There was probably a hole...

Who is behind the explosions on Nord Stream


Who is behind the explosions on Nord Stream

Powerful explosions thundered at sites in the Danish and Swedish waters of the Baltic Sea. They were recorded by seismologists in both of these countries. Everything could be seen with your own eyes: gas leaks created giant 100-meter bubbles, gas caused disturbances on the surface with a diameter of up to a kilometer. (Although gas pipelines were not used, they contained hundreds of millions of cubes of process gas).

There is no doubt that this is a sabotage. There have never been examples of such accidents on underwater gas pipelines with a diameter of 1.420 mm, but so that two at once are synchronous... And if at first the officials talked about it with omissions, with reservations, they say, a hole probably appeared on the pipe, then very quickly... Very quickly, this fact had to be publicly recognized by everyone.

No one doubts how it was committed either: either specially trained divers attached explosives in three places on pipes, or they were hit from a submarine, or launched naval drones. In general, only the state could violate the inviolability of cross-border energy infrastructure in the very center of Europe!

And there is no doubt who arranged this sabotage. And to whom is the direct benefit?

They call both Ukraine and the United States. Immediately recalling the direct threat of US President Joe Biden back in February:

-... then "Nord Stream-2" will no longer be! I promise we can do it!

Now the United States will definitely fill its pockets on the sale of its expensive liquefied gas. Nord Stream 2 was like a stake in their throat for them. He could earn back in December 2021 and provide Europeans with 55 billion cubic meters of gas a year, plus 55 billion, which came through Nord Stream-1. But it was the United States that forced the EU leadership to stop the "flows," various sanctions were imposed. And the European Commission agreed to a slow and painful suicide! It's totally dependent on Washington... And Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stood to the last: if this is a sabotage, then this clearly does not meet anyone's interests.

If she did not answer, she would not have been blown up!

And gas prices have already jumped above $2 thousand per barrel.

However, there were immediately figures who accused of destroying Russian gas pipelines... Russia! The deputy foreign minister of Poland announced: we can talk about a Russian provocation. " Well, this is so, the words on duty, it was supposed to be said, and they said.

But the MEP Radoslav Sikorsky, and in the post first the head of the Ministry of Defense, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland (and this having a British passport!) Could not hide his sincere joy! And he publicly thanked the United States for the destruction of Nord Stream: "Thank you, America!"

He publicly admitted that the United States committed a terrorist act that strikes Russia, but above all - on the residents of the European Union! By the way, Chinese analysts believe that Poland could also participate in this: these are sabotage of Poland and the United States, but the British are unlikely to stand aside...

Now no one will dare to say how much the repair of gas pipelines can take. Maybe a year, and two, and three... And how much it will cost. This is plus to the fact that Gazprom and European partners have already spent about $17 billion on them.

In 2013, a gas pipeline connecting mainland China and Hong Kong was damaged in the South China Sea. It took more than 4 years to repair!

Photo: Reuters