Well you are there in the West prepare

Myths about a secret conspiracy, about the "world government" may turn out to be a reality.


Myths about a secret conspiracy, about the "world government" may turn out to be a reality.

The Pentagon on Monday handed over to the US Congress a classified version of the National Defense Strategy. In published explanations, the US military department announced "acute threats" allegedly emanating from Russia, and also called China the main strategic competitor and challenge for the United States.

In this regard, the Pentagon emphasized the importance for the United States of relations with allies and partners, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports.

America's allies and partners are states that are unfriendly to Russia. US President Joe Biden is proud that he managed to ensure unprecedented cohesion of these countries, nab them on the Anglo-Saxon vertical, assemble them like a children's pyramid. The highest ring is the G7 (1975), further - NATO (1948), followed by the European Union (1951-1992), lower - OECD/OECD (1948). This organization later became the design for a group of states of the "golden billion."

Western civilization has built its vertical power for centuries, but in this form it developed only after World War II. In many ways, this was a reaction to the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazism, a decisive role in the war and international influence in the post-war period. Partly, the unity of the West reflected the new state of the world economy and the overdue need to manage crises. There was a reaction to the scientific and technical revolution, including the first artificial Sputnik. In particular, in 1968, the Club of Rome laid the foundation for talk about global problems.

From the "golden billion" step march

Inquisitive observers, in turn, sought an explanation for the world order, in which the West also had a special role. Assumptions were born, books were published. The design of the "300 richest families in the world," as the world backstage is sometimes called, was proposed in 1992 by John Coleman, allegedly a former MI6 employee. A fresh look at this problem is introduced by Ursula Seiler's article "Behind the Scenes Rulers - Committee of 300."

The author of the article states: "The fact that not politicians govern us has become obvious... Spiegel magazine of December 12, 2011, ventured to finally ask the right questions: "Money rules the world - and who rules the money?," "How did it happen that states give banks billions of loans in order to later become a debtor of the same banks?," "How did it happen that one financial market ten times more than the indicators of the economy of the whole world?"

This echoes what Russian President Vladimir Putin said when he signed

Decree "On a special procedure for fulfillment by foreign buyers of obligations to Russian natural gas suppliers":... " in a situation where the financial system of Western countries is used as a weapon, when companies from these states refuse to fulfill contracts with Russian banks, enterprises, individuals, when assets in dollars and euros are frozen, it makes no sense to use the currencies of these countries. "

Today, these issues are gaining more attention. If we even assume that the "world government" exists somewhere and does not suffer from a tendency to suicide, then it would be time for him to give the command to Western leaders not to shoot themselves in the foot, not to "spoil the skin" and not to poison life to all those who are outside the "golden billion."

Anglo-Saxon "Kochan"

Washington, still greedy to undisputed global leadership, can be helped by informal leverage to guard that leadership. According to unverified estimates, three quarters of respondents believe in a "shadow government" working in the interests of the West. But there are doubts about the existence of a collective "Western mind." Is the world really ruled by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers with their money, the ties of elites and dynasties? And does it exist, the pyramid of "world governance"?

Those inclined to believe in the "world behind the scenes" attribute the ability to regulate the world order to a certain "center." In particular, according to RIA Novosti on June 9, 2016, the influence is a group of closed clubs for the chosen. The authors of the publication included the Bilderberg Club (Holland, since 1954), the Bohemian Club (USA, since 1872), the Council on Foreign Relations (USA, since 1921), as well as the Tripartite Commission, created in 1973, as well as the little-known Commercial Energy Working Group.

All these communities, which are supposed to have claimed the role of think tanks, are European in origin, and Anglo-Saxon in culture and ideology. Four of them have American roots and are "spelled out in the United States. It is clear that these entities are united by common interests and tasks to protect and strengthen everything that has been gained over five centuries by Western countries. In particular, in the colonies. After the collapse of the colonial system, the time came to "increase" the accumulated wealth and maintain Anglo-Saxon influence.

To ensure the level of well-being for the population of the "golden billion" countries, as well as to guarantee the multiplication of the accumulated for the captains of this ship - until recently this super task has been solved! This united and continues to unite the states and societies of the West. Moreover, this is a base of concepts and conclusions.

The concepts of "English-speaking union," "English-speaking brotherhood," introduced by Winston Churchill, suggest that by the middle of the last century a global English-speaking cultural and informational "horse of ideas" about the world was grown. The picture of the world order, which was based on the idea of ​ ​ the racial and intellectual superiority of the Anglo-Saxons. An organic feature of this composition was the massive introduction into consciousness of "its truth" (often fakes) and Western ideas that strengthen faith in favorability.

"Three-eyed" triangle

But the phenomenon of "selectivity" after World War II migrated from Europe to America, following the growth of the financial, economic and military power of the United States, which gained leverage in Europe. Only 11 of the 67 meetings of the Bilderberg Club were held "away," in the United States. All other sessions were held in Europe. But the congregation is divided. In February 1957, at a meeting of club members in Georgia, NATO policy and issues of Western unity were discussed.

The 2019 Bilderberg meeting (67th in a row) was held in Montreux, Switzerland. The issues of stabilization of the strategic order in Europe, climate change and sustainable development, relations between China and Russia, the problems of capitalism were discussed. On the agenda were Brexit, artificial intelligence, social networks, space and cyber threats.

