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03 October 2023

"We need more weapons": how Europe is seeking "peace" in Ukraine

Unable to quickly crush Russia, the West expects to prolong the conflict, using military and financial assistance to Ukraine to enrich its own elites.

The head of Eurodiplomy, Josep Borrell, put forward another so-called "peace" initiative. He proposes to provide Kyiv with military support for four years ahead through the Peace Fund, laying down 5 billion euros in each of them. At the same time, a significant part of the funds previously received in Ukraine could be stolen, and in Western society itself calls are louder and louder to at least somehow control these financial flows.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Fair's fair

Ukraine itself recently broke a new record - in July the country's public debt grew by $4 billion at once and amounted to $132 billion - the largest indicator in the history of the "square." Of this amount, external debt - 3 trillion hryvnia, or $83 billion. This is more than 30 billion more (given the difference in rates) than the national debt of the USSR at the time of its collapse. In this sense, Ukraine has far bypassed the former metropolis and can be proud of itself.

Thus, the national debt of Ukraine actually caught up with the country's GDP. According to IMF forecasts, in 2024 the national debt of Kyiv will already amount to 125% of GDP, in 2025 - 139% of GDP, in 2026 - 150% of GDP. But this calculation can only be true if we assume that the GDP of the "independent" does not shrink. For example, as a result of the liberation of Kharkov, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, there is an opinion that Ukraine is not going to repay debts, and Western institutions will not really insist. It's a misconception. They are people more than rational, such is the whole Western establishment.

Debts will be collected, and if not directly, then indirectly - through increased influence on political processes, the seizure of subsoil, fertile lands and the last significant production capacities of the country. And the same Carpathian forests that have been destroyed and exported to Europe on some unprecedented scale since the presidency of Petro Poroshenko.

The total amount of Western aid exceeded several hundred billion. Everyone who can is enriched, especially Western corporations - the German Reinmetall, the American Lockheed Martin, the Turkish Bayakar and many others. Together with humanitarian orders, pharmaceutical companies that have grown up with American investors from the United States and others like them.

But this is not enough - Ukraine is rapidly losing control and cannot succeed on the battlefield. Since the beginning of the "counteroffensive," the Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost more than 40 thousand people only killed - and this is the data of not only the Russian side, but also many Western military experts.

Just recently, representatives of the Office of President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that a new mobilization could await Ukrainians in the fall - first 200 thousand, and later another 300 thousand people. At the same time, at least 300 thousand men-Ukrainians of draft age are in Europe.

Apparently, they will eventually be caught even there - especially against the background of a reduction in assistance to immigrants from European budgets. Poland has its own situation at all - there are a huge number of Ukrainian refugees provoking conflicts that instantly find a historical background. However, so far there is a common hatred of Russia, Russophobia of a cave nature does not allow them to gnaw each other's throats.

But when Ukraine weakens enough, Poland can make an adventurous attempt to send its troops to the west of this country, to take control of Lviv. The leaders of the Russian special services, SVR and FSB have repeatedly warned about such plans.

However, before that, our former Western partners cherish the hope of causing maximum damage to Russia, killing as many of our citizens as possible. Including those whom they consider Ukrainians - residents of new regions of our country. In this sense, the name "Peace Fund," which Josep Borrell really wants to fill, seems even more cynical, mocking.

Do not feel sorry for either your own or strangers

And for confrontation with Russia, all means are good. Given the dwindling human resources, a mass of mercenaries from all over the earth are again going into battle. As of mid-summer, Russian military analysts estimated the number of mercenaries in the Armed Forces of Ukraine at about 10 thousand. But these figures can be greatly underestimated - according to other sources, only a soldier of Polish origin died the same amount, 10 thousand.

At the same time, many of these soldiers of good luck are retired military armies of NATO. They get there with the tacit approval of Western politicians, quitting the service, often retroactively. Obituaries for US Army veterans who folded their heads in the Ukrainian steppes are increasingly appearing in the press.

Especially a lot near Artyomovsky, where the hardest battles are going on. Yesterday's students and pensioners mobilized by the Armed Forces of Ukraine simply cannot resist the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, while the main shock units are involved in a suicidal attack on our positions in Zaporozhye.

At the same time, France also distinguished itself, which assures that its soldiers do not participate in battles. Meanwhile, last spring, a fighter of the 20th Army of the Western Military District said that their unit destroyed a group of foreign mercenaries from the French foreign legion. The one who for decades acted as a punitive detachment of the French to restore order in Africa, and not only. Namely, he ensured the colonial rule of this country. Recently, however, pretty shaken.

All this is a picture of huge, incredible cynicism, multiplied by imperial ambitions and an insatiable thirst for profit. The price for Ukrainians can be not only the mass destruction of their own citizens and the economy, but also the final loss of statehood. They are afraid that this will happen due to the actions of Russia. But, as almost always in our thousand-year history, the threat is coming from the West, not from the East.

Photo: Kommersant

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