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29 November 2023

Will "Chinese medicine" help Zelensky?

After Zelensky and Xi Jinping spoke on the phone, many noted that China is probably ready to play a more active mediation role than the West, since China can do what the United States and Europe will not succeed.

Among the "patients" not only Zelensky

The group of "stakeholders" China will have to deal with includes the United States. There, in addition to Victoria Nuland, the word in the conflict, which is about to grow into a pan-European one, has three or four figures preparing solutions for the head of the White House. Washington is said to be on alert, fearing that Moscow could survive Western sanctions. This will threaten the collective hegemony of the West, especially the authority of the United States, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports.

Recall also that recently the House of Representatives of the US Congress in a "bipartisan" decision formed the Special Committee on Strategic Relations between the United States and the CPC. The resolution passed with bipartisan support, with 146 Democrats joining Republicans. As a result, 365 votes - "for," "against" - 65. How much the Joe Biden administration will be free from the influence of this Special Committee on "dialogue and negotiations" is difficult to say.

Washington is reportedly positive about the phone call between Xi Jinping and Zelenskiy, but says it's not clear at this point whether the call will spur a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

The G7 considers it necessary to pursue such a policy in order to emphasize its determination to confront Moscow, even if this means that it will end up losing itself, the Global Times writes in an editorial "The G7 suicide ban on exports to Russia undermines the prospects for peace."

In the EuroNATO Union, the number of "interested parties" is wider - from the NATO Secretary General and the head of the European Commission to the Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany and the President of France. A separate group of "seriously ill" include the leaders of Poland and the Baltic countries.

The Chinese authorities support the desire of European countries to resume Russian-Ukrainian negotiations as soon as possible. Ten days ago, Wang Wenbin spoke about this. Can Beijing at the highest level strengthen this desire?

Provided that awareness of the problem appeared there. In particular, Europe could not overcome dependence on Russian gas using wind farms, Bloomberg reports, and will not achieve the goal set by 2030. According to estimates, the EU countries will generate only three quarters of the energy from the planned volumes by the beginning of the next decade.

Unhealthy obsession

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Beijing was in favor of creating "an effective and sustainable framework for ensuring security in Europe." Referring to the words of Xi Jinping, he noted that there is no "miraculous panacea" to resolve crisis situations, as in Ukraine.

In international politics, if you look closely, medical terms are increasingly used, diagnoses are made. Influential Chinese observers believe it seems impossible for the Group of Seven, the core of collective hegemony, to abandon its unhealthy obsession with crushing Russia. According to Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, "the world is sick."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called schizophrenia statements about negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv after the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the hatred of Western countries towards Russia "an acute disease."

The West proposed a truly suicidal measure - a complete ban on exports to Russia, writes the Chinese Global Times, -... " it seems that he himself does not know what else to do with regard to sanctions against Russia. Now he, apparently, is going to increase pressure on the country with the help of a suicidal complete export ban, thereby depriving the world of the opportunity to end the crisis and conflict as soon as possible, "says the GT editorial board.

Western countries are now ready to do everything to combat Russia, which they hate, but it will pass like any disease, said the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, speaking at the Knowledge marathon. "They are all victims, they were slandered, they were enchanted simply, they are ready to spend all their lives on hatred of Russians. Sooner or later it will pass like all acute diseases, but, unfortunately, now this is the situation, "Peskov said.

The readiness of Chinese President Xi Jinping to take part in rectifying the situation gives hope. At least, during the May holidays in Russian cities and regions bordering Ukraine, there will be no urgent need to look into the sky, where other people's aircraft may appear.

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