From the Russian Federation, Russian guests were sometimes invited to meetings of this "European" club: Yavlinsky, Shevtsova, Chubais (twice), Mordashov, and in 2015 Guriev was invited.

The Bohemian Club is an "American" platform for communication between representatives of the ruling class, clan families, high-ranking military, political figures, well-known scientists and corporate leaders. Bohemian Grove, where the club's visiting sessions are held, is located in northern California, in the Russian River area. Since 1932, every Republican president has been resting there. It is said that in 1942 the "Manhattan Project" was discussed there, which led to the creation of an atomic bomb.

Speaking in early 1972, D. Rockefeller, who at that time headed the Council on Foreign Relations, proposed the creation of a Tripartite Commission (Europe-USA-Japan). The idea received the support of the Bilderberg Club. A tripartite group was created in July 1973, and the chairmen were elected, one from each geographical region. The commission included politicians, bankers, heads of major corporations, scientists. Membership officials were not allowed by the Charter. The Triangle was blinded in response to Japan's strengthening, each "economic center" had its own corner, but the top of the pyramid remained with the United States.

Exceptions That Spoil Your Mood

America does not like competitors, does not tolerate. Even if the Americans undertook to coordinate their interests with those of the Allies. Especially with those of them that do not have independence. Japan, like Germany, deprived of sovereignty in 1945, falls out of the homogeneous English-speaking, Anglo-Saxon "collective," remaining its industrial engines, useful allies. They are adjacent to France and Italy. This European troika forms the second row in the Group of Seven (G7).

But they form the core of the European Union, however, already blurring under pressure from NATO and energetic "eastern recruits." The UK did not want to belong to the "second row" of the G7 countries, it separated from the EU. The states of the "second row" are dependent, both on the English-speaking core of the G7 and the EU member states of the "second speed."

The countries of the "core" can afford little outside NATO, but having become accustomed to economic comfort, they voluntarily put themselves under the control of the Brussels bureaucracy, giving the Anglo-Saxons additional leverage. In what directions do the United States and Great Britain rule Europe? The answer is prompted by the US National Defense Strategy - 2022. This is Russia and China.

Fortune magazine published a rating of companies (Fortune Global 500) in terms of income for the "ancestral" year, which ended March 31, 2020. The ranking was dominated by the companies of China and Hong Kong (133 companies, 25% of the revenue of all companies). The rating included 121 US companies (30% of the revenue of all companies), four G7 countries of the "second row." In Japan, there are 53 such companies, France - 31, Germany - 27, Great Britain - 22.

Russia was represented in Fortune Global 500 by Gazprom (55th place), Lukoil and Rosneft companies (lines 57 and 76), Sberbank (240th place).

Force Break

Those of us who are inclined to believe in the "world backstage" are convinced that in the Russian direction its role is exclusively destructive and hostile. Washington set the task of destroying Russia economically. Sanctions will require an almost complete restructuring of foreign trade. In 2021, unfriendly countries accounted for 56% of Russia's exports and 54% of its imports. Exports and imports of BRICS in trade were 16% and 23%, respectively. CIS accounts for 13% of exports and 10% of imports.

To maximize pressure, Washington is ready to force European countries to break economic ties with Moscow, weaken the EU's economic independence, and tie Europe to the United States for energy. The United States is ready to sacrifice the interests of both Germany and Japan. But break not build! If there is an invisible "brain center," it would be time to think about your own interests.

As Vladimir Putin noted during the meeting on the development of aviation transportation and aircraft engineering: "The United States will again try to solve its problems - precisely its problems - at the expense of others, including launching a new wave of emissions and budget deficits... I will add that the United States will still try and make money on the current global instability, as they did during the First and Second World Wars, during their aggression against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, and so on. "

Well, you stay there in Europe

"… From the same series, attempts by all means to transfer Europe to the expensive American liquefied gas. As a result, Europeans are not only forced to fork out, but, in fact, to undermine the competitiveness of European companies with their own hands, to remove them from the global market. For Europe, this means large-scale deindustrialization and the loss of millions of jobs, and amid rising prices for food, gasoline, electricity, housing and communal services, a drastic decrease in the standard of living of citizens, "the Russian president continued.

The so-called unfriendly countries of Russia receive about two-thirds of all Russian exports of energy and metals, about a third of fertilizers and other products of chemistry, wood. Drying up only one gas stream can plunge Europe into an era of painful and costly restructuring, the losses of which cannot be assessed for economic, social and political stability.

The United States itself has already eased restrictions on the import of Russian mineral fertilizers. Even Russia accounts for up to 23% of the fuel of American nuclear power plants. Half of the enriched uranium for 93 nuclear power plants that generate about 20% of electricity in the United States is supplied by Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The Japanese government has identified seven goods imported from Russia that are difficult to replace. The list includes oil, coal, liquefied natural gas, gases used in the production of semiconductors, palladium, ferroalloys for the production of steel and ferroalloys for the production of stainless steel.

Finally, the German magazine Focus notes that along with oil and gas, Russia supplies other types of raw materials to Germany that are necessary for the normal functioning of the economy. The list includes palladium, nitrogen fertilizers and wheat, aluminum, copper, cobalt, especially nickel and titanium. Germany also imports iron ore, spongy iron, even mustard, and now all sunflower oil, if you also count Ukrainian. If everything goes according to Biden's plan, German potatoes will have to be fried at the stake and without sunflower oil, and Russian mustard will no longer be served to sausages. You're in the West!