Severomuisky tunnel - 2 - was frozen.

Where did AVDolyan go?

But how was A-Property going to build a private railway? Again, were they just words?

But in a short time, Avdolyan and Adonyev contrived to buy the Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company, then the largest Elginskoye coal deposit with reserves of 2.2 billion tons, Ogoju with reserves of 1.5 billion tons, as well as Sibanthracite for the production and export of high-quality anthracite.

Apparently, it worked as a high patronage of General Chemezov, as an unprecedented generosity of state banks, which were ready to give and give Mr. Avdolyan and his partner new and new millions. Weren't these millions useful for weddings in the United States and for buying a business jet?

At the same time, someone deliberately spreads rumors that allegedly billionaire Avdolyan flew abroad the other day on a personal business jet with tail number T7-AVD (AVDolyan) with all his golden "chests." Before he left, he is said to have changed his last name to Avdulian and also allegedly configured his last name and Mr. Avdolyan's children, who settled comfortably in the United States.

Is the businessman's high patron aware that he may have already left Russia?

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