To NUYaB reached that it is better to agree

At last press conference of Vladimir Putin the Russian leader quite strictly let know about security guarantees for Russia.


At last press conference of Vladimir Putin the Russian leader quite strictly let know about security guarantees for Russia.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports, many experts saw in similar statements a certain harbinger of possible future summit of the Russian and American leaders.

And indeed, shortly before it the Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov reported that he doesn't exclude holding the second video summit of Presidents of Russia and the USA until the end of December that the Kremlin is interested in negotiations for discussion of security guarantees that the USA confirms readiness for negotiations. But it shouldn't turn into a negotiation marathon.

It seems, to them, at last, reached! To be more exact, Vladimir Putin brought to American slowcoaches that nato-jokes it is time to stop and deactivate fruits of what Victoria Nuland in 2014 seeded together with euro-guarantors of negotiations of Yanukovych with opposition on recovery from the crisis of "Euromaidan".

Moscow decided to bring round the White House by means of drafts of two documents. "The contract between the Russian Federation and the USA on security guarantees" and "The agreement on security measures of the Russian Federation and NATO member states" was transferred to the Assistant US Secretary of State Karen Donfrid.

The Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov in an interview to NTV television channel noticed that so turbulent situation on the international scene wasn't many decades.

So far Blinken was busy with "democracies"

What indicates what "reached"? First, the American Secretary of State, and in combination "the priest in the temple of democracy", agreed that "dialogue on strategic stability" is necessary. To Anthony Blinken, as to the favourite and Joe Biden's pupil, not easy to recognize correctness of Jake Sullivan conducting negotiations with the secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolay Patrushev.

Blinken estimated value of dialogue on strategic stability, publicly recognized it, answering questions of journalists in State Department. He cited the president-mentor's words that "there is much the best way" in the relations with Russia … "it is diplomacy, and we intend to participate in it if it is made also by Russia". He cited not only the video summit of Presidents of Russia and the USA, but also telephone negotiations of their assistants Yury Ushakov and Jake Sullivan as an example.

Others thought of nuclear safety

In Washington, signs that not only State Department and specialists Sovietologists are anxious with safety of the USA appeared. The Ministry of Energy it is ready to render "technical assistance" to the White House too to agree with Moscow in the sphere of arms control. And the National Administration of Nuclear Safety (NANS) just reported about this Ministry of Energy of the USA in the annual report.

NUYaB, also, as well as Russia, is anxious with distribution of nuclear weapon. And problems of Iran and the DPRK are still not got moving forward, demand participation of Moscow. NUYaB are other people, they have other agenda far from hysterics concerning human rights and bad dreams concerning desire of the Kremlin "to recreate the USSR".

These "other" Americans note that the Ministry of Energy of the USA and NUYaB support "consultations and implementation of contracts on arms control" that we intend "to support efforts of the U.S. Government on development of new arrangements on arms control and initiatives of strategic dialogue with Russia and, perhaps, other countries". It is possible even to guess what "other countries" mean except already called Iran and the DPRK. Indirectly admits the document that strengthening of strategic stability is necessary both with Russia, and with China, and with other countries.

Dangers of "negotiation marathon"

But conditional opposition of approaches of Blinken and Sullivan continues. On the party of the Secretary of State a considerable part of Europe, including euro-neophytes and the secretariat of NATO, military-political dependents like Stoltenberg and also OSCE. It is impossible to forget also polyphony of media which support by chorus the Blinkena line.

To the Secretary of State, to save face it is extremely necessary to defend the line on discussing the relations with Moscow "on the Cossack circle" with allies. It helps him to rely on indirect support of Europe and congressmen, including the republican senators repeating forecasts and scenarios of "invasion to Ukraine".

There is more. Each new direct contact of Joe Biden with Vladimir Putin goes to Sullivan's "moneybox". For this reason, answering questions of journalists in State Department on whether the new Russian-American summit will be held in the nearest future, Blinken answers categorically: "There are no such plans".

Also adds that the USA "works with Russia and partners in Europe in a situation around Ukraine in all directions". A question of whether this will lead "the diplomatic line" to one more meeting between presidents, it "leaves on at times"! For the Secretary of State dialogue on strategic stability, is what "is already adjusted" between Russia, the USA, NATO and OSCE, and on "a situation in Ukraine".

And meanwhile, in Moscow

Recently the head of state reminded that Russia is ready to take military and technical measures in case of approach of NATO to the borders. "In case of continuation of obviously aggressive line of the western colleagues we will undertake adequate military and technical measures, strictly to react to unfriendly steps", - the head of state told.

Russia has full authority for the actions designed to ensure safety and sovereignty of the country. The president specified again that if infrastructure of NATO appears in the territory of Ukraine, then "the factor of arrival time" will be reduced to a limit seven-ten minutes, for hypersonic weapon — up to five minutes that will become the most serious call.

