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01 December 2023

Zakharova: "It is impossible to remain silent, it is not just counterproductive, it is dangerous"

During the briefing held today, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova answered questions from the journalist of our newspaper. The topic of relations with Lithuania and Latvia, the theme of the IAEA mission at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and not only were touched upon.

The Moscow Post journalist asked: "How to explain that in the context of openly hostile actions and statements by the governments of Latvia and Lithuania, Russia has resumed gas supply, does not cut off freight transportation or electricity supplies? Are full diplomatic relations needed in these conditions? "

In response, Maria Zakharova recalled that the principle of reciprocity is at the heart of diplomatic relations.

"And at the heart of the relations of multi-level and multi-syllable with other countries is the principle of such, you know, pragmatism in terms of what is beneficial to us, as we see in the medium term, long-term, and so on. Therefore, we (the President of the Russian Federation spoke about this) will do in various areas the way we need it now, as we see it, and we will economically, financially, where we need to answer directly, and where we need to, we will do as we benefit. That's it, "she added.

The diplomat urged not to confuse diplomacy with other areas.

"If we are talking about the non-issuance of visas to diplomats and so on, yes, here is the principle of reciprocity. There is no option. And when it comes to taking measures in relation to our country of a different quality, in other areas, we look at what is beneficial to us and how to respond to this in order to preserve our own interests, "the diplomat emphasized.

IAEA and Zaporizhzhya NPP

Not without discussing the situation around the ZPP.

Maria Zakharova was asked to assess the results of the IAEA mission at this facility.

The diplomat did not go into details, but recalled that the assessment was given by the President of Russia, and the Foreign Ministry published materials on this score.

She believes there are pluses.

"Firstly, from the fact that, nevertheless, one way or another, international law still works in this area, that the organization, in particular the IAEA, did not break down before pressure, intimidation and other intrigues, but still a mission... got there, "she added.

Maria Zakharova also said that during the visit, a detailed assessment of the situation at the ZPP was carried out, the state of nuclear physical safety was analyzed, the accounting of nuclear material under IAEA guarantees there.

And representatives of the IAEA were able to see with their own eyes the devastating consequences of the APU strikes on the ZPP, make sure that "the data regularly provided by the Russian side to the UN and the IAEA are completely objective in this regard."

"The IAEA general director published following the trip, on the other hand, unfortunately, does not indicate the perpetrators. They are not named, "she added.

The Russian side expressed bewilderment in this regard.

"Because, in my opinion, it is obvious who is guilty of criminal acts, who is engaged in violation or who contributes to the creation of an atmosphere in which... in an abnormal atmosphere around the nuclear facility, and which can lead to a violation of the nuclear physical safety regime (I have physical nuclear safety at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant). The fact that the Kyiv regime is behind the regular shelling of the station, its adjacent territories is well known not only to us and the IAEA leadership, but also to the leading Western countries that encourage such provocations of the Zelensky regime. They are encouraged in different ways: silence, such silent consent, inaction, and so on, "she added.

The Russian side is sympathetic to Grossi's position as the head of an international organization.

"But in the current situation, of course, you need to call a spade a spade. It's just impossible to keep quiet, it's not just counterproductive, it's dangerous, "she added.

She also added that the agency's mission is not complete.

Russia expects that their presence will allow the IAEA to objectively assess the situation.

"The Russian side is ready to provide any necessary assistance to both the agency as a whole and individual experts. Indeed, in general, the agency and I pursue a common goal - to reliably ensure the safety of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, its normal functioning. The only way to do this is to completely stop shelling and strikes on the station from the Kyiv regime, "she added.

The third question concerned how the Russian Embassy in Kabul works after recent tragic events.

"Are there any changes in the procedure for accepting documents and the work of the Russian Embassy in Kabul with the local population after the recent terrorist attack?," our journalist asked.

Maria Zakharova said that the consular reception of the local population has so far been suspended, until the situation normalizes. She added that all information will be additionally published on the resources of the Russian diplomatic mission in Afghanistan, website, social networks, etc.

"If you have any specific questions, you can send us in a working order, we will answer you pointwise," the diplomat concluded.

Photo: press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry

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