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25 September 2023

Zakharova: there is no point in beating the door closed by the West

Difficulties with the West, but they are glad to see Russia in other directions. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova believes that "there is no point in beating a closed door."

During the briefing held today, the representative of the department answered questions from journalists, including the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

"Minister Sergei Lavrov recently said that Russia no longer" makes sense "to" maintain its previous presence in Western countries. " Could you decipher what specific changes are coming and why?, " said the first question asked by our journalist.

In response, Maria Zakharova said that both Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov himself and the press service have already clarified and commented on this topic.

The Russian side believes that there is no point in beating the closed door closed by them (that is, the West).

"Perhaps not by them specifically, but by those who had access to their inner doors. She was just covered with something on the other side, this door, "she added.

Maria Zakharova in this context recalled that Russia did everything to show all the advantages of interaction, cooperation or solving crisis situations by the negotiation process.

"But if this is their choice, and even more so demonstrated in this way, absolutely boorish, we have a lot of other areas, regions where they want to work with us, where they are waiting for us," the diplomat emphasized.

According to her, the Russian side is often reproached that it somehow fixated only in the western direction, and the Russian Federation would really like to see more, larger, more often in other directions, in other regions, in other points of the world.

"Therefore, in fact, there are really a huge number of such opportunities," she said.

Maria Zakharova added that Russia has always pursued a multi-vector policy and will continue to do so, just the bias towards the West will now need to be leveled, which the Russian Federation is doing.

The second question concerned the preparation of a new version of the Concept of Foreign Policy instead of the one that was approved several years ago.

Here Maria Zakharova was laconic. She did not go into details, since only the approval process is underway. However, she confirmed that she really, the concept of foreign policy, is now being worked out or developed.

She also focused on the statement, clarification of the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Alexander Venediktov. He spoke in some detail on this topic.

Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

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