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29 November 2023

The American disease of russophobia and as to struggle against her

America played in russophobia and, it is possible to assume, was frightened of the irrational opposition with Russia.

Try to imagine mood of those in Washington who made of the nuclear superstate of the enemy, forms on it policy in Ukraine, in Europe and not only. The USA intended to inflict over Moscow "strategic defeat", but the plan doesn't work, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports.

The Russian economy grows, oil is trading at the price of 85-86 dollars for barrel, Bloomberg reports. The European insurers and shipowners ignore requirements of "Seven" for price ceiling. And still is many proofs that Russia without the West can live, developing also the rich man

What to do next to the West how to save face if not a skin?

Primitive "engineers" felt ill at ease

First, it is necessary to recognize that "approach of AFU gave the minimum effect though each attack was given to [AFU] extremely expensively", NYT writes. Kiev loses support without "significant break" for which the western creditors of Ukraine were tired to wait. Most likely, already also don't wait.

Secondly, as the The Hill newspaper notes, group of republicans in the Senate oppose inclusion of additional financing of Kiev in an initiative about extension of financing of the federal government. Senators note that in the USA there are a lot of unresolved problems.

Thirdly, remains to time for "fixing of success" in Ukraine at administration of U.S. President of Joe Biden less, and elections approach. The proxy conflict with Russia hands of the Ukrainian Nazis I became a subject of election debates.

But Moscow prevents to dot one's "i's" and cross one's "t's". For Washington Russia – the enemy, or almost the enemy, economic relations are broken, diplomacy as form of relationship, is rejected. "Engineers" of sanctions pressure upon Moscow can't wait for results, but also don't want calm down. Kiev continues to remain a useful edge.

Streams of arms go on Ukraine regularly, there arrive mercenaries. Investigations of the countries of NATO help to aim rockets and drones, to undermine bridges and dams. Ukraine with Poland, the Baltics with Finland had very opportunely because can reduce "arrival time". The USA got used to plan within the concept of "the first disarming blow".

They have to, however, feel ill at ease, to artful strategists with Anglo-Saxon mentality. They about Russians judge by themselves! If there is superiority in strategic arms, it should be used. What if does Moscow resolutely answer, preventively and on headquarters?

According to the decree of the president on "Bases of state policy on nuclear control", Russia can apply YaO in a case: receipts of reliable information about start of the ballistic missiles attacking the territory of the country or its allies; applications nuclear or other types to OHM on territories of the country and its allies; will lead impacts of the opponent on crucial state or military facilities, whose inactivation to failure of response of nuclear forces; aggressions against Russia with use of conventional weapons when existence of the state is threatened.

Test for "durability"

As the president of the National research center "Kurchatov Institute" Kovalchuk said said that the state policy of Russia in the field of nuclear control should be given according to a geopolitical situation.

According to him, actions of the West concerning Russia become more and more aggressive therefore many experts suggest to correct policy.

These words sounded at opening of the exhibition devoted to founding fathers of domestic nuclear sector — to academicians Igor Kurchatov and Anatoly Alexandrov.

As the head of the center emphasized, foreign countries have to see determination of Moscow to defend the safety. Kovalchuk also urged to resume tests of the Russian nuclear weapon if that is demanded by circumstances.

I gave an example as in 1961 the USSR in response to aggressive rhetoric of the USA tested the most powerful in the history a thermonuclear bomb with power more than 50 megatons, "then Americans began to agree at once, instantly", the nuclear physicist reminded.

In February Vladimir Putin in the message charged to provide to Federal Assembly readiness for test of the Russian nuclear weapon if the USA carries out it the first. The Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu and the CEO of Rosatom Aleksei Likhachev in August flew about the Central ground on New Earth where from 1954 to 1990 passed tests of domestic nuclear weapon.

"It is enough to carry out tests on New Earth, at least just once, and everything will rise on the places" — Kovalchuk is sure. Earlier the director of Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin said that dreams of the western politicians of strategic defeat of Russia sound absurdly in view of presence at the Russian Federation of a nuclear missile board.

And if you hint?

'Never say never. Ultimately, everyone, starting with Ukrainians, wants a just and lasting peace. Let's see if we ever get to the point where it will be possible, "said the head of American diplomacy Anthony Blinken, answering in an online interview with The Atlantic magazine to the question of whether it is possible to restore relations with Russia and whether there will be a new personal meeting between Putin and Biden.

Blinken also said that decisions on whether to make territorial concessions for the sake of a settlement in Ukraine should be made by the authorities in Kyiv.

Big politics has never abandoned informal cues, half-memecs, informal contacts, or the likes of Blinken, with the help of the media. This may be all that remains of US diplomacy in the Russian direction. And the Americans, including the Secretary of State, destroyed everything possible in diplomatic relations with Moscow.

But how much Russophobia does not vin, but will have to answer. Respond with a career, election results that can extend or stop career growth. The US Secretary of State does not exclude the possibility of restoring Russian-American relations. Only bad luck, "diplomatic chains" are broken, the channels of dialogue are littered with Russophobia. And trust evaporated.

And it cannot be ruled out that it will really come to the point that Western elites will have to peer at the geographical map and look for where Novaya Zemlya is there. Or get acquainted with changes in state policy in the field of nuclear deterrence.


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