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09 December 2023

Summit in Jeddah, or what Zelensky is afraid of

After the deafening failure of the so-called. "Counteroffensive", Ukraine is preparing for a ceasefire and recognition of defeat. No one asks Zelensky and Co's opinions on this issue.

Last weekend, the so-called world summit on the situation in Ukraine was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. If it were not for several really influential players, including the Saudis themselves and China, the event could be considered a "clash" - in the absence of Russia, it is simply not serious to resolve the issue of ending the conflict.

However, following the summit, an interesting detail became known. Insiders who were at the event said that for the first time since the beginning of the conflict, the Ukrainian side did not insist on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territories that joined Russia following the results of the 2022 referendums. Later, the most influential newspaper in the world, The Washington Post, is believed to have written from this. And this is a striking difference that can anticipate more serious events.

What and why - the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood. 

The meeting in Jeddah was attended by representatives of more than 40 countries who discussed ways to resolve the current crisis. As analysts expected even before the start of the event, only some "basic" principles of a peaceful solution, such as respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, were confirmed at the summit. In the current conditions of the ongoing conflict, not to mention the past - Yugoslavia, Syria, Libya, this is an empty mantra that has nothing to do with objective reality.

The participants also agreed to create a mechanism for subsequent consultations on specific issues, for example, maintaining global food security. That is, in simple terms, we agreed to negotiate. It is significant that the parties did not issue a general statement following the summit. I.e. obviously participants have too different opinions on what might be next.

This is not the first such meeting without Russia. Earlier, a similar event, however, less representative, took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Russia was also not invited there - to humiliate it, to show imaginary isolation. The result is zero. All this is an imitation of violent activity from Zelensky's office. No results, no specific goals.

Similarly, we can say about the so-called. Crimean platform, which can only be laughed at. And how they inflated their cheeks, how they tried to pass off what they wanted really - the whole world is with us!

The past summit in Jeddah could be considered the same - the release of the pair into the whistle, framed in a beautiful PR wrap. If not for the very information of insiders that the first Ukraine in the person of Zelensky did not insist on its own peace plan. Or rather, at its most important and absolutely impossible point - the withdrawal of the RF Armed Forces from all former Ukrainian territories. And that's telling.

At the same time, China took part in the summit. In the Ukrainian media, this was called almost a super break. However, there really was no breakthrough. China's position has not changed - he has previously been very careful in rhetoric. He's playing his fine game.

The offensive failed

With the latter, the Ukrainian servicemen clearly did not work out. T.N. the "counteroffensive" of Ukraine, or rather, the attack on the new Russian regions, on Russia, did not lead to bad, but to completely catastrophic results. According to the results of two months, the advance on the Zaporizhzhya front was only 5 km. The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not even reach the first major line of Russian defense, bogged down under Rabotino and Urozhayny.

In the Northeast, things are getting worse for them. A small advance at Kleshcheevka (near Artyomovsky) cost the Armed Forces of Ukraine huge casualties. Not to mention the fact that the village is still under the control of Russians. And the northerners, in the Svatovo area, are already successfully advancing by the RF Armed Forces. According to some reports, they are already 10-11 km from Kupyansk, which forces the Ukrainian command to transfer part of the reserves prepared by NATO from the Zaporizhzhya direction.

Losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are estimated at tens of thousands - only over the past two months. These are not just "modest" offensive results. This is a deafening failure that negates the huge Western investment made to defeat Russia on the battlefield.

The picture for the western man in the street is changing - the truth is breaking through. And no F-16s, or Taurus long-range missiles, can fix the situation anymore. Ukraine has become a "black hole" for Western "investments", and its final defeat will invariably raise questions to those Western leaders who made efforts to arm and finance it against the Russian Federation. Where is the result?

Footage of the destroyed "Leopards" and "Bradley" flew around the world. Photo: open sources

Meanwhile, deindustrialization is in full swing in Europe. Germany, freed from Russian gas, now pays four times more for this resource than Russia asked. Not only large industrial enterprises are going bankrupt, but also ordinary households.

