What speak in the Security Council about knows Patrushev

Washington in vain trusts in a possibility of "meek preventive strike" as Russia has a unique weapon which she is capable to destroy any opponent, the secretary of the Security council Nikolay Patrushev said in an interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta.


Washington in vain trusts in a possibility of "meek preventive strike" as Russia has a unique weapon which she is capable to destroy any opponent, the secretary of the Security council Nikolay Patrushev said in an interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

From March 20 to March 27 there was a week of events, negotiations, decisions and sign performances. Having seen off the Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Russian President Vladimir Putin declared deployment of tactical nuclear weapon in Belarus, the correspondent of The Moscow Post tells. It seemed that world media so far hardly digest results of the Russian-Chinese negotiations, and also "technical" questions of strategic stability were added here.

Concerning this most, in the face of disappearing "stratstabilnost" if to use the dictionary the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev acted, having invited for an interview of the correspondent of Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Formally, that was interested in the second "Summit for democracy" which was organized by administration of the White House. As a result I received the developed answer to the question "They Absolutely Lost Fear?".

Patrushev said that not only that NATO plays with fire, acting as party of the conflict in Ukraine, the alliance doesn't hide intention to inflict defeats over Russia, tightening the conflict. "Russia is patient and intimidates nobody by military advantage. But possesses the modern unique weapon capable to destroy any opponent including the USA, in case of threat to the existence" — the secretary of the Security Council noted.

About democracy and the directive

The correspondent asked questions habitually and together with short answers, about "democracy" and other problems in the relations of Russia with "the western international". Patrushev in detail answered. In particular, I told that local elite tramples on democracy (he used this term), not to mention sovereignty. Patrushev called freedom of speech illusion, and information – monopoly of elite groups of the western countries. Corporations select politicians at discretion too, he told.

All this was known still then, before "reorganization". In the West practically all and remained. Since then, when Patrushev was a student of the Leningrad shipbuilding institute in the early seventies. We just forgot about that our knowledge of the West. Or wanted to forget.

The correspondent of "RG" who asked questions then wasn't born yet and, maybe, treats that generation which, by the time of Gorbachev publicity, didn't reach majority yet. Maybe doesn't know about publications and revelations of the 70-80th.

Answering questions, Patrushev remembered about the directive of National Security council of the USA of "A task concerning Russia" aimed at "reduction of the Soviet power". It is remarkable that in the text of this document No. 20/1 of August 18, 1948 there are also such words: "Irrespective of, will remain or not the Soviet power somewhere in the present Soviet territory, we can't be sure that among the Russian people there will be some other group of political leaders who will be completely "democratic" in our understanding of this word".

Such group was, but not at once.

Or still: "How to be with the main ethnic minorities, in particular with Ukraine? … The attempt to tear off it from the Russian economy and to create something independent would be so artificial and destructive as attempt to separate the Grain Belt, including the Great Lakes, from economy of the United States. … If across Ukraine any real line can be also drawn, then the border between the areas which are traditionally gravitating to the Eastern Church and the areas gravitating to the Roman Church would be logical." It is interesting that Patrushev in an interview touched upon a subject of unity of the USA.

Especially impress conclusions which come to an end with words that "we can tell that we don't set as the implementation purpose by our own forces in the territory freed from the communistic power, some large-scale program of decommunization and that in general we should leave this problem of any local government which will be able to replace soviet leadership".

New Japan, foggy future …

Question of the correspondent of the newspaper that" … to undermine the Russian economy and to exsanguinate the Russian army", I contained also the answer – "it is two parties of one strategy which the West tries to realize not the first century".

The contents of document No. 20/1 said that the Soviet Union after the victory in the Great Patriotic War caused respect, his rights admitted. Post-Soviet Russia faced loss of it. But "correction of mistakes" as Patrushev noticed, was made, it was necessary to promote the West in that that got rid of Post-Soviet euphoria.

And if Russia is capable and ready to withstand aggression, the situation with economic weapons is more complicated. And here the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation cited the actions of Japan (like the countries of the EuroNATO Union), stopped the supply of a number of drugs to Russia, including vital ones. Patrushev also added about the "new militarization of Japan," which should be a signal for Tokyo. The answers heard the echoes of negotiations during the visit to Moscow of the Chinese leader. These responses were directly related to US threats to China.

Attempts to create Asian NATO, give Australia nuclear submarines under AUCUS, support Taiwan and South Korea by military means are aimed at creating the eastern flank of the United States and NATO against China and Russia, Patrushev said. "Japan's self-defense forces are becoming a full-fledged army that is capable of conducting offensive operations," Patrushev summed up, without specifying what will happen if Tokyo decides to join AUCUS.

He suggested, returning to the topic of "the spirit of Japanese militarism," that "from the inhabitants of the island state they again want to make kamikazes dying for other people's interests." It seems that he meant Anglo-Saxons.

… and fail you, America

Not only Japan got it. Patrushev shared skeptical assessments about the fate of Europe, predicting the "collapse of the European Union." Especially given the fact that Washington, interested in eliminating an economic competitor and pushing the "Old World to an open conflict with our country." This threatens to turn Europe into a radioactive desert.

At least, the task is being solved "to prevent Europe from flourishing through cooperation with Russia," Patrushev said, adding that "the implementation of joint plans with Washington to reduce commodity and technological dependence on Beijing will deal no less blow to Europe."

And here Patrushev said, perhaps the most important of what he intended to report through Rossiyskaya Gazeta: "The United States is operating in Europe, ignoring the fact that the leading role on the continent has historically been assigned to Russia. In the XIX century - the Russian Empire, in the XX century - the Soviet Union. This will be the case in the 21st century, "warned the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

Do not know what they are doing

And one more thing: "The United States has gained the status of a great power with economic achievements based on cynical actions to seize territories, resources, exploit peoples and profit from the military troubles of other states. At the same time, they remained a patchwork blanket, which can easily spread at the seams. "

It came to the topic of "US unity." No one can rule out that the US South will move towards Mexico, whose lands the Americans seized in 1848, Patrushev suggested, adding that there is a growing awareness among Latin American leaders of Washington's destructive role. In particular, the Guantanamo base is a direct robbery of Cuban sovereignty. "There is no doubt, sooner or later, the southern neighbors of the United States will regain the territories stolen from them," concluded Patrushev.

There are many internal contradictions in the United States, there is no unity even in the American elite itself, the correspondent continued to ask prepared questions. Patrushev supported him: "That's right. The antagonism between Republicans and Democrats is only intensifying. There are growing contradictions between different financial structures and multinationals, which only care about their capitalization, and not about the well-being of America. "

America has played too much geopolitical games, forgetting about its own pressing problems. The US authorities are destroying themselves step by step, the elites have never associated themselves with the American people, the Security Council secretary said, noting that projects "like BLM, that is," Black lives matter, "and the total planting of transgender theories are aimed at the spiritual degradation of the population already in a state of apathy."

The American financial pyramid fails over and over again, the uncontrolled emission, which economic problems flood with money, cannot work forever. With an external debt of $31.5 trillion, the United States is heading for a default and a powerful financial crisis.

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