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01 June 2023

Zakharova on Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and DPRK launches

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova during today's briefing commented on topical topics on the international agenda.

Answering a question from a journalist from The Moscow Post about the situation around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and the visit of the IAEA mission there, Maria Zakharova drew attention to the recent decree of the President of Russia on the peculiarities of legal regulation in the field of atomic energy use on the territory of this facility.

"As for... details, then, of course, many of them are in the process of being worked out... Regarding the IAEA mission, I have no additional information for you yet, "she also added.

The diplomat also commented on recent events related to North Korea (in particular, the DPRK missile launches).

According to Maria Zakharova, the Russian side is really closely monitoring the development of the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

She noted that the situation remains tense, and it is connected primarily with the conduct of large-scale joint military exercises by the United States and Seoul, including the involvement of an aircraft carrier strike group.

The Russian side believes that a set of problems of the subregion can be solved only by creating a peace system in Northeast Asia, within the framework of which the legitimate concerns of all interested parties will be taken into account and security guarantees will be provided.

Russia advocates an early resumption of the political and diplomatic process aimed at forming such a mechanism on the basis of the principles of equality, phasing and synchronicity.

When asked who will replace Igor Morgulov as deputy minister, Maria Zakharova replied the following: "You know, we do not comment on such personnel appointments... But, when they are completed, you will definitely know about it. "

Photo: press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry

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