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01 December 2023

Zakharova: Russia is oriented towards the future

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on Russia's relations with the West.

Today, another briefing was held by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. Answering a question from The Moscow Post journalist about relations with Western countries, Maria Zakharova said that Russia is interested in the future, Russia is oriented towards the future.

"For our future. If we talk, maybe moving away from our usual vocabulary, they just got us. By their rudeness, disrespect, trampling on the interests of others, lack of understanding of the situation, simply banally lack of possession of facts, history, inability to negotiate, the habit of using only force methods of influence, trampling... and the destruction of existing treaty mechanisms, which have always been part and basis of international relations, whatever areas they affect, "the diplomat added.

"It will be interesting for them to preserve what they have not yet destroyed - well, probably yes, indeed, and we will carefully treat this as the remnants of pre-existing relations, because the trade and investment structure has really been built for decades," she also noted.

About the financial and economic war

Zakharova said that in relation to Russia, a full-scale financial and economic war has been launched for many years, the purpose of which is the destruction of the economy. According to her, in the West they have already said twice that they "destroyed, torn to pieces."

"For the first time in my life, I hear how you can break it twice, but they managed, apparently. That's how they imagine us. But at the same time, the plan remained. If they started twice and in their fantasy world twice we, so to speak, came their card in the form of "breaks to shakes," well, then they probably will not leave their idea. " < … > And she agrees that there are no more such countries, countries with such an ideology.

"So put yourself over all existing norms of morality and law. To be so hypocritical, to use the democratic institutions they create for propaganda, to plant false messages, to simply flout everything that was considered right and kind, I have not seen such more countries, "Zakharova continued.

About sanctions and foreign business

Maria Zakharova said that the restrictions imposed are "a declared simply rejection of the regime of normal trade relations." Zakharova considered the most hostile step "the actual theft of foreign exchange reserves." She called this nothing more than a US default on its obligations.

"When States and Governments turn to direct theft, they are unable to service their obligations. And this means their default, "the representative of the Foreign Ministry explained.

She recalled that in the economic interaction of the Russian Federation and the United States, the Russian side always proceeded from its mutually beneficial nature.

"Is it possible today to discuss the prospects of trade and economic relations if the United States banned the import of Russian energy, new investments in the domestic energy sector, which were a key element of bilateral economic ties. Do not see this? - It means to abandon the perception of reality. We will definitely not go this way, "said Maria Zakharova.

The foreign business that leaves Russia is under serious pressure from the White House, follows from Zakharova's words: at the same time, we know that closed briefings are being held, letters are being sent out, and work is being carried out using threats and blackmail from American statesmen against representatives of large and medium-sized businesses. We all know that.

She emphasized that Moscow is interested in equal and long-term cooperation with all business partners, including the West, "which is forced to adjust to the pressure and anti-Russian attitudes of its political leadership."

About energy carriers

Rather energy markets she told that the current situation which is provoked by Washington negatively affects the energy markets, first of all: "How many they wouldn't tell there that this increase in prices for gasoline in the USA because of Putin personally, but nevertheless is perfectly known that it is reaction of the power sphere to the sanctions against our country imposed by the USA", - the representative added the Russian Foreign Ministry.

She considers, as experts perfectly understand it and understand that the refusal of the Russian energy carriers will debalance global power supply system, will cause damage to initiators of restriktion and consumers.

Maria Zakharova reminded that not Russia initiated confrontation in the area the power engineering specialist. The Russian side consistently acted and opposes politicization of mutually advantageous power interaction.

"I won't hide how a national holiday the words of the Russian President about transition in calculations for Russian gas supplies to rubles were apprehended yesterday. This really real, great commission for the Russian economy and for all our people because we have a national currency. And any to words but only affairs she can be brought to such level. And yesterday this historical decision...", - Maria Zakharova said.

According to her, the Russian side is ready to continue cooperation in traditional and green power. She explained that all started projects will be implemented as assures the management.

"If the European partners aren't interested in further interaction, it, of course, their right. But it is necessary to be honest and not to be engaged in this here in any strange blasting thing, it is simple to tell the citizens who and as destroy their wellbeing. We will cooperate with the one who is interested in ensuring own energy security", - she summed up.

About cooperation with ASEAN

Russia considers ASEAN the reliable partner. According to Zakharova, confirms it the present line on realization of dozens of decisions and programs which were adopted last top-level year.

Any changes in plans of operation of joint mechanisms, both on high, and on expert levels, it isn't observed. Also I added that meetings of Foreign Ministers, meetings of the senior officials on power, agriculture, etc. are traditionally held. And still there take place consultations on extraordinary reaction, meetings of working groups by training, sciences, to technologies and innovations.

And until recently there took place the ceremony of start of year of scientific and technical cooperation Russia ASEAN within which the wide program of actions is provided.

"As for 2021, cumulative goods turnover with ten grew more than by a quarter and reached nearly $20 billion. The beginning of this year showed preservation of positive trends in mutual trade... in the conditions of a pandemic the joint counteraction to spread of coronavirus infection became the important direction of cooperation", - added to the MFA.

Besides, the states of Southeast Asia show interest in such forms of cooperation as joint conducting clinical trials, production of vaccines, establishing communications between the research organizations.

Despite all obstacles in way which are placed now and think out in the West, the Association doesn't call into question need of further expansion of practical interaction with Russia, Maria Zakharova emphasized.

"It carries the pragmatic, mutually advantageous, not politized character. We count on such mutual spirit and we expect that it will allow to keep our dialogue on a trajectory of sustainable development", - she concluded.

About the relations with India

Answering a question of our correspondent of India, the official representative of the MFA reminded of friendship and strategic partnership between our countries: "India is a major power, the important player on the world scene, the country with an ancient civilization, culture, history".

Moscow appreciates traditionally weighed position on current problems of the regional and international agenda and also an independent foreign policy line which isn't subject to pressure from the outside.

We will remind that India didn't join the mode of the anti-Russian sanctions, and didn't condemn Moscow for the decision on the beginning of special operation on protection of the republics of Donbass.

"And I want to tell that at such position of India and... the leaderships of India are concrete base, historical base. They very well on the history of the country studied all grimaces of the western ideology and the Western world. They know, what is it, they know the price to this konjektura", - she emphasized.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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