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09 December 2023

The Uman question spoiled them: Ukraine quarreled with Israel

Volodymyr Zelenskyy "interrogated" weapons before an acute conflict with Israel, which is in no hurry to supply the Nazi battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy so obsessively begged for weapons from Israel that he spoiled relations with this country. Yes, he did not just spoil - it came to direct threats not to let the Hussid Jews into Uman to celebrate the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah. And this is at least 30 thousand pilgrims.

What became the stumbling block in relations between the two countries-allies of the West, the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

The day before, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that he had heard reports on the treatment of Ukrainian emigrants in different countries. The managers responsible for these issues were assigned the appropriate tasks. The fulfillment of the right of Ukrainian citizens should be guaranteed, "he said. Ukrainian Ambassador Yevgeny Korniychuk clarified that these words relate to Israel.

Earlier, Korneychuk said that Israel expels every tenth Ukrainian arriving at Ben Gurion airport. Allegedly, Ukrainian citizens complained about diplomats. At the same time, Israeli Interior Minister Moshe Arbel categorically denied these accusations.

Now in Ukraine they complain - we, they say, are ready to accept thousands of pilgrims to Uman, with the most difficult logistics and security issues. And our citizens, they say, are humiliated.

In fact, this is a consequence of the tension that arose between Ukraine and Israel during the SVO. And it concerns, first of all, the refusal of Tel Aviv, then too active support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine - despite the fact that such support is provided. Already, the fact that Ukrainian soldiers with Nazi tattoos are being treated in Israel caused a wave of condemnation in the country itself, and even more so in Russia.

Did not give on the "dome"

Since the beginning of the Russian military-military organization for the protection of Donbass, Israel has faced criticism from all sides. Russia criticized Israel for not sufficiently condemning the revival of Nazism in Ukraine, the West and Ukraine for "passive" support for Kyiv and maintaining close contacts with Russia.

Meanwhile, for Israel, this is also a matter of national security. Its forces operate in Syria, pilots fly in the range of Russian air defense systems. Not to mention the obvious things - a huge diaspora of immigrants from Russia lives in this country, which opposes the active support of the Zelensky regime. However, there is a considerable diaspora and Ukrainians.

In many ways, Tel Aviv's fears relate to Moscow's military cooperation with Iran. The latter is a principled enemy of Israel, and falling into its hands (or into the hands of Palestinian militants) of Israeli weapons can cause enormous harm to the security of this country. This, for example, is connected with the refusal to supply Ukraine with the Iron Dome air defense system. And if earlier they tried to "move out" on the fact that this is a supposedly outdated system, now they say directly - it will be in the hands of Israel's enemies.

Earlier, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said that his country "morally" supports Ukraine, but cannot but take into account the influence of Russia in the Middle East. He also said that Jerusalem stands for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The demands of Ukraine and its Western patrons were so intrusive that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to comment on the situation. And not just to comment, but on the pages of The Wall Street Journal - in the first place, it was a message to the American democratic elites who pressed Israel.

Netanyahu only once again stressed that the Iron Dome, once in Ukraine, will sooner or later be in the hands of Syria or Iran. Earlier, both the Russian Defense Ministry and Western sources have repeatedly talked about how the Russian army is seizing the latest weapons transferred to Ukraine. Counting combat vehicles, tanks, drones, electronic warfare systems and even Storm Shadow missiles.

They have no place in Ramstein

At the same time, Israel from the very beginning is included in the international contact group in the defense of Ukraine, the so-called. "Ramstein format" and has insider information about its activities. Against the background of Tel Aviv's refusals, all this greatly annoys the team of Volodymyr Zelensky and their sponsors.

Tension reached boiling point in August 2023. The media learned that Ukraine will ask to exclude Israel from the contact group on defense issues because of its "unfriendly actions against Ukraine and a pro-Russian position in the international arena."

It is noteworthy that this insider came from the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), headed by Aleksey Danilov, a former Lugansk criminal authority who is considered one of the most odious figures of the Kyiv regime.

The NSDC said that the Israeli authorities did not provide any real assistance, but instead use the information obtained during the Ramstein meetings to their advantage.

In any case, this is a serious scandal that shows the lack of real unity in the bloc of Western states on the issue of confronting Russia and supporting Ukraine. But there is also a personal dimension. In Kyiv and Washington, the myth that Russia allegedly wanted to kill Zelensky, but he bravely and bravely looks into the eyes of danger.

In fact, it's a ludicrous lie that former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has debunked. After the premiership, he spoke about a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he said that he intended to physically eliminate Zelensky. And, according to Bennett, even gave the floor.

Operation of the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system. Photo:

After that, Bennett called Zelensky in Kyiv, who at that time was in a deep government bunker. And after clarifications "did Putin promise not to kill," Vladimir Alexandrovich finally rose to the light, and recorded another "vidosik" from his own office - here, they say, I am not afraid of Putin!

It all looked comical. And Bennett's words pretty spoiled the image of an unbending Ukrainian leader. Well, actors are vulnerable people. Apparently, in this case, the Kyiv cabal of emotions and personal ambitions once again prevailed over state interests.

Photo: Sputnik Belarus

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