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03 March 2024

Zakharova about the West: "There is a strong wish "to cancel" us

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson reflected on dialogue of Russia and the European Union.

Today another briefing of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova took place. Traditionally, it was succeeded to ask the questions to the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The journalist cited as an example the statement of the head of diplomacy of the EU Borel on dialogue with the Russian side. "I said that the European Union needs to use the best efforts and to support dialogue with Moscow. In an interview to one of... weeklies he noted that the EU it is necessary to exist with Russia after completion of fighting... that it will be difficult business. What moods in the light of these words can be in your department?", - the representative of our edition took an interest.

Maria Zakharova answered from humour shares.

"It is amazing people. I understand as far as to them it is heavy because every day, I have such impression, begin life anew, considering contrast of statements. That the Barrel says that "war, war and once again war", then it says... that it is necessary to coexist with Russia. Though before I said that we have to be defeated and so on and so on. I just want to tell, calm all of them - it seems to me, they should be defined and understand already that they us, from their point of view, already cancelled. And when us cancelled with whom it is possible how they speak here, to coexist?", - the diplomat said.

She explained that "we aren't in their paradigm kind of any more".

"We are absent, then with whom they are going to build, coexist..., restore something there? They perfectly understand, these data are well-known. Besides, they rely including on the data. They perfectly understand what occurred consolidation of people in our country on a question, which not idle time and from the historical point of view, in terms of the present at all. They see how people, drawing own conclusions, leaning on various sources of information, united in rejection of this destructive logic of the West concerning our people, our state, our nation", - the representative of the MFA added.

Maria Zakharova considers that these throwings of the western diplomats, politicians, representatives of the American administrations - all this from the fact that everything went not according to the plan, not according to the scenario.

"Yes, there is a strong wish to cancel, on the one hand, us, there is a strong wish to defeat, probably, us, at the same time there is a strong wish to dominate, but just in case still there is a wish to coexist with us. Well and in general - got confused, shucked. Something is necessary for them, it seems to me, to correct with the values or as they call there, the basic principles and, it seems to me, to develop some harmonious, uniform policy", - Maria Zakharova said.

The diplomat added if they consider that the policy of "cancellation" of the Russian Federation constructed by them, control of Russia in her development and also attempts to control all processes - that it here she - they are mistaken.

She believes that the West will remain with such approaches alone.

The diplomat noted that now the whole world watches what occurs - both Asia, and Africa, and the Middle East, they draw for themselves conclusions about reliability of the West as partner, about responsibility of the West "as that policy which applies for some leader functions".

The question of the fishing agreement with the right for trade for the Japanese fishermen at the Southern Kurils was still asked.

"You said that the decision on suspension of the contract before payment of financial debt by the Japanese side is still made, but to the agreement there are questions too... Also the Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev said that resources of these waters will be mastered by the Russian fishermen. What continuation at this story can be and whether there will be negotiations with Japan?", - asked Maria Zakharova.

She in turn reminded that there was already a comment. And also I added that detailed explanations were made.

"Following the results of the round of consultations on the agreement of the 98th year which took place last year agreements on implementation of trade for the next season were reached. It is about a year current, and in January of this year it was begun", - she told.

Also I reminded that Japan for various some sounded reasons, on various pretexts delayed signing of the executive agreement on providing the free technical help of the Sakhalin region.

"Thereby, as a matter of fact, I didn't fulfill the part of obligations, the result is known to you, we consider this approach irresponsible", - the diplomat said.

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