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03 October 2023

West bluffs, Putin warns, Lavrov clarifies

Sergei Lavrov's statements caused hysteria among Western diplomats, and sleepy Joe lied again.

The next day, after Vladimir Putin's speech, where he announced partial mobilization, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov outlined the main approaches to the causes of the Ukrainian crisis and the actions of the Kyiv authorities, a correspondent for The Moscow Post reports.

The UN Security Council ministerial meeting was dedicated to Ukraine and was held during the high-level week of the organization's General Assembly. It was assumed that Western delegations could decide on a demarche, but everyone remained in the hall and listened to the Russian minister, including Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

First of all, Sergei Lavrov noted that they are trying to make an aggressor from Russia, forgetting about the murders of people by the Nazis and militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass. Germany, France and the United States, and with them the Ukrainian authorities openly sabotaged the implementation of the Minsk agreements. In words, without refusing them, Kyiv continued to fire at Donbass.

The West turned a blind eye to these atrocities, pumped Ukraine with weapons, trained the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thus becoming a party to the conflict. "The goal is obvious, they do not hide it and declare it: to tighten the hostilities as much as possible, despite the casualties and destruction in order to drag away and weaken Russia," the minister said.

Lavrov called Ukraine a Nazi totalitarian state, violating the norms of international humanitarian law, which makes the actions of those who pump the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons and military equipment, trains personnel, "especially cynical." Under the sauce of the fight against Russian aggression and the so-called "separatism," the persecution of dissenters is intensifying, a ban on the activities of political parties has been introduced under the pretext of their ties with Russia, leading opposition TV channels in Russian have been closed, sites objectionable to the government are being blocked, the head of the Russian diplomatic service recalled.

Truss "language" is looking for trouble?

The day before this speech at a UN Security Council meeting and almost immediately after Vladimir Putin's address on September 21, Lavrov, in an interview with Newsweek magazine, accused the United States and the collective West of seeking to defeat Russia "on the battlefield," avoiding direct participation in the conflict, but readily sacrificing Ukraine.

By pumping weapons on the Armed Forces of Ukraine, exacerbating and delaying the conflict, America is approaching the status of a participant in the conflict. "The Pentagon does not hide the fact of the transfer of intelligence data and target designations for strikes to Kyiv. We record the presence of American mercenaries and advisers "on the battlefield." The United States, in fact, is teetering on the verge of turning into a conflict. This is to your question about the risk of a direct clash of nuclear powers, "Lavrov said.

Vladimir Putin, in an address to the nation, said that Western countries are actively using nuclear blackmail. According to him, some high-ranking representatives of leading NATO states openly speak out about the possibility and admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction against Moscow.

In particular, the head of the British government said so - she is ready to press the button! "My tongue is my enemy, he is trawling before his mind, he is looking for trouble," the proverb says. And Lisa Tras was not the first in NATO to call for "thinking about the button" without even imagining what she was talking about.

The head of state stressed that supporters of such statements should take into account that "the wind rose can turn in their direction" and recalled that "if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. It's not a bluff. "

Terrorists and Their ICCata Cover

Vladimir Putin, followed by Sergei Lavrov, spoke seven months after the start of a special military operation (SVO). During this time, the actions of the Ukrainian authorities acquired all signs of terrorism. First, Kyiv is increasingly resorting to terrorist attacks on the cities, villages and infrastructure of the liberated territories, including even the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

Secondly, these actions of the Kyiv regime rely on the help of the West. NATO countries supply Kyiv with precision weapons systems and reconnaissance, US satellites help choose targets. Strikes are carried out on the border areas of the Russian regions using modern systems.

Thirdly, the Kyiv regime launched new gangs of foreign mercenaries and nationalists, military units trained according to NATO standards and under the actual command of Western advisers. Vladimir Putin in his address recalled how the West encouraged gangs of international terrorists in the Caucasus.

More than 3 thousand complaints about crimes against residents of Donbass were sent to the International Criminal Court (ICC), they were ignored, Lavrov said. "We have no trust left in this body. We have waited for a long eight years in vain when the fight against impunity in Ukraine will begin, and no longer count on justice from this and a number of other international institutions.

The waiting time is over, "Lavrov said and, still hoping, called on UN Secretary General Guterres to get the Ukrainian authorities to publish a list of people who died in Bucha.

According to the Russian Foreign Minister, criminal cases are being investigated against citizens of Britain, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands on the facts of mercenary and criminal acts in Ukraine. Involvement in war crimes in Ukraine of representatives of the highest command staff and officers of the Ukrainian army, as well as mercenaries from among citizens of other states, has been established, all of them will be brought to justice.

Blinken to the point of impossibility

It was not anyone who helped "look into the future," but the former commander of US troops in Europe and Poroshenko's adviser, General Ben Hodges. Professionals of the British edition of The Daily Telegraph helped Hodges accompany his delusions attractive to the Anglo-Saxon ear with the headline: "Preparing for the collapse of Russia."

Looking in depths of the American strategic thought, the general blurted out that the Russian army in Ukraine, having occupied a quarter of her territory, "suffers a defeat". I added that the power in Moscow endures crisis, up to possible "resignations or overthrows" the president. It finished the analysis the fact that predicted disintegration of the Russian Federation on a part.

