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01 December 2023

Zakharova: "You yourself came up with a game that led you to defeat and which was crazy original"

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on relations with Poland, spoke about EU policy and even recalled the Minsk agreements.

Today there was a weekly briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. She commented on a number of topical international topics, according to a correspondent for The Moscow Post.

Our journalist also asked questions.

"Poland and Estonia, their statements about the terrorist act on the Crimean bridge and" diplomatic relations "with these countries. What is the need to maintain this relationship in openly hostile conditions? Is there a reaction from the OSCE and the UN?, " our correspondent asked.

In response, Maria Zakharova said that there is no reaction from OBES and the UN, they do not see either the terrorist attacks themselves or support for these terrorist actions, actions from "as if civilized, part of these structures" states.

She also stated that relations with Poland are virtually gone. And she added: Poland destroyed everything. She explained that there were diplomatic point missions.

"Some point, here are just almost exceptional contacts on diplomatic, I would even say not channels, but directions... That's all. What kind of full-scale, normal or at least adequate relationship can we talk about? " 'she added to what was said.

The diplomat also said that she would probably make a post or write a text on how "countries calling themselves civilized" reacted to terrorist attacks, in particular to the state of emergency on the Crimean bridge.

Answering the second question of our journalist, Maria Zakharova said that the first meeting of the European political community held in Prague clearly confirmed the ideologized and confrontational nature of this format.

She believes that the complete absence of a positive agenda and at the same time the opportunity to resolve problematic issues from a professional point of view is striking. And she suggested that the motto could be: "We are friends against Russia" or "Let's get ready to scold Russia."

'There's no other. Yes, in fact, he did not hide this anti-Russian charge. What is it and why is it all necessary? Many, by the way, were skeptical... are set for this event, "she also said.

Maria Zakharova believes that this is another attempt by the EU, which has taken a line to fence off from the Russian Federation ("not himself, under pressure from his big brother") to form another mechanism for embedding non-EU countries in its foreign policy line and impose politicized attitudes on other states, and contrary to their national interests.

"As you understand, such an expanded composition of the European Union at the expense of those who are not there, but at the same time unite them with such an anti-Russian agenda," she added.

Maria Zakharova believes that sensible forces in Europe are well aware that it is impossible to build a new security system on the European continent without Russia.

She said history knows quite a few examples of such fruitless attempts. And she added that a lot of things were created and initiated by the same ones who initiated this meeting. She recalled that all this ended in nothing.

Maria Zakharova said that this is absolutely not the first EU geopolitical project that puts the pan-European space under the real threat of long-term fragmentation and destabilization.

She recalled that there are formats, the same OSCE. "But they themselves are from the inside - those who are now initiating such gatherings - they themselves have achieved what, except from a position, I do not know... marginal to this (I mean from the position of evaluating this organization as marginal) no one has been talking about it for a long time, "Zakharova added.

The representative of the Foreign Ministry added that each time the same scheme is observed: "to spoil the positive experience created by long years of work and experience, and immediately begin to form something new, it is not clear why, clearly not working."

Maria Zakharova added that there are already a huge number of such cakes that crumble as soon as a bucket was removed from them.

"What is it all for? Who will do this? What is the added value? " Maria Zakharova asked questions.

She believes that if they needed some kind of political science format, then there is a Munich Conference on Security Policy for this. However, she believes that they have already ruined her.

Now you need something new, here is something that is probably not associated with failures, with dysfunction, with the lack of real achievements. Maybe because of this, it's all forming or trying to come up with something new, "she added.

She believes that all these are opportunistic political games, and ordinary citizens of the EU countries will have to answer, who will answer and pay for bureaucrats in Brussels with their wallets and their security.

"Well, that's how yesterday the Barrel just came out and said: everything, the well-being of the European Union ended with Russian cheap gas. Yes, it did not end, you yourself finished it in Brussels, chopped it off, cut yourself off, you yourself came up with a game that led you to defeat and which was crazy original, which everyone told you about. And now you just announce to the citizens of the European Union that "game is over," everything, "the end," she said.

As for the adoption of a declaration on the situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the sidelines of the European political community summit, she said: "All the time (they, Europe) are trying to pretend that they can do something, if they could, they would realize all their obligations under the Normandy format, first of all, and demonstrated their capabilities to implement the Minsk agreements. Can't. A long time ago. "

Photo: Press Service of the Russian Foreign Ministry

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