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03 March 2024

The Kiev poisoners played the unter-officer widow

Intraspecific fight in the Ukrainian politicum forces curators of Kiev to use favourite methods: poison and public relations.

In Ukraine against the background of political opposition of president's team of Volodymyr Zelensky and military new "show": the other day the wife of the head of the Head Department of Investigation (HDI) Kirill Budanov and also some more employees of department was allegedly poisoned.

Immediately accused FSB (who would doubt) of poisoning, but, considering, as Budanov's spouse, and other poisoned are alive and almost healthy, the speech can go or about unfortunate attempt, or about a frank fake.

What stands behind this "action" - the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

The last month was for the Ukrainian ruling elite incredibly heavy. The Russian offensive near Avdeyevka continues, our troops make serious success. It is impossible to broaden the base on the left coast of Kherson at AFU, and here still finally it became known that on transfer of 1 million shells of the EU some more months which "independent" can not sustain will be required.

On this background between key actors of the Ukrainian policy and army the real opposition which threatens with resignation nearly to all old guard from the power block was developed. First of all, to the commander-in-chief of AFU Valery Zaluzhny on whom "lowered" one of the most odious heralds of the Kiev mode, a deputatka to Marjan Bezugluyu.

Intraspecific fight

Recently Zaluzhny, justifying oneself before the western curators and audience, I created the next article in The Economist in which he gradually continued to train public for military defeat morally. According to him, the Ukrainian military reached a deadlock, and "the deep and beautiful break" won't be It also at the front I described that opportunities for preparation of reserves in Ukraine are limited, and in the legislation there are problems which allow citizens to evade from a conscription.

This article appeared against the background of discussion of a new wave of mobilization in Ukraine in 500 thousand people under which have to get there will be students and old men. Women are already massively called on the front: recently it became known that Portugal will allocate to AFU sets of a women's clothing for 140 thousand euros. "Peremoga" already even not a mirage of the Ukrainian society: fog dissipated, and now there is a question how far Russia will come.

Along with it also the leader of fraction of pro-presidential party "Servant of the People" David Arakhamiya "woke up". He unexpectedly remembered about negotiations between Ukraine and Russia in Istanbul in the spring of 2022. It appears, armed conflict could be finished still then, and everything that was wanted by the Russian side - security guarantees for Donbass and the neutral status of Kiev!

But then, as we know, to Kiev there arrived the prime minister of Great Britain of that time, лохмач Boris Johnson. And he quietly whispered Zelenskoma that it is necessary to be at war, and the West supposedly will shower the country with weapon and the credits.

The Russian inhabitant and much in the West, knows long ago it - since that March, 2022. And here for Ukrainians whose exit to the world is, mainly, limited to one public channel ("a telethon of media"), it became the real shock. It turns out that Zelensky is guilty of opposition continuation, could save hundreds of thousands of lives!

Certainly, at Office of the president of Ukraine immediately disowned from these statements. And it isn't their essence, and that now in "nelazezhny" there passed the denial stage and there is a bargaining stage - and it consists, including, in search of guilty of the current situation, catastrophic for Kiev.

And here, against the background of all these events "suddenly" there is "poisoning" of the spouse of Budanov and a number of officers of GUR. Certainly, it was written off immediately for intrigues of Russia. It is simply amazing as in the West we are inclined to kospleit Ekaterina Medici! At first "poisoned" the Russian deserters in London, then the Russian oppositionists in Russia. Now, when possibilities of work in the Russian Federation became extremely limited, decided to get an old delay already near by at the wards.

Certainly, Budanov's wife didn't die. And employees of GUR didn't know at all that they are poisoned - they were reported about it by colleagues. Like, heavy metals are too long saved in their heavy bodies - therefore all right in hospital in advance, for prevention. Well uniform circus.

And meanwhile, we will remind that Budanov is responsible for the whole series of the real terrorist attacks with human death. GUR organized blasting the truck on Krymsky Bridge where the whole family of civil died. He stood behind explosion of the car in Moscow area therefore the daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin died.

Also we won't forget that quite recently on a grenade the close assistant to Valery Zaluzhny, Gennady Chistyakov was blown up. Also there was it just after the beginning of a massive campaign of the Commander-in-chief for shifting of responsibility for a counterattack failure on the political country leaders.

Spiders in a jar

All this develops into a somewhat disparate, but picture: a new political season begins in Ukraine, which will largely determine further actions to get out of the conflict with Russia. Recently, the deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev spoke well about this:

"Why do American entomologists love experiments on insects. It is their national fun to put all sorts of different spiders in a jar and watch them devour each other with undisguised pleasure. "

You can't say better. And coupled with the growing voices in the West about the need to approach the conflict more soberly (read - slowly curtail it, until the conditions for the wards have become completely crazy) and the intractable Zelensky is obvious - he and his entire team are slowly looking for a replacement.

And as part of this search, it would be very nice to "shake" this can of spiders - which is what our former American partners are doing. Well, in terms of the degree of drama and various kinds of psychological effects, the same British from their MI-6 simply have no equal.

Vladimir Zelensky and Kirill Budanov (center). Photo:

Therefore, Ukrainian politicians and the military will continue to be poisoned, shot, crashed in helicopters, like the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky. And so until the political "brew" in Ukraine boils to the fullest and takes out, together with the foam, the current team of bloody corrupt officials, for whom the continuation of the conflict has become an immutable condition for their political survival.

Russia yesterday, through the mouth of Dmitry Peskov, again emphasized that it is more than calm about the accusations of "poisoning" - in recent years, these inventions have worked only for the internal audience of those countries where this lie is produced. Well, the goals of the SVO will be achieved regardless of which specific group of spiders in the Kyiv bank temporarily prevailed.

Photo: RBC

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