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02 October 2023

The Moldavian syndrome, or nobody, will leave anywhere

Despite desire of the Chisinau mode to squeeze out the Russian peacekeepers from Transnistria, the government of the self-proclaimed republic won't allow it.

The day before the Foreign Minister of Transnistria Vitaly Ignatov answered appeals of the Moldavian authorities to bring the Russian peacekeepers out of the unrecognized republic. According to him, peacekeepers will remain even in case of withdrawal of Moldova from the agreement on peaceful settlement of the conflict there.

Thus, the parties continue to raise rates while Moldova is pumped up by NATO weapon and seeks to suppress any dissent.

Details - in material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Ignatov's words sounded in response to statements of the president of Moldova Maya Sandu, made last year. Then she once again urged to bring the Russian peacekeepers. This statement was heard after the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe called the territory of Transnistria "occupied".

The MFA of Russia in reply called a formulation of PACE unacceptable, and reminded that peacekeepers are there on legal grounds, within the existing agreement on peaceful settlement.

However for a long time it is clear that in case of their conclusion in PMR the real slaughter - and absolutely precisely can begin that nobody will consider at the same time interests and to protect the rights of Chisinau of the Russian-speaking population, discordant with policy.

Certainly, offers to bring peacekeepers out of PMR sounded from Sandu not the first time. It put forward this thesis, was hardly elected the president in 2020, at the first press conference. In the same place she confirmed a course of the authorities of the country on the accession to the EU and NATO.

Since then there were many events, and first of all, the Special military operation on protection of Donbass began. In this context the Moldova continues to remain a point of geopolitical tension.

For the Chisinau authorities a problem were moods of a considerable part of society which cautiously looks at prospect to merge in ecstasy (to be absorbed) Romania - an obvious dream of Maya Sandu which has grazhdanstvy this country and pursues policy of active rumanisation of the Moldavian society.

The autonomous region Gagauzia which is considered pro-Russian and tries to counteract the line of the Moldavian leaders on absorption of the country of Romania remains a major issue for it.

Now in Gaguziya there take place elections of the head of the region - a bashkan. The first round of the winner didn't reveal. In the second left Grigory Uzun who is supported by the largest opposition party of socialists (PSRM) and the representative of batch of "Blinders" Evgenia Gutsul. For the authorities in Chisinau both are bad the fact that both support the normal relations with Russia and don't accept a question solution by force with Transnistria.

At the same time one of key figures of batch of "Blinders", her main sponsor, the Moldavian entrepreneur Ilan Shor is squeezed out from the country. Earlier in Moldova he was found guilty of fraud and money laundering. Pressure and upon other oligarch who tried to play the game of politics - Vladimir Plakhotnyuk is put.

This month the Constitutional court of Moldova at the request of the government will consider a question of a total ban of batch of "Blinders" because of her allegedly opaque financing.

In the Moldova many consider that put concerning them or are made out of thin air, or are used by the authorities of the country only for destruction of the opposition forces having a financial resource and capable to affect a political policy of the country.

Despite all attempts of president's team of Maya Sandu to stop actions of opposition to drive the country into the European Union and NATO, they weren't crowned with success. First of all, because such succession of events isn't accepted by a considerable part of the Moldavian society. As a result all last year we observed numerous protest actions against "rumanisation" of Moldova and the political repressions connected with it.

At the same time Maya Sandu understands that it is her main task, without her solution of support of the western curators, including, financial, it is possible to lose quickly. On the other hand, the serious pressure upon Moldova is put by Ukraine which authorities sleep and see destruction of PMR and access to the warehouses of ammunition located there.

The sense will pull - to open against Russia the second front in Transnistria to spray even more forces of the Russian army, to create the new center of military opposition. Other point of application of these efforts - Georgia, meanwhile failed. Without wishing to make an economic suicide, the authorities of Georgia didn't begin to impose sanctions against Russia. As a result, for the country closed the prospect of membership in the European Union.

It was assumed that Georgia could begin military operations to seize Abkhazia and South Ossetia in order to pull some of the Russian troops from Donbass. But there are no fools in Tbilisi - they remember the lessons of 2008 very well.

Fear as a Weapon

As a result, Ukraine, its allies in Moldova and NATO, are forced to use other means to destabilize the situation in the country. Namely, his favorite tactics of terrorist attacks, the destruction of disloyal leadership and the constant fear of new victims.

According to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Transnistria Vitaly Ignatov, over the past year, a whole series of terrorist attacks took place in Transnistria, and most of them were initiated by the Ukrainian side. Thus, this is not an internal, but an international conflict. There is no doubt that they will continue.

Simultaneously with the attempt to undermine the situation in the PMR, active rearmament according to NATO standards continues. Chisinau has already received armored vehicles. At the end of April, a new batch of Piranha armored vehicles entered the country. Now Moldova is waiting for artillery and helicopters.

At the same time, the European Union allocated another 40 million euros for the purchase of weapons. Chisinau is going to spend most of the tranche on the purchase of ground-based early warning radar, which will help control the country's airspace. The rest of the money will buy military vehicles, engineering equipment, communication equipment and software to protect against hacker attacks.

There is no doubt that this is far from the last, and far from the largest tranche for these purposes.

Defense spending this year will amount to $87 million, which is 50% more than in 2022. Maya Sandu explained that in the conditions of the Ukrainian conflict "it is not serious not to think about how to protect yourself." "Our army must be equipped with modern weapons in case it has to defend itself," she said. It's like someone is going to attack her.

In addition, the Moldovan armed forces participate in numerous international exercises with a clear anti-Russian background. So, at the end of March, a special forces unit, together with military personnel from Great Britain, Romania and the United States, participated in JCET-2023 maneuvers. At the end of April, Moldovan formations became participants in NATO exercises Defender-23, a total of 30 thousand troops from the United States and Europe were involved in them.

Anti-government protests with large participation of residents of Gagauzia have become a real problem for the administration of Maya Sandu. Photo:

Until Moldova finishes rearmament, it is unlikely that the Sandu administration will decide on a military version of resolving the issue with the PMR. That gives some time for a political settlement. The victorious completion of the SVO could also relieve tension, but this is still far away - now the whole world is waiting for the active actions of the Ukrainian side, which are about to begin.

Everyone, including their Western curators, doubts the success of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. But Kyiv has no other way out - society's expectations are greatly warmed up, and military, political and financial assistance from the West must be worked out. Such a kamikaze for himself, who sentenced himself to slaughter. It seems that the same role is being prepared for Moldova. In the most extreme case, if everything turns out to be a defeat, the Western regions will simply join Romania.

Photo: Izvestia

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