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07 June 2023

"The sensitivity suddenly joined": Maria Zakharova about a contribution of Germany to Ukrainian "Maidan"

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova spoke strangenesses of memory of political elite of Germany and her role in "Maidan" of Ukraine.

Today, February 16, another briefing of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova during which she answered questions of media took place.

The first question of the correspondent of The Moscow Post was asked without delay a visit to Russia of the federal chancellor of Germany Olaf Sholts.

— It would be desirable to know that our politicians and diplomats think of what Russia received in response to the decision not just to allow, and to help Germany to become uniform. What, in your opinion, was postponed in the heads of a political class of Germany? — the correspondent of The Moscow Post took an interest.

Maria Zakharova noted that the Russian diplomats see a trend which can't but surprise. In politological numbers of the country the thesis that the reunification of Germany became possible thanks to courage being eager for freedom and democracies of citizens of the GDR during "the peaceful revolution" of 1989 moves ahead. As well as "wise policy" Germany which gave them a helping hand. The role of the Soviet Union in ensuring the German unity is ignored or just leveled.

— It is for us strange because Soviet Union was that country which guaranteed association process. Not to know it and not to transfer it to future generations is a big historical mistake — Zakharova emphasized.

At the same time, according to her, in Germany the words of gratitude to the western partners, neighbors in Eastern Europe for support often sound. Though actually the role of Washington was another — in the late eighties their political figures were against association of two parts of Germany.

 In return the Russian Foreign Ministry tries to counteract historical amnesia, reminding that Soviet Union made a decisive contribution to the German unifying process. And without will of Russian government which rendered assistance in many directions no "peaceful revolution" would conceive desirable effect.

But besides introduced in the west of the point of view, there is also alternative, the diplomat noted. According to her, there was not an association, but absorption of the GDR from Germany 30 years ago. Requirements of Article 146 of the basic law of Germany which meant adoptions of the uniform constitution following the results of the reunification of Germany were completely ignored.

— Instead there was an automatic distribution of the West German political, economic, financial system on east part of the country. And the GDR was announced by the unlawful, dictatorial state. Everything that with it was connected, all positive, constructive and significant, including a contribution to historical reconciliation of our country with Germany — is buried in oblivion or a perversion in modern Germany — Maria Zakharova said.

The task of the Russian diplomats is to make so that there was no substitution of concepts and falsifications on this subject. The interpretation of events can be different.

The second question of the correspondent of The Moscow Post was asked throughout the first.

— There is an impression that practically right after association, in 1990, the first that began to do Bonn (and then and Berlin with assistance of Brussels) is to try to get into the former Soviet Union and to break away Ukraine from Russia. Germany almost managed it? — the correspondent of The Moscow Post took an interest.

Maria Zakharova noted that the conversation on this subject would be long, and noted that history remembers examples and positive interaction of Germany with the countries of the former Soviet Union. There were also examples of the unauthorized and wrong involvement into the policy of these states.

— For example, Ukrainian "Maidan" where the role of Germany and the political country leaders was huge, and all this led to real collapse, to tragic consequences for Ukraine. And Germany very actively proved in this direction — the diplomat reminded.

There were also other ambiguous examples. Germany declared itself as one of sponsors of settlement of the intra-Ukrainian conflict, being a part of "a Norman format". At the same time the country didn't realize the opportunities in this direction completely.

— Influence of Germany on the Kiev mode has to be the bigger. We remember how actively Germany behaved when it was necessary to operate in "the manual mode" revolutions. And here we see — the sensitivity suddenly joined. The modes are capable to change, and to force to execute arrangements — aren't capable — Maria Zakharova noted and reminded that in the world there are a lot of paints, except black and white therefore to misjudge a situation will be one-sided.

Photo: Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation/TASS

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