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03 March 2024

The two clowns everyone is tired of

US President Joe Biden invited his colleague Volodymyr Zelensky to the White House.

In the literal sense of the word, the "dear" guest was promised a speech to the senators. One of them, from Ohio State, called this event, scheduled for December 12, shameful, according to a correspondent for The Moscow Post.

There is enough "shame" on these pre-holiday days in Washington. Everything is not New Year's, certainly not Christian, from the word at all. The second Catholic in the Oval Office of the White House in the history of the United States can be removed from power. At least in the House of Representatives, Congress will talk about impeachment.

Lawmakers will have to decide whether to continue proceedings in the sensational case of Biden's use of his influence for selfish purposes. The Republicans' main charge is that the president allegedly lied to the American public when he said he did not know about the business deals of his son Hunter and other members of his family.

What is not the plot for Hollywood? It would be cleaner than "House of Cards." All this is to be done on December 13th. It's good that on Wednesday, not Friday! But Russia is not ignored in this "case" of family corruption.

"Ahead of them looms the prospect of impeachment (which is unlikely) and losing the election (which is highly likely). Hence the boorish blackmail, continuous hysteria and wild hints against us, "wrote Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, on the Telegram channel, commenting on the policy of the current US administration.

To be or not to be?

A decision on whether or not to impeach will be made in early 2024. House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer will need to have a series of conversations before the end of 2023 with those who may have related to Joe Biden's alleged involvement in his relatives' business.

The list of those who can be summoned to Congress includes the name of Hunter Biden. Hunter himself has not yet made a decision to testify at the impeachment hearings. The lawyer signaled his willingness to testify at a public hearing before a congressional committee. But Comer, who chairs the committee, said it would not replace closed-door hearings.

"Impeachment puts both Biden and his people in a really difficult position," the unnamed Republican lawmaker pointed out in an interview with Politico. The paper also believes not investigating would be a "defeat" for Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson.

But there is also "good" news

It would seem that there is no way out, and the fight is serious. Although for half of Americans who support former Ukraine, there is other news. "Zelensky's third visit to Washington since the beginning of the crisis reflects the existential need for Ukraine to maintain the flow of weapons from the United States," said The Wall Street Journal.

Zelenskiy held meetings with all legislative leaders, including Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, with House Speaker Johnson limiting himself only to an official photo with Zelenskiy from a closed-door meeting, avoiding joint photos outside of it.

In the White House, Zelensky will talk about "the results of next year based on the achievements of this." The Armed Forces of Ukraine will need fighters, drones, electronic warfare systems and many air defense systems, according to media reports. Maybe that's why Zelensky first met with Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Charles Brown.

Austin promised to help keep Russia in check. True, he said that there will be no new significant injections yet. But happiness is not only in Abrams, support is important. Austin recalled, "The United States is the most powerful country on Earth." We can walk, chew gum, or chew gum, walk wherever we wish. He said this, speaking at a forum on national defense.

The most curious thing is that in this speech the minister only once remembered NATO. Earlier, in July, he assured Kyiv that Ukraine would join NATO at the end of the conflict. For this, reforms are needed, - he said, but did not name the timing of admission to NATO.

Maybe Austin guessed what, he says a role of NATO, and all "lodge" about aggression of Russia in Ukraine will collapse? The issue of expansion of NATO at the expense of Ukraine was in the center of requirements of Moscow for "security guarantees", made to Washington two years ago in December.

Not all predecessors of Austin on a post of the Minister of Defence approved policy of expansion of NATO. Among objecting there was William Perry, the Minister of Defence at Bill Clinton from 1994 to 1997. Some American military analysts weren't fans of advance of borders of NATO to the East too. Said that it will cause complications for the USA. So it also happened.

In Washington, since February, 2022, weren't tired to repeat what the USA isn't party of the conflict in Ukraine. In August, 2022, during the visit to Latvia Austin assured that NATO doesn't look for confrontation with Russia and doesn't pose for her a threat. In October of the same year the general claimed at a press conference in Brussels that she won't be involved by NATO in the conflict in Ukraine.

The United States interfered

But everything changes. Kontrnastup of AFU on which counted both in the Pentagon, and in the White House gave nothing, apart from new cemeteries. Washington doesn't intend to take the responsibility. But a new strategy should be developed. For this purpose the lieutenant general Antonio Aguto goes to Kiev. He will be able to give to command of AFU "detailed advice" as hope in Washington.

In other words, the White House Ukraine not to leave ready. Kiev will be recustomized on defense. But problems became more, Gaza was added to Ukraine. The USA, covering the ally, vetoed the requirement of the Security council about immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

Ukraine was almost the center of internal political fights in the USA. According to Johnson, the U.S. Administration "didn't take any steps" for the solution of a question of ensuring control over the southern border of the country and treats him insufficiently seriously. At the same time, the speaker of the House of Representatives noted, "The White House requests billions" to the aid of Kiev.

Lindsay Graham's senator-russophob (State of South Carolina republican) considers that representatives of Democratic party in the U. S. Congress use Zelensky for interparty fight, reported the The Hill newspaper.

Max Bergmann, the expert from Washington, noted, commenting on the Ukrainian crisis: "Usually American foreign policy <…> is separated from internal political struggle. But not in this case". The White House Kiev unaided not to leave ready, but also with guarantee can't receive money. Only 200 billion dollars of a new package. From here, increase in rates, blackmail, even threats of direct participation in the conflict.

"Having faced threat to peace and stability around the world, to democratic values which we value, freedom, we made that we always did: The United States interfered. And I am proud of the fact that our allies and partners acted together with us", - Austin said, referring to the commander-in-chief and changing the former estimates. Biden warned: "If Putin takes Ukraine, he won't be satisfied with what has already been achieved. <…> He will continue to go, and then will attack the ally on NATO".

They "have no opportunity to sit out aside"

Then specification that Ukraine means to the USA followed. First, according to Austin, SVO "represents direct threat to security in Europe and beyond her limits". Secondly, SVO – "is an obvious call to allies on NATO". Thirdly, it "an attack on our general values of democracy" and also "is frontal attack on the international order based on rules".

"Therefore — Austin concluded — the result of this fight will define global safety for the decades ahead. <…> And we are still able to distribute forces, to fulfill the obligations and to direct resources to numerous battlefields", - the minister assured.

Afterwards the word was told by the Assistant to the President on national security Jake Sullivan: "Rates are too high, and consequences are too serious. <…> If we leave, and Putin will take Ukraine, he on it won't stop".

Also the admiral John Kirby was connected: "If Putin receives all Ukraine, then what? Then where he will go? If you think that now the price of support of Ukraine is high, simply present as far as she will be higher — not only in budget money, but also in the American blood — if he attacks one of our allies on NATO".

Further, the message about the hysterical statement of Austin in the Congress about which the journalist Tucker Carlson on the page in social network X reported followed (before Twitter): "At a confidential briefing in the House of Representatives the Minister of Defence said to congressmen that if they don't allocate more money for Zelensky, "We will direct your uncles, cousins and sons to be at war with Russia".

When you don't know for sure where to go, go or what to tell, it is necessary to cease to ruminate and brake, the general thought about himself. To him at the same time the airport of Kabul was remembered.

Photo: "InoSMI"

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