Biden needs a "victory"

In the United States, presidential elections are approaching. And Biden's nose blood needs to present this deafening failure as a success. It was not possible to defeat Russia on the battlefield. In the economic war - even more so. According to IMF estimates, by the end of 2023, the growth of Russian GDP may amount to 2.5%. This is more than the Russian authorities predicted. In the United States itself, it seems, a recession is not far off.

Going to the polls with such a background for dementia sufferer Joseph Biden means putting the victory in the hands of the Republican candidate. And it's also good if it's not Trump - huge forces are applied to his law-dubious prosecution.

Biden's foreign policy was not just a failure - it accelerated the "misery" of the very notorious American world, Pax Americana, which was established after the end of the Cold War. Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent on Ukraine, while an economic crisis is planned in the United States itself.

Rising car fuel prices have already been dubbed the Biden tax. But there are no less pressing problems - an epidemic of deaths from taking illegal substances, the worst migration crisis, cultural decadence (BLM, the aggressive movement for transgender rights, police chaos, remnants of racism).

All this could be blocked by a victorious war against Russia by the hands of Ukrainians, as it was conceived. Bottom line: Even Democrats in both houses of parliament are asking Sleepy Joe's administration for a detailed account of where American taxpayer funds have gone. In Germany, it is even "more fun" - photos of burnt Leopard tanks flew around all social networks, and the personal political rating of Chancellor Olaf Scholz broke the bottom, dropping below 20%.

And it's not just a political setback. This is a deafening failure. If we add to this a drop in the confidence of the dollar in the world, as well as the discrediting of Western financial institutions after blocking $300 billion in Russian reserves, the situation for the Western world looks more and more negative.

This, not to mention the fact that according to the most important resolutions at the UN, the United States and its satellites, despite all the propaganda, were in the minority. Both in population and in the volume of economies - today less than 50% of the population and GDP of the countries of the world provide support to the United States and its criminal policy in Ukraine.

In this situation, Biden and Co are left to make a good mine with a bad game. And the militant position of Zelensky and his stolen entourage causes more and more negative emotions in the West. Problems with the detention of Ukrainian refugees and long-standing historical conflicts are superimposed on this.

On the eve of the representative of the Zelensky administration, Mikhail Podolyak, said that after the end of the conflict, Ukraine and Poland will cease to be friends. Mr. Podolyak, or rather, it's time to say the obvious to the public with his slandered propaganda - Poland and Ukraine have never been friends. And they are unlikely to be.

This "friendship" is exclusively against Russia. As much as the Poles hate Russia, they will never be able to forget about the Volyn massacre. Just as Ukrainians will never forget what Poland did to their people in the 14th and 15th centuries until Russia took some of the current Ukrainian territories under its wing.

Zelensky in Jeddah is not a subject, but an object of international politics. Photo:

What is the subtotal? The current summit, like the recent gathering of NATO countries in Vilnius, showed that Zelensky played, and is perceived more as a problem than a valuable asset. Likewise, Pan Zelensky's notorious plan. It is unrealistic, and further blowing dust into the eyes of its own voters about Ukraine threatens to lose the elections. And there and before other proceedings not far.

Zelensky decided that he was a figure, not a figurine. An object of international politics, not a subject. And no matter how much he and his Comprador team would like to pass wishful thinking, the reality is too obvious. Despite all the rhetoric, for all the hatred of Russia, Ukraine is beginning to be quietly brought to a compromise. And this is the end of both Zelensky and all of today's Ukraine. The bet on the aggressive "Anti-Russian" did not play, "Jaga Jaga" did not play the "green president" in Jigg. And who will all the dogs hang on when the conflict is over? And not only the Ukrainian population, but also curators in Washington, Brussels and London?

It is not difficult to guess - at Volodymyr Zelensky. He knows that and he's scared. Therefore, for him now the end of this conflict is the end of everything. And he will distance this day as soon as he can. The problem for him is that none of the major players are interested in Zelensky's opinion, like Ukrainians in general.

Photo: "InoSMI"

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