The opinion of those who live in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions was known long before the decision to hold a referendum. Inhabitants of these territories declared independence of Kiev eight years ago, right after the coup on the Maidan. But the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions joined them. Too decided to declare independence and desire to be a part of the Russian Federation which the general Hodges predicted disintegration.

Decisions to hold referenda in all these territories would be made regardless of the forthcoming general session of the UN. But, so coincided. Intentionally, or not, but it turned out harmoniously. News had directly to opening of a session. Leaders of some countries of the West had to change what they were already going to speak about.

Vladimir Putin assured that Russia will provide safe conditions for holding referenda, will support the decision "which will accept most of inhabitants of the Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions".

With a referendum the next stage of the special military operation begins. It is clear, that her name can change in the next few days because the border of Russia will move to the West and blows of NATO high-precision means to new territorial subjects of the federation will be interpreted already differently, not as today.

By the way, Council of NATO condemned "in the most rigid form" the prepared referenda and on Thursday published about it the statement. The U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said too that holding referenda in the freed territories makes impossible search of the diplomatic decision for settlement of the conflict.

In turn to "The Russian room"

The main international organization became for a long time the place where issues are discussed, but decisions are postponed, either aren't accepted, or aren't executed. But the scope for pluralism remains.

For example, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Szijjarto, acting, I urged the EU to stop a talk about the new package of sanctions against Russia, "who will make even deeper crisis with deliveries of energy carriers". But in Brussels, amateur performance isn't suffered. In reply functionaries of the EU suggested to detain Hungary a tranche in 7.5 billion euros.

The president of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic reminded of a precedent of Kosovo in connection with a question of territorial integrity of Ukraine. "I would like to ask a question to leaders of many countries, answer what difference between sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and Serbia? In the second case there was a serious brazen violation, and all of you recognized it and at least some of you gave legitimacy,", - Vucic said.

The prime minister of Japan Fumio Kishida considers that the authority of the UN is under the threat in this connection it is necessary to start negotiations on reform of the organization. The German chancellor Olaf Sholts also told of desire of Germany to become the permanent member of the UN Security Council. The prime minister of Britain Lise Trass said that nobody threatens Russia, noted that London will keep military aid to Kiev. "Those countries which adhere to a neutrality in the conflict in Ukraine are helpers of a new imperialism of Moscow", – the French president Emmanuel Macron cut off.

The Chinese Global Times noted that the western block occupied the United Nations General Assembly and turned her into the anti-Russian tribune. The Foreign Minister of China Wang And the Russian delegation encouraged, told Sergei Lavrov that nobody will deprive Russia her important role in the UN.

"Though the UN is also located in the USA, but the UN belongs to all of us. Russia - the permanent member of the Security Council also has to and play further the important role in the UN. Nobody can deprive Russia this right", - I. Wang told. In a conversation with the head of diplomacy of the EU Zhozep Borel, the Chinese minister cleared that Beijing won't begin to aggravate the conflict in Ukraine, but at the same time won't watch events from outside.

His Indian colleague Subramanyam Dzhayshankar said, acting in Columbia University that to India and China as to two growing powers of Asia, it is necessary to find a way of joint coexistence in the modern dynamically changing world.

The president of Iran Ebrahim Raisi announced formation of new world order and noted that the aspiration to hegemony constitutes big danger. He also told about impossibility of achievement of arrangements by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions (JCPA) according to the nuclear program of Iran so far IAEA won't close investigation concerning Iran. He called the ways of the agency to Iran double-faced.

This news feed will continue with other messages and speeches. September 24 will be the main speech of Sergey Lavrov. In the "Russian Room" - meeting after meeting. The foreign ministers of France, Germany and the representative of one of the Nordic countries requested a meeting with the Russian minister. Maria Zakharova noted that the negotiations are held in various formats, both bilateral and multilateral.

Sleepy Joe doesn't come round

Someone suggested recalling the Caribbean crisis, since which exactly 60 years have passed. Then in America there were people who understood that the future could not be built on hatred of the USSR. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on nuclear powers to reaffirm their commitment to the non-use and complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

It was difficult for the head of the White House. The president of the country, which has not emerged from wars and aggression for the past 70 years, did not blink when he accused Moscow of "neglecting the UN charter and creating a nuclear threat." Joe Biden also lied, saying that no other country allegedly threatened Russia. And at the same time he pulled out that "nuclear threats against Europe" are a violation of obligations under the non-proliferation regime.

Maria Zakharova called Biden's mistakes in quoting Putin about the "nuclear threat" simply "indecent." Whether the "sleepy Joe" heard a reproach from the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, we will not know. The UN building in New York is a place where, basically, everyone speaks to listen and to hear must make an effort over themselves.

Meanwhile, NATO's Kyiv henchmen are calling on Western gunsmiths to test their new equipment in Ukraine. And on Thursday, wounded and dead from a direct hit by a projectile of a high-precision system were carried out of a burnt-out passenger bus on the square of the central market of Donetsk. Maybe it was HIMARS delivered to Ukraine from the United States.

Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

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