Ukraine in search of a new "Buchi"

Trying to return the former level of support, Ukraine is trying to create a new "Bucha", but the world is already tired of Kyiv "performances".


Trying to return the former level of support, Ukraine is trying to create a new "Bucha", but the world is already tired of Kyiv "performances".

On the eve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a massive missile strike with high-precision long-range weapons at military facilities and airfields of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Some of the targets were hit in Kyiv. Presumably, several military factories could have been hit, incl. the plant "Artem", located in urban development.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Despite the assurances of Ukrainian propagandists, the capital was practically powerless against Russian weapons.

Apparently, part of the western air defense systems could be transferred under the airfields to which F-16 aircraft are expected to arrive. Despite this, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, all targets were hit.

However, air defense worked in the city, and, as often happens with the Kyiv regime, not in favor of Kyiv. Immediately after the completion of the attack, Kyiv announced the defeat of the Okhmatdet children's hospital in the city center. However, as it soon became clear, there were no victims among the children. But a video of the strike appeared: it shows, presumably, a missile from the western NASAMS air defense complex. And the blow itself fell not on the hospital, but on the building standing nearby.

Soon there were footage of the flight of Russian missiles - they are clearly unlike the one that hit the building next to the hospital. Thus, it can be assumed that the "attack on the hospital" is the result of the actions of the Ukrainian air defense.

This happens almost regularly in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Let us recall the situation when a Ukrainian air defense missile hit a residential building in the Dnieper, which they tried to pass off as a Russian strike. Then the former adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich (recognized as a foreign agent, terrorist and extremist in the Russian Federation) spoke about the real origin of the missile. Then he was subjected to real persecution, was fired, and then came under criminal prosecution in Ukraine.

Recall that it was after the provocation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bucha that the Kyiv regime managed to enlist the support of many Western countries - including arms and finance. Then all this was presented almost as a genocide of the people - but two years later Kyiv did not even bother to publish the lists of the "dead". Not to mention conducting a real investigation, what happened.

The current missile strike caught Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Poland, where he was signing another "security agreement". Zelensky immediately announced the alleged crime on the Russian side. The adviser to the president's office, Mikhail Podolyak, also spoke out, who called the blow to the hospital allegedly targeted. If so, where are the victims?

And we recall that just recently, Mr. Podolyak commented on the missile strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the beach in Crimea. Then he argued that there could be no civilians in Crimea, all its inhabitants are "civilian occupiers".

Now all the media and political forces of the Kyiv regime and its patrons in the West are trying to inflate the new Bucha from the Ukrainian attack on the hospital. I.e. cause the effect of maximum shock in the West in order to "knock out" new supplies of weapons and funding for it.

Ukraine has already requested a meeting of the UN Security Council about the recent attack. It was supported by a number of Western countries, including France. But today another significant event starts - the anniversary, 75th summit of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). And just under the marmot of this event, Kyiv propagandists are struggling to rock the new media "Bucha".

Although even before the start of the event, Alliance officials unequivocally stated that one should not expect an invitation to it for Ukraine at the summit.

US President Joe Biden will receive NATO leaders in the American capital. But partners, who, according to Western media, are less and less believing in his victory in the upcoming presidential elections, are going to negotiate based on the likelihood of Republican Donald Trump returning to the White House. Therefore, the starting summit will be a kind of preparation for a possible change of power in Washington and a strategic discussion on how to secure the alliance and its goals for the next four years of Mr. Trump's likely rule.

In other words, NATO, despite the conflict with Russia, is not quite up to Ukraine, a "shift change" is ahead, and, possibly, a large-scale audit of all NATO activities. Donald Trump does not plan to dissolve NATO, contrary to gossip, but the main burden of financing military spending, in his opinion, should fall on Europe. This is nothing good for Ukraine.

What do we see at the end of the first day of media hysteria after the last missile attack of the RF Armed Forces? That this tactic of presenting yourself as a victim is working worse. Firstly, the new "Buchi", as the Kyiv regime did not try to "draw" it, did not happen. And secondly, against the background of ongoing conflicts, including the war in the Gaza Strip, such stuffing (as well as the real death of people) is no longer perceived so sharply - it is more and more difficult to knock out money, weapons and a new portion of sympathy for them in Western capitals.