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09 December 2023

The Malyar, and her artist Zelensky "painted" the offensive

Trying to media block the successes of the Russians in Artemovsk, the Ukrainian army goes on a virtual "offensive," continuing to beg for handouts in the West.

Ukrainian propaganda with might and main talks about the alleged beginning of the offensive. For whom these "fairy tales" on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel "Rada" Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar is not clear. By an amazing coincidence, her speech coincided with the deterioration of the situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemovsk (Bakhmut), where the Russians liberated three more city quarters, and the city itself was blocked from the North and South.

The defense of Artemovsk is rapidly degrading, and the Ukrainian authorities, according to the old unkind tradition, continue to throw lies into public space, trying to translate the attention of residents from the brewing catastrophe at the front.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Anna Malyar is such a lightning rod, like the sweet-voiced ex-adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich. She is "taken out" in the most unpleasant situations for the Kyiv military, and she knocks down public tension with another "stuffing."

This time, everyone has heard such a publicized counteroffensive by Kyiv on the position of the Russians. This is demanded from President Zelensky by his own society, and Western partners demand the same. However, at the moment, the mountain has given birth to a mouse: talk of an offensive is going on, supposedly secret NATO documents about the state of the Ukrainian conflict fall into the network, in the Donbass, Russians liberate meter by meter of our land, and there is no counteroffensive and no.

Yesterday, April 19, adviser to the head of the DPR, Yan Gagin, said that Russian troops control "about 90% of the territory" of Artemovsk. In addition, all roads leading there are controlled by Russian artillery. It got to the point that Ukrainians are forced to undermine a number of high-rise buildings during the retreat.

The result is the same - the defense of Bakhmut shrinks every day, the situation may turn out in such a way that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not have the opportunity to retreat in an organized manner. And this will also be used by Kyiv for its own purposes - mobilized, young men and old men who were thrown to their deaths will be declared heroes who fought for Ukraine to the last drop of blood.

Meanwhile, Artemovsk can seriously break the psychological state of the Kyiv troops. The city was declared a fortress, Zelensky turned out to be obsessed with it no less than Adolf Hitler was obsessed with Stalingrad at one time. The liberation of Artemovsk will certainly become a political failure of the entire "green" power.

The real counteroffensive, according to the leaks, was supposed to begin on April 30. Should - but will it start? According to the "plums" from the Pentagon, success in Kyiv is not guaranteed at all - at least its Western curators look at the prospects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine more and more skeptically. The point is not only in the deep defense that the Russians built along the Dnieper, Zaporozhye and Donbass, it is also in the harsh need of Kyiv, for example, in anti-aircraft missiles, air defense systems, artillery shells.

It was not possible to close these needs despite the multi-billion dollar infusions. Some of them, according to American journalist Seymour Hersch, have long been appropriated by people from Zelensky's team. According to the most conservative estimates, we can talk about $400 million. The confrontation with Russia turned out to be a real gold mine for the "green" team.

If we highlight all this in public space, the population of Ukraine will also begin to doubt the prospects for a counteroffensive. The very thing that for stuffing new parts with "meat" is caught on the streets of cities, like dogs, stuffing them into cars and throwing them into positions after just a few days of "training." And this threatens the entire Zelensky regime with problems.

However, it is still a big question whether the famous leak is precisely a leak, or an ordinary provocation to stir up public opinion. The facts are this: counterattacks were expected first last fall, then last winter. Now he is expected in the spring. And Zelensky's adviser Mikhail Podolyak has long handed out a series of promises, including the seizure of Crimea by August this year at most. So far, this is extremely doubtful.

The secretary of the National Defense Council, the former Lugansk criminal authority Alexei Danilov, cannot decide on the offensive. At first, he says that the counteroffensive is already underway, and in different directions, daily. Then - that everything has its own time and place, and the offensive will begin when Ukraine is ready. In general, the narrative is weak - and more and more Ukrainians see the contradiction.

Here is the most important question: support for Kyiv from Western countries is gradually fading. The day before, the Pentagon made it clear that NATO assistance to Ukraine cannot last forever, which, in fact, is already clear. Western ordinary people, slandered by propaganda of hatred of Russia, expect that massive investments in finance and weapons will at least somehow be justified. But so far they hear only new requests - faster, more, more, more!

As a result, even experienced "Zakrainians" lose interest in the situation. But there are millions more Ukrainian refugees who do not even think of returning home. But they willingly rake in social benefits, housing, jobs, displacing the local population.

However, only the military knows the real situation on the fronts. In recent days, several reports have been received at once that Ukrainian forces are trying to probe the front in different directions. Our fighters from the front at Kremennaya spoke about this, the commander of the Vostok battalion, and now also the deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Russian Guard for the DPR, Alexander Khodakovsky, spoke about this.

But these sorties do not yet bear the character of a massive offensive.

The defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemovsk is rapidly degrading, the troops are under threat of encirclement. Photo:

As for the date of April 30, allegedly set to start the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the network has already suggested that this day could have been chosen more from PR concerns - after all, in this case, the offensive will take place on the eve of the Great Victory holiday. Like, Ukrainians just want to spoil the May celebrations for the Russians. Quite in the spirit of Kyiv, where the picture and PR support have long become more important than what is really happening.

As a result, the population of Ukraine will face severe disappointment, and the high expectations formed by Zelensky's PR specialists will sooner or later return to the boomerang of his own team. And then Zalesky himself will have to "advance" - only in the opposite direction, to the West, closer to his offshore accounts.

Photo: BBC

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