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05 December 2023

Zakharova: Kyiv regime destroys the state of Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Ministry presented its assessment of current international events and separately spoke about relations between Ukraine and Poland.

Today there was another briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. It was attended by a journalist from The Moscow Post.

During the first question, the journalist recalled that the President of Poland and the head of Ukraine spoke about a transparent border and other measures of interaction between the two countries. "It seems that the Kyiv authorities are ready to hand over part of Ukraine under the control of Poland. Does this mean preparation for the entry into the territory of Ukraine of the Polish armed forces?, " Maria Zakharova was asked.

"The regime is Kyiv, you see, the regime. Power is something somehow connected with.. the interests of the country and so on. This is a regime (approx. Kyiv), "- said Maria Zakharova in response.

About Poland's ambitions

She gave several examples: "During the speech on the occasion of the day of the Polish diaspora Constitution Day... the Polish president said that, a direct quote - "One of the peoples of the Commonwealth today defends his state." End of quote. And then he said about the absence of a border between Poland and Ukraine in the future. Well, it's clear what it's about.'

Maria Zakharova believes that these words serve as an indirect confirmation of Poland's recent idea to send its peacekeeping mission to Ukraine "to study Poland's plan to establish control over its historical possessions."

"So the question is then to this Kyiv regime - you generally collect this last, understand what you have done with the country, you continue to just lie there to your people, you just give up pieces of your country under the guise of anything, but this is so," she added.

The diplomat believes that the Kyiv regime is destroying the state of Ukraine to the ground.

"I just want to ask - where are all the people who can somehow influence this situation, I mean the citizens of Ukraine, people who show some kind of unprecedented Ukrainian patriotism - in general, you know where this regime leads you and what it does to the country? After all, now not only the border is completely open, but simply the gateways from this country, "the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

"It cannot be ruled out that Warsaw, of course, is hatching plans for such a creeping expansion into the territory of a neighboring state, at least the facts speak of this, and the link with Russia's special military operation in this case is nothing more than an excuse, but I say again - these are questions to the Kyiv regime. There is simply a takeover of the territory of Ukraine by the Polish authorities, citizens, law enforcement agencies, these plans no longer just have some such separate illustrations, but already have a whole picture, "concluded Maria Zakharova.

About nationalization

In the second question, our journalist mentioned the law signed in Ukraine on the confiscation of property and assets of people who support the special operation.

"What the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 3 gave in relation to specific countries and their citizens... Is nationalization of unfriendly property possible?, " the journalist asked. Maria Zakharova replied that what concerns nationalization issues is not the competence of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

She also stated that the confiscation of private property from individuals for their political beliefs is a flagrant violation of the principles of democracy and market economy, that is, fundamental values ​ ​ and approaches of the West.

The diplomat added that Russia is well acquainted with the various provocative attacks of the Kyiv regime, in connection with which the Russian side is surprised only by how Kyiv missed the opportunity to be the first to come up with such an initiative.

"For assets belonging to the Russian Federation, which are currently blocked in foreign accounts, they have repeatedly stressed that we consider their freezing illegitimate and violating all the principles, norms of international law and the unbiased functioning of the global financial system, and destructive," Maria Zakharova explained.

She believes that this is the beginning of the destruction of the global financial system of the world, such actions can be interpreted as a blatant encroachment on sovereign property and "banal outright theft."

On the destruction of the global financial system

"Another reason for the whole world to think about the reliability of the dollar, by the way, already the euro, as reserve currencies and fixed means of external settlements, the ability of world grants in the form of the USA and the EU, the collective EU... to guarantee anything to anyone, think about the impartiality and stability of the current global financial order, which is being imposed by Western countries, "the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

She recalled that the basis of this order, which was offered to the whole world as an uncontested value, is respect, inviolability of private property, freedom of speech, liberality and liberal beginnings of economic relations. However, this is all basic in the context of the Western model, which was imposed on the whole world, it all collapsed, this is nothing.

"These are no longer unilateral sanctions, this is already... just piracy of the 21st century, "said Maria Zakharova.

She believes that any use of funds by both Russia and citizens of the Russian Federation without the consent of the legal owners will be interpreted by the Russian side as an illegal and demonstratively unfriendly attack by a particular state and its power structures, which gives the right to adequate retaliatory actions.

"The West's refusal to interact exclusively in the legal field and the further aggravation of the situation with the access of the state and individuals to their assets will only create an extremely dangerous precedent for all participants... systems. This would mean that the sovereign status of certain assets is now not guaranteed and can always be revised by individual players using their privileged positions when the geopolitical situation changes, "she added.

Photo: TASS/Press Service of the Russian Foreign Ministry

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