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24 September 2023

Russia is preparing for new war

Yesterday, president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev announced plan to build combat power the Russian army. About that, why and who is going to fight against Russia, transmits own correspondent The Moscow Post from Moscow.

In view of the further militarization of Georgia for the funds received from its Western partners, especially the U.S., Russia also need to think about further expansion of military power the Russian army. On the eve of such statements made by Dmitry Medvedev.

In his speech, he called the army rearming "one of the top priorities of state for the next few years." The reason for rearmament became, in the words of the president, "the aggression of Georgia and its continuing militarization."

On passage of rearming the Russian army so Medvedev said: "We will do so consistently, and carefully, and, based on problems that have emerged in recent times".

Findings from the war with Georgia

No doubt the Russian military made certain conclusions from past military conflict. One of the most logical conclusions was the understanding that Russian troops in the Caucasus is no longer confronted with a few separatists, but with well-trained army. The consequence of this finding became an immediate improvement in the Russian army, both technically and materially. Still, soldiers must understand how, what and why they need to fight. In this connection, Russia from the budget will be allocated additional funds for military purposes.

The second conclusion was the realisation that the Russian army played in South Ossetia Liberation mission. Consequently, the army rose up morale, and it increased respect for all peoples of the Caucasus, excluding Georgians, with whom she fought.

The third conclusion, undoubtedly, is that the country's leadership is not abandoned its citizens and soldiers sent to them in time to revenue. The consequence of this conclusion has been the increased level of loyalty to the government army and the rise of patriotic spirit among not only military but also among civilians.

The fourth conclusion to Russia was the understanding that its troops could be vulnerable to high-tech weapons opponent, Georgia supplied from abroad. We remind that the Russian army has lost more than 60 people dead, the Georgian air defense, according to official data, destroyed 4 military aircraft. How many pieces of military equipment lost Russian military, was unable to ascertain exactly. The conclusion from this is that Russian troops must immediately raise their technical level to be less vulnerable to the enemy.

The fifth conclusion is that Georgia had assisted her Western colleagues, and, above all, the United States. The investigation, arising from this situation is that, theoretically, this assistance could turn of the material in military, which means that the new enemy Russia could become not only Georgia but also the U.S.…

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