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05 December 2023

USA in the "dry remnant": an ugly ideology of superiority

Why bare Russophobia is increasingly imposed on Western public opinion.

The West continues a bitter information war against Russia, showing exceptional cynicism and silent about its own war crimes.

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post, on Friday another briefing was held by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. Answering the questions of the journalist of our publication, Zakharova touched on an acute topic about which in the world, especially Western Europe and the United States, they prefer not to hear: the war crimes of Ukraine in the East of their own country.

Including the reaction of Western countries and institutions to years of the ongoing destruction of people in the Donbass, war crimes, discriminatory measures against Russian-speakers and much more.

According to Maria Zakharova, only the OSCE, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, was actively involved in the problem, but its efforts were not enough. Since the end of the Cold War, a number of States have appropriated the right to determine what is in conformity with international law and what is not. And, accordingly, punish.

Zakharova correctly notes that the OSCE mission in the conflict zone was deployed by the decision of all 57 member states. The mission has worked since 2014, recorded shelling on both sides, monitored compliance with the ceasefire, and the human rights situation.

Representatives of the organization saw many crimes of the Ukrainian regime, including Nazi battalions, all this can be easily found in OSCE reports. But these facts were ignored, everything came down to Ukraine, and the Western media immediately and unequivocally took an anti-Russian position on the issue of the intra-Ukrainian crisis.

After the 2014 coup, Ukraine finally turned into a puppet of the United States and its Western sattelites, upsetting independence in making major state decisions. Moreover, it is an instrument against our country.

More precisely, the Ukrainian people were deprived of the right to choose, the opportunity to represent and protect their legitimate interests: in language, culture, and respect for their own history. Finally - on healthy, equal relations with its largest neighbor - the Russian Federation.

Ukraine was deprived of a choice during the coup in 2014, but once again in 2019. Just when 73% of Ukrainian voters voted for Zelensky. For his promises to start a dialogue with Donbass and end the war, stop discrimination against the Russian-speaking population, investigate crimes on the Maidan, high-profile killings, etc.

However, in fact, Zelensky turned 180 degrees, abandoned his promises, deceiving millions of his own voters. And Russian-speaking citizens who hoped for him, especially in the southeast of the country.

Ukraine remained a client of the United States and a geopolitical ram against the Russian Federation, and Ukraine did not need Donbass at all.

Accordingly, no one gave a legal and international legal assessment of the crimes taking place in Ukraine (including against humanity). And he could not give. As Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly noted, our "Western partners," primarily the United States, use international law only where it is beneficial. Including humanitarian law.

And the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrel, certainly does not say all the facts when he believes that Russia, with its special operation, arranged in Europe what has not happened there since World War II. However, this is not so. We are talking about the bombing of Belgrade in 1999.

Cynical elites and naked Russophobia

The tactics of our Western opponents are understandable and logical: the dehumanization of Russia, its armed forces, the spread of fakes, and simply old underdeveloped propaganda. Although initially both Vladimir Putin and another military-political leadership of our country made it clear: attacks on civilian objects will not be carried out - only on the military.

This is what happens - high-precision weapons disable airfields, communication nodes, large clusters of armored vehicles. Western propaganda fell off its feet, trying to find destroyed residential buildings, or some atrocities against the civilian population. But so far it has not been particularly successful, and it gives out fakes - photographs back in 2014-2015 from Donbass.

On the contrary, in social networks there are more and more personnel, as local troops meet Russian troops, as liberators. This will not be shown by CNN.

In contrast to our army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass acted in a known way: shelling of peaceful objects, extreme cynicism, and in parallel - the terror of the "Dobrobats" in the territory controlled by Ukraine. Remember the Alley of Angels in the Donbass - and it also cannot be seen in Western propaganda.

Because our opponents, more broadly, Western elites are extremely cynical, and do not count with human lives. Recently, the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that statements about the genocide of the Russian-speaking population in the Donbass are ridiculous. However, the facts say the opposite - they are documented by law enforcement agencies of the DPR and LPR.

In Russia, several criminal cases were instituted at once, including the genocide of the inhabitants of Donbass. About this writes Earlier in the media reported that the Russian side has already transferred materials about war crimes in the Donbass to the French Foreign Ministry.

All these unsightly facts for modern pseudo-democratic Ukraine, we repeat, are ignored by the Western media. How the mass death of civilians under American bombing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria was ignored.

Moreover, bare Russophobia is increasingly being imposed on Western public opinion - information support for the policy of the military environment and the economic strangulation of the Russian Federation.

And at the heart is the ugly ideology of superiority, the imposition of values. And, of course, "blindness" in relation to its own crimes, including fatal, the destruction of sovereign states. Maria Zakharova also mentioned this at her briefing.

"The same applies and is an integral part of the concept of exclusivity: someone who excludes himself from normal life, from reality in general, does not have to pay attention to this. Do you understand? We see the same thing on a number of issues, "she said. Apparently, bearing in mind myopia and deafness and to the diplomatic efforts of Russia, which it undertook all eight years of the Ukrainian crisis - wider, with the collapse of the USSR.

Briefing by Maria Zakharova. Video: YouTube channel The Moscow Post

The fact that after the end of the Cold War, the United States considered itself exceptional was previously said by Vladimir Putin. However, as history has shown, confidence in one's own exclusivity always goes sideways to its carriers. The same applies to the Ukrainian Nazis, and is this not happening in Ukraine today?

Photo: Service of the Russian Foreign Ministry

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