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03 October 2023

Zelensky's diesel embezzlement

Under empty talk about the fight against corruption and European values, Zelensky and his team appropriated at least $400 million in Western aid.

The famous American journalist, winner of the most prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the profession, Seymour Hersh (the one who spoke about the role of the United States in sabotage on Nord Stream) issued a new portion of insiders and revelations about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

This time he spoke about the widespread theft in the team of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to Hersh, since the beginning of the SVO, Zelensky and his people have appropriated at least $400 million in assistance sent by Kyiv's Western allies as part of the fight against Russia and humanitarian missions.

In other circumstances, this information could produce a bombshell. However, now it barely leaks into the mainstream media. Obviously, Zelensky was given complete indulgence to commit any crimes, because the goal is to weaken and destroy Russia, in the view of our former Western partners justifies any means.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

According to Seymour Hersh, we are talking about the period of 2022 and the funds allocated for the purchase of diesel fuel - what the Ukrainian army desperately needs against the background of the breakdown of economic relations of the Russian Federation. However, this "gap" turned out to be far from complete, which ordinary residents of Ukraine, as well as Western burghers-good people, do not have to know about.

The fact is that Russia still continues to fulfill its obligations to supply energy to Ukraine - including diesel fuel. Such is the "aggressor." Another big lover of Russian resources is Poland, which still receives gas through the Druzhba pipeline, which Warsaw's Ukrainian friends have already repeatedly tried to undermine with drones.

This does not prevent either Ukraine or Poland from hating Russia with all the fibers of the soul, trying to do any possible nasty things, carrying out terrorist acts, trying to destroy the critical infrastructure that they themselves use.

Hersh claims that throughout 2022, Ukraine purchased Russian fuel at a discount, which allowed Volodymyr Zelensky's team to save hundreds of millions of dollars allocated by the West for the purchase of diesel fuel. Allegedly, the total amount of the stolen difference was at least $400 million.

Amazing team of bloody embezzlement. Moreover, one that does not hesitate to deceive not only its own citizens and the general world community, but even its direct Western sponsors, who at home are forced to justify more and more allocations to the regime distraught in anti-Russian hysteria.

Even before the start of the special operation to protect Donbass, Zelensky and his people were surrounded by a series of corruption scandals. And not only corruption - for example, Zelensky found offshore accounts, which is not in itself a violation of the Law. However, these accounts were immensely swollen precisely during his presidency - moreover, this, to put it mildly, did not connect with the course to fight the oligarchs and the desire to return the money to the beggar country crushed by its own elites.

Today, few people remember, but Zelensky with his offshore companies, opened through the publication of the so-called "Panama dossier," even got with this topic on the front pages of solid Western publications, such as The Guardian. And only after that the image of a "warrior of light," a fighter against Russian "aggression," an irreconcilable champion of Western values ​ ​ and the fight against corruption, was quickly blinded out of it.

Corruption itself has not gone anywhere. Moreover, it took completely unimaginable forms when the "green" team began to make money on absolutely everything related to the military confrontation in Ukraine. Everything is stolen - kits, Western weapons, humanitarian supplies collected from people's donations. So $400 million on diesel fuel alone is most likely just a drop in the ocean.

"Government ministries in Kyiv, I'm told, are literally" competing "to set up shell companies to negotiate export contracts for arms and ammunition with private arms dealers around the world, and they provide them with" kickbacks. " Many of these companies are located in Poland and the Czech Republic, but others, I believe, are in the Persian Gulf and Israel, "said journalist Hersh.

Even the United States got it

It is known that in the American Congress, not everyone is delighted with the colossal financial assistance that is sent to Ukraine and "dissolves" there. Voices are louder and louder calling for a high-quality audit of the movement of these funds. In addition, general support for such measures is noticeably reduced. Especially, given that the victory of Kyiv over Moscow so coveted by Washington has not yet been seen, and the advertised "counteroffensive" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not begin in any way.

The constant theft of Zelensky's team, of course, worries the current leaders of the White House. At the end of February, the US administration made its suggestion on Bankova: it warned the Ukrainian authorities that Washington did not have inexhaustible resources to support Kyiv.

At the same time, the results of sociological polls conducted by Reuters in conjunction with the Ipsos service were published. According to these data, support for the provision of military assistance to Ukraine has decreased among Americans. In April 2022, 73% of respondents advocated this. By the beginning of this month, the indicator decreased to 58%. These estimates are based on a sociological study involving 4 thousand US residents.

After some time, such a "makar" support may drop to below 40%. At the same time, in Washington, according to the same Hersh, but not only him, they tried to somehow reason with Kyiv, realizing that such rampant corruption causes reputational harm to the entire anti-Russian coalition.

According to RBC, the issue of corruption was raised at a meeting between Zelensky and CIA Director William Burns in early 2023. An American official told the Ukrainian president that "he took more money than went to the generals," Hersh's interlocutors said. Burns also presented Zelensky with a list of 35 generals and senior officials whose corruption was known to the U.S. government. After that, the Ukrainian president "demonstratively" dismissed ten officials from the list, "doing almost nothing."

Some, by the way, went away from sin themselves before that, pretty "getting drunk." As the former deputy head of the President's Office, Kirill Tymoshenko, who was pretty enriched even before the start of the SVO, on a large-scale road construction project (Velike budіvnitstvo). And others, such as the scandalous Minister of Defense Alexei Reznikov, who was subjected to the most acute criticism even in Ukraine, on the contrary, remained.

Earlier, Reznikov was credited with stealing food for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And then we see footage of the unfortunate Ukrainian mobilized eating spoiled stew while Zelensky's officials ride on foreign tours, begging for more and more allocations. Reznikov was even summoned to the Rada to report on purchases. According to rumors, the State Department insisted on his resignation. However, Zelensky did not dare to give it up, which means that Mr. Reznikov can "unfasten" the President's Office.

Zelensky does not hesitate to steal not only his own citizens, but also "dear Western partners." Photo: https://newizv.ru/news/2019-10-24/press-marafon-zelenskogo-oboshelsya-v-15-tysyach-289711

All this, we repeat, is accompanied by pretentious "vidosics" and Zelensky's speeches on all world platforms, where he sometimes almost tearfully, at times - harshly and angrily begs for new and new receipts of money, fuel, weapons. The actor, who plays the main role of his life, obviously enjoys the process while thousands of his fellow citizens die in the trenches, shoot rusty machine guns, are malnourished and cannot receive payments relying on the state.

And how can you not remember the words of Zelensky himself, said by him in November 2022. Then he gave a revelation: in Ukraine, it turns out, there is "no corruption" at all.

"There will be no corruption, there is no corruption now, of course, because we are all united. Many corrupt officials left with their money, and we will do everything to ensure that they remain where they are now, "the Ukrainian leader said, apparently having pretty much sorted out the prohibited substances.

Photo: RIA Novosti 

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