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02 October 2023

Zelensky prepares for "evacuation"

While the President of Ukraine continues to beg for money and weapons from the Anglo-Saxons, the whole world has learned what happened to Nord Streams.

Yesterday, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy flew to the UK on a working visit - which is noteworthy, on a Royal Air Force military transport aircraft (probably trained for future evacuation). This visit was his second trip abroad since the beginning of the military special operation of Russia - the first was, as we remember, to Washington, where he squirmed Winston Churchill, making a pretentious speech in Congress.

More precisely, the similarity with Churchill to the ovation and attention of the audience was attributed by representatives of the American elite, speaking from hawkish positions - for example, the same Hillary Clinton. But Zelensky clearly liked such a ridiculous comparison, and perfectly fell into the propaganda paradigm about the confrontation between good and evil, the new iron curtain between Russia and the world, which the ill-wishers of our country are trying (successfully) to build in the minds of the Western layman.

In London, Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Buckingham Palace, saw King Charles III and spoke to the British parliament. All these actions were accompanied by incredibly pretentious procedures, patting on the shoulder and assurances of eternal friendship and support.

The public background of the visit is known - Vladimir Alexandrovich himself begged for money and weapons from Western patrons. And at the same time he probably visited the office of British intelligence MI-6. Recall that he came there almost immediately after being elected president in 2019, and now this can be understood.

The case is in the whole shaft of corruption scandals in Ukraine itself, when hundreds of millions of Western humanitarian and military aid were corny plundered by Zelensky's team. Rumor has it that such a condition was set to him by Western curators in order to save face with their own voters: in the United States, the same Republicans are increasingly unhappy with the situation when taxpayer money flies into the black hole "Ukraine" without any control.

But the resignation of the deputy head of the office of President Kirill Tymoshenko, Deputy Defense Minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov and other high-ranking officials is only another performance. The main embezzlement like Zelensky himself, the head of his office Andriy Yermak and Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov remain on stage, and the world's largest "laundry" for laundering dirty money is located in London.

Zelensky and his team were immensely enriched on financial support from Western countries during the Russian SVO. Photo: BBC

So, apparently, Zelensky, having completed his "homework," came to agree that the funds accumulated by unbearable labor be retained for him and his closest people. And they kept it in London, where from the very beginning of the armed conflict his wife and children live under heavy protection. He himself, too, is believed to have received a British passport a long time ago - back in the spring of 2022.

At the meetings, Zelensky looked almost a real buffoon - in a greenish sweatshirt, he helpfully greeted one official after another, and even King Charles III. He was distinguished by such obsequiousness in Washington. But it is very clear that the speech in Congress was the highest point of his political career and popularity, the decline follows. And although London is a significant center, it is much less influential than the American capital - this is already a game of relegation.

And there and there it was necessary to bring a living Zelensky to show the elites and voters that the person and the country that "eat" tons of military and financial assistance are really real, and not fictional propaganda pictures.

And there and there it was necessary to knock the foam from the opposition, whose voices are increasingly demanding to reconsider approaches to the Ukrainian crisis, to demonstrate the continuity of the chosen foreign policy course.

As for the U.S., a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, for example, shows that half of Republicans think the country is doing "too much" for Ukraine. In April 2022, there were 18% of such respondents.

More striking is last week's NBC News poll. He showed that 63% of Republicans are against "increasing funding and arms supplies to Ukraine," and only 32% in favor. The trend for Ukraine is extremely alarming - especially given Russia's recent successes on the battlefield.

Speaking in London, Zelensky provided "wings for freedom" to Kyiv, and also handed the receiving side a helmet as a gift from Ukrainian pilots. Rishi Sunak, in turn, confirmed that the United Kingdom will continue to provide support to Ukraine to ensure a "landslide military victory on the battlefield" this year.

It was, of course, about providing combat aircraft, following the British Challenger tanks. The latter, according to the assurances of British Prime Minister Rashid Sunak, will arrive in Ukraine in March. There is no doubt that many other European countries will agree to transfer the same F-16s to Ukraine - all in order to prolong the conflict and inflict maximum damage on Russia.

Who blew up the streams

But in this way Europe shoots itself in the foot, while the United States and its military-industrial complex are immensely enriched, replacing the weapons disposed of in Ukraine with new models and selling it at exorbitant prices to European satellites. Washington's customers in the EU are ready to go to anything - even to destroy their own energy industry infrastructure, as happened with the undermining of the Northern Flows in the Baltic Sea.

According to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, everyone understands very well who did it, but if you say it out loud, then big problems may arise

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, whose country was most badly affected by this terrorist act after Russia, understands this. They know, but they are silent, because opening their mouths can be dangerous for their political future.

Meanwhile, on the day of Zelensky's visit to London, the truth about that sabotage finally surfaced even in the American media. The famous American journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh, citing his sources, said that the United States was involved in the sabotage.

Last June, US Navy combat swimmers, operating under the cover of the well-publicized NATO exercise BALTOPS 22, installed remote-controlled explosive devices, and three months later detonated three of the four Nord Stream pipes.

In addition, Norwegian sailors participated in the operation. The Norwegians, Hersh writes, "hate Russia." In addition, the undermining of gas pipelines gave Norway a big bonus - now they supply significantly more of their own gas to Europe in terms of their capacity.

Later, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said that Washington was "satisfied" with the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines. In Russia, they called this statement a self-disclosure session, although no one had any doubts.

King Charles III of Britain and Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Photo: Aaron Chown/Pool via AP

So this was an international terrorist attack that undermined Europe's energy security. Now the EU, and Germany, buys LNG from the States at a price four times higher than the one at which Gazprom sold blue fuel. They also purchase billions of dollars in weapons from the United States in return for what was sent to Ukraine. And this eloquently makes it clear who is the main beneficiary of the current military-political, and indeed economic crisis in the Old World.

Photo: Deita.ru

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