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09 December 2023

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow does not seek confrontation with the United States

Today there was another briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Traditionally, the correspondent of The Moscow Post asked his question.

Asia-Pacific region lived too peacefully, according to the West 

The first question of the journalist of our publication touched upon the topic of the AUKUS bloc and its influence on the non-proliferation regime and the fate of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

"What are your lawyers saying and can this be made the subject of an anti-American propaganda campaign? And is there any hope for the IAEA, taking into account the behavior of this organization in the situation with the ZPP? "- the correspondent asked.

Maria Zakharova pointed out that the Russian Foreign Ministry is closely monitoring the project, which is not just a military technological basis, but a block one - to form a "natocentric" structure in the region with far-reaching consequences for the stability and security of the entire Asia-Pacific region. In fact, this is a violation of the balance of power that has developed in the region, which provided stability.

Of great concern is the initial expansion of the AUKUS + structure. Among the most active interested in such a development of events are Japan, South Korea, New Zealand. This country in June 2022 launched a new "friends of NATO" mechanism, the so-called "Asia-Pacific Four." Representatives of Japan previously made public commitments to help NATO's irreversible entry into the Asia-Pacific region.

"We understand why Tokyo is doing it. The country is occupied, American bases are everywhere, any democratic component in the country is completely suppressed. They just voice what they are told, "Maria Zakharova said.

The diplomat also noted the plans of AUKUS to create pseudo-urban partnerships, allegedly for the sake of the well-being of certain zones of the Asia-Pacific region. All the same principles of confrontation and deterrence are laid in the foundation instead of the key tasks for the region for economic integration of non-conflict joint development.

There is a falsification of civil society, quasi-civil structures are being created that should be "gently accompanied" by tough force in the form of the spread of block ideas of the entire NATO and AUKUS.

The "AUKUS troika" is a backbone for various military-political tracks, which were specially "branded" for the concept of the so-called "Indo-Pacific region." We are talking about the so-called conferences, in which the heads of the general staff, commanders of the ground forces, heads of military intelligence participate.

It is noteworthy that among the participants in such formats, attempts are being made to introduce NATO representatives. The goals of the alliance in this case are obvious - to extend its influence to the region where it was traditionally not present.

This kind of effort works against the accumulated peaceful potential and positive in the region. Everything was based on the basis of stability and security around ASEAN.

"They lived too peacefully, from the point of view of the West," Maria Zakharova said.

Russia and China are closely monitoring Western actions in the Asia-Pacific region, including the promotion of AUKUS. The Russian Foreign Ministry considers it necessary to seek from AUKUS strict fulfillment of obligations on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, their delivery means, as well as to abandon any steps that destabilize the situation and affect the strategic balance.

Commenting on the construction of submarines for Australia within the framework of AUKUS, Maria Zakharova pointed out that the transfer of nuclear boats to the country should be accompanied by certain guarantees from the IAEA. The Russian Federation and China previously asked the West questions on this topic, but did not receive answers. So far, there is no clarity on how safeguards will be provided and whether IAEA inspectors will be able to have access to everything related to the "boat project."

The diplomat indicated that the Russian Federation had previously asked how AUKUS's actions relate to the Western environmental agenda. The country itself is considered a "green continent," but it is noted that after the appearance of its nuclear submarines, there is no potential for servicing them. How this will happen and be implemented is not yet clear not only to Russia, but also to all countries in the region.

Russia will seek an international investigation into Nord Stream

Another issue raised the topic of undermining the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline and possible participation in the investigation of Norway's emergency.

"This neighboring country is the undeniable leader in offshore underwater experience. It is part of NATO, competed with Gazprom for gas supplies to Europe, and finally spies with the United States on the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation. Maybe you should apply the well-known formula "highly likely" in a dialogue with this unfriendly neighbor on the issue of sabotage? They say that you can still stop shipping and selling cod in Norwegian ports? "- asked the journalist.

Maria Zakharova pointed out that the Russian Foreign Ministry had previously disseminated information about requests to countries that are involved in the investigation of the terrorist attack on the Russian gas pipeline. The materials were published in the media and the UN Security Council. In response, diplomats see numerous speculations on this topic.

Now the West is promoting a narrative that allegedly private Ukrainian companies committed sabotage.

"Is this nonsense, the deep-sea operation in the area of ​ ​ responsibility of NATO countries was carried out by a diving company? Who are these people? "- the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry asked a rhetorical question.

Diplomats will continue to demand an international investigation, seek truth, develop their own investigation and pay increased attention to this.

Any private company, according to the diplomat, could not carry out and carry out such a terrorist operation without the support of special services.

Russian Foreign Ministry controls the situation around the Kyiv-Pechora Lavra

The third question of the journalist The Moscow Post will touch upon the eviction of monks from the Kyiv-Pechora Lavra. Maria Zakharova clarified whether Russia is going to raise this issue in international organizations.

The diplomat pointed out that the Russian Federation has already done this, including in the UN and OSCE. In public space, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov sent letters to the head of the UN and the head of the OSCE, other diplomats also sent similar letters to many representatives of world diplomatic structures. Among them are the UN Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights, the OSCE Representative for Combating Racism, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and so on. Work in this direction is actively underway.

Russia knows how to defend its interests

The final question concerned the current topic of recent days - the American drone shot down over the Black Sea. The Russian Foreign Ministry was asked if there would be contacts with the US State Department on this incident.

Maria Zakharova recalled that Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov was summoned to the US State Department on March 14, where he rejected the insinuations of the American side and brought the position of the Russian side. The American drone confidently and provocatively moved towards the Russian border with the transponder turned off and violated the boundaries of the area of ​ ​ the temporary ban on the use of airspace, established for a special military operation. All stakeholders were informed.

On this issue, at the initiative of the American side, contacts between the defense ministers of the two countries, the chiefs of general staffs, were previously held, the Russian side also issued statements on this matter.

"It's important to leave communications open. We do not strive for confrontation, we advocate pragmatic cooperation in the interests of the peoples of our countries, but at the same time we know how to protect these interests, "Maria Zakharova summed up.

Photo: FederalPress

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