Speaking about actions of the West which were taken for the last more than twenty years, Vladimir Putin said that Moscow won't wait when that begins "to chatter" offers, will demand prompt reply. "There is also a danger that an attempt to chatter, ship all our offers in some swamp will be made, and, using this pause to do that they want... Such succession of events, of course, won't suit us" — the president told. Also I emphasized that Russia against bloodshed and wants to resolve issues by political and diplomatic means therefore hopes to receive from the USA clear and irrefragable answer on offers on security guarantees.

So far they arm

Meanwhile, many say that the USA increases the advanced military presence at the western Russian borders where on a rotational basis the American divisions with a total number about eight thousand military personnel are placed.

In the territory of Germany the command of fire defeat on TVD is recreated. Till 1991 it was responsible for use of medium-range missiles. The "mnogosferny" crew which it is planned to be armed with various systems of shock missile weapon is created.

In Poland the infrastructure for accommodation of armored brigade of the USA is created, creation of the antimissile complex "Igies Eshor" comes to the end. In Romania on a similar object of the missile defense there is already an alert. For control of communications in Northern Atlantic and the Arctic the joint command of OVS NATO is created.

The USA and NATO purposefully increases scales and intensity of actions of training of troops near Russia, including strategic aircraft, conditional launches of nuclear missiles on objects in the Russian Federation. The number of flights at the Russian borders grew more than twice. NATO pays special attention to questions of shift of troops on east flank of alliance, including from a continental part of the USA.

Military territory development of Ukraine by the countries of NATO, measure for involvement of AFU in military activity of alliance, delivery of the USA and their allies of helicopters, shock unmanned aerial vehicles, ПТУРов continues. The number of firings by the Ukrainian military personnel of the peaceful Quarters of Donbass and positions of national militia of the Luhansk and Donetsk people's republics doesn't decrease (LPR and the DPR).

And on Donbass

It became known that AFU organized in a zone of conducting military operation in Donbass fighting firing practice with use of the anti-tank Javelin complexes. According to messages, such launchers there are more than 100. The national militia of the DPR also possesses information on deliveries to Ukraine from the USA of the substance botulotoxin causing botulism, antidote for him.

Botulism results from poisoning with toxins of bacteria of botulism and characterized by severe damage of nervous system. To Mariupol the container weighing about 300 kg in which "there was a fighting toxic agent", applied in the form of aerosol was delivered and transported to the Kharkiv region. To Avdeyevka and Krasnyi Lyman, tanks with chemical components of unknown appointment are delivered.

To chatter they the master

The U.S. State Department is expected that negotiations will begin in 2022, not earlier. As approves Washington, "on a bilateral basis, through Council Russia - NATO and OSCE". As Blinken thinks, "early enough next year you will see interaction in all these spheres to understand whether we can move ahead by diplomacy on the questions causing disagreements".

Expression "by diplomacy" deserves attention. The chief euro-diplomat Zhozep Borel said that the EU has to be the negotiator on development of the legal safeguards of safety in the Euro-Atlantic region offered by Russia too.

According to him, "the EU will interact both with the USA, and with NATO to provide representation of the interests in any possible discussion with Russia concerning the European safety".

Borel remembered that "real discussion of safety issues in Europe has to be based on obligations within OSCE and the UN which are true pillars of architecture of the European safety".

According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council should be organized in early 2022. "We are ready to conduct a dialogue," he said, recently interrupting this dialogue by expelling Russian diplomats. Today he has nothing left but to tell reporters that the countries of Europe are free to "choose their own path of development on their own." And if there was no breakdown in relations, I could call Moscow.

Meanwhile, Olaf Scholz, the new federal chancellor of Germany and French President Emmanuel Macron, contacted the Kremlin. Both of these countries in 2014 were guarantors of the process of resolving the civil conflict on the Maidan, participants in the "Norman format."

Vladimir Putin informed colleagues about Russian proposals for long-term, legally enshrined security guarantees that exclude any further advance of NATO to the east, as well as the deployment of strike weapons systems in neighboring countries with Russia.

The problematic situation in the settlement of the intra-Ukrainian conflict was discussed, caused by Kiev's unwillingness to fulfill the Minsk agreements. The President of Russia emphasized that the possibility of holding a summit in the "Norman format" also depends on the concrete steps of the Kiev authorities to implement the Minsk "Set of Measures."

After that, Berlin said that it was ready for any negotiations with Russia in order to de-escalate the current situation around Ukraine. The official representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers, Steffen Hebestrait, also said that "negotiations with NATO countries on Moscow's proposals on security guarantees can take place not at the highest, but at an expert level." Maybe he already had time to call from the US State Department?


The US authorities consider the presence of diplomatic cooperation between Washington and Moscow a good sign, they expect it to continue. This was announced on Wednesday at a regular briefing for journalists by White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki. Dmitry Peskov, answering a question from journalists about whether Russia is ready to adjust its proposals on security guarantees, replied carefully: "There are fundamental points related to processes that threaten Russia's security."

Right Dmitry Peskov. Such a turbulent situation in the international arena has not been for many decades.