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01 December 2023

About the "human face" of the migration crisis

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told The Moscow Post how Europe is escalating the crisis on the border with Belarus.

Maria Zakharova, answering a question from a journalist at The Moscow Post, recalled that in the migration crisis we are talking about people who need help right now.

The Moscow Post journalist asked a question on the coordination of the positions of Moscow and Minsk, in particular, on the issue of refugees on the border with Poland, in relation to the EU and Ukraine.

Maria Zakharova said that the parties did not stop doing this. "We have always coordinated positions, initiatives on international platforms, as we did in accordance with the program of coordinated actions in the field of foreign policy of the states parties to the treaty on the creation of the Union State," she said.

And she added that consultations are being held, as today, joint meetings of the boards are being held.

"The results of the implementation of this program for the period 2020-21 were summed up. And also, as you saw, probably live, a new program was signed for the next 2022-23 year. It, by the way, recorded the task of foreign policy support for diplomatic support for the implementation of the important package of integration documents mentioned by you, which was approved at a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State on November 4 this year, "the diplomat recalled.

Maria Zakharova: These are people who need practical, concrete and immediate assistance in providing them with medicines, clothes, food

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the program paid considerable attention to the development of an agreed line in the implementation of cooperation with the EU, coordination of approaches to building relations with its individual member states.

"The joint opposition to human trafficking and illegal migration is also reflected in it, although the issue of refugees on the border with Poland, of course, is much wider and much more multifaceted," Maria Zakharova emphasized.

Zakharova called for attention in this context to the speech of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference. She also recalled that the other day he also made more than one statement on this topic.

"As for the Ukrainian topic, our foreign ministries also hold regular consultations," she said and recalled that Russia and Belarus are the closest strategic allies.

She commented on the situation on the border of Belarus with a number of countries.

Maria Zakharova said that since April Belarus has proposed that the EU as a whole and individual EU member states hold consultations, discussions on migration issues.

"So, I would like to add that in our contacts with the European Union, also in various formats, we also attracted the attention of our... partners to this Minsk initiative, and persuaded EU representatives... use this proposal to resolve emerging and impending problems that are developing into a crisis, "the diplomat explained.

"... everyone discusses, because everyone sees these terrifying shots, and hears monstrous statements from representatives of Warsaw, Lithuania, others... and countries, and... associations on the expanses of the European Union, "she said.

At the same time, the representative of the Foreign Ministry emphasized that this is not just a crisis, not just a word, these are people.

"These are people who need practical, concrete and immediate assistance in providing them with medicines, clothes, food... Instead of directing our efforts into the specific direction that is needed now, today, this minute, we see another round of efforts to pump... emotions, manipulation of facts, information, countering the work of the media. This is generally monstrous... I did not expect, I was shocked by how the Polish side treated the journalists... opposition was launched, just, you know, such a real special operation "how to prevent the media that are on the Belarusian side from covering the situation," "she said and added that it was sound equipment, it was signal suppression, etc.

She recalled the attitude towards Polish journalists.

"When they asked for permission from the Polish authorities to somehow highlight the situation on the Polish side of the border section, they were told, they were asked: if they want to go to the Belarusian side and cover the situation from the territory of Belarus," said Maria Zakharova.

"That is, it turns out that the Polish journalists of their own government refused the opportunity to cover the situation that Polish officials talk about to the whole world, giving their point of view, but not letting their journalists cover it. And at the same time, they manage to accuse us of distorting information there and so on and so on, "she added.

The Russian side is outraged by this situation.

"The fact that this can happen in the 21 years of the 21st century with so many structures that stand as if on the guard of freedom of speech, democracy... the fact that this can happen in such conditions and so develop - I would never believe. But, as they say, the impossible is possible, "she added.

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