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07 June 2023

Torture of Egyptians in Libya video may lead to a tough military response from Egypt

Egyptian workers who came to work in the Libyan city of Tarhuna, when it was controlled by the LNA, were detained after the capture of the city by groups controlled by the Government of National Accord (GNA) of Libya.

Later, users of Arab social networks saw footage of the torture of Egyptians. They are being tortured and humiliated, for example, being ordered to pronounce obscene language on video. Egypt is aware of the situation.

The press office of the Egyptian Ministry of  Foreign Affairs monitors the situation with workers who became captives of the GNA militants. An investigation is being conducted in order to determine the circumstances of the incident.

Military expert Boris Rozhin noted the tendency of the GNA to use the methods of terrorists - to hold captives in order to achieve their goals. He supposed that: "This story is most likely thrown into the media field to pressure Egypt, which openly states that if Turkey continues its policy of intervention in Libya, Egypt will intervene in the situation. The plan [to capture workers] is most likely agreed with the GNA authorities, possibly with Turkey, exactly as a means of pressure on Egypt."

As the expert says, holding captives is a rather unpleasant topic for Egypt, because at one time, ISIS (a terrorist organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) massively killed Egyptian workers in Libya and filmed it. That is why Egypt sees such situations as a threat. Tough military actions from the Egyptians in case of prolonging the story with the workers should not be excluded.

The city of Tarhuna is currently under the control of the GNA terrorists. The settlement was being shelled by militants for a long time, at some point the LNA managed to withdraw the fighting outside the city.

This was done to secure residential areas, but, despite this fact, Tarhuna was captured by terrorists who organized lawlessness and looting. Local residents escaped from their native places, receiving protection from LNA. Tarhuna is now in a poor condition: everything has been looted, prisons and police stations are in fire, buildings are being destroyed.

It should be recalled that a mass grave was also revealed in the city. In 2015, civilians killed by militants were buried there. At that time, groups related to the terrorist operation "Libya Dawn" were rampaging in Tarhuna.

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