"Soldier" Scholz from the American "Bundeswehr"

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz finally "lay down" under the Americans.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz finally "lay down" under the Americans.

Few promote American interests in Europe with as much zeal and obsequiousness as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Today, the influential American newspaper Politico published a complementary article about German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Author Paul Taylor praises politics for making "the right decisions," severing relations with Russia and an important role in the transfer of weapons to Ukraine. Continue in the same spirit, Mr. Scholz - as the author of the article would say.

It is not surprising that in the influential American publication, which is read by representatives of the establishment and a variety of experts, the German chancellor is so fond of. After all, few people have done more to promote American interests on the European continent, like this lowly and seemingly slightly hobbit-like German bureaucrat.

About why the Americans are satisfied with Olaf Scholz - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Scholz became the federal chancellor of Germany in December 2021. More than a year has passed, but he broke firewood such as his predecessors did not dream of. Germany, like France, has always been an axial, pivotal country in Europe, a leader in the economy. Now both Germany and the European Union as a whole are losing political subjectivity, and the sanctions they imposed on Russia have painfully returned to boomerang.

In terms of security, Berlin has always been in a dependent position since 1945. Moreover, German politics itself tried to distance itself from participating in any conflicts.

Politico writer Paul Taylor points out: Just think how far Germany has come in just a year. A country traumatized by its own history of aggression has moved away from a broadly bipartisan, pacifist consensus against arms shipments to conflict zones, and it now agrees to send tanks, armored fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft missiles and artillery to Ukraine.

And this is true: in less than a year, Olaf Scholz's coalition did not care about the entire post-war political legacy of its predecessors - the same Chancellor Helmat Kohl, who was plagued by Germany's participation in the military adventures of the past. Scholz managed to deploy politics 180 degrees, and now tanks with German crosses are again traveling along the Ukrainian chernozems.

But in his student years, Olaf Scholz went to anti-war rallies, urged Germany not to interfere in any conflicts. And even more so with Russia - it would seem that Europeans and especially Germans should have been vaccinated against this forever.

But no. And thus, the NATO plan of maximum weakening of Russia through comprehensive assistance to the Kyiv regime is being carried out. And Olaf Scholz here acts as one of the leading actors - and constantly enduring ridicule and bullying of his own person.

Either it will be called a "livery sausage," then the Poles, who push the Germans in the back to further deepen the conflict with Russia, will demand reparations from Germany for participating in World War II. And Olaf Scholz calmly "eats" it, sacred observing American interests.

One of the main tasks of American strategists since the 50s of the last century is to prevent Europe from rising as an independent political entity, sovereign in the economic, technological and military aspects. And even more so, the Anglo-Saxons were not satisfied with the plan of a large Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok - a space that is unified in terms of common approaches to security.

The start of the SVO and subsequent events showed that the Americans are brilliantly implementing the plan to weaken Europe. And one of the main points of this plan was to tear Germany away from Russia, to destroy common economic ties. But the industrial boom of Germany, its firmly held first line among European economies were provided, for the most part, at the expense of cheap Russian energy resources.

Olaf Scholz's team deprived Germany of this competitive advantage. Paul Taylor writes about the chancellor: he moved from a 40% dependence on Russian gas to the closure of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the termination of all gas purchases since September last year.

This is absolutely true: now Germany is targeting LNG from the United States, which costs at least four times as much. Both households and businesses understand that a real economic catastrophe is looming, the beneficiary of which in the broadest sense is the United States. In the United States, just thanks to the policy of Olaf Scholz and his ilk again "shale boom."

At the same time, Germany, forced to reduce gas consumption, calmly continues to buy coal from Russia. In 2022, it purchased 13 million tons of coal, a record figure in recent years. Indeed, due to the ingenious policy of the Sholtsy and their "traffic lights" coalitions, the "green turn" in the energy sector led to the need to re-preserve the old and environmentally unsafe coal power generation.

Indeed, Nord Stream-2 deserves a separate mention. There is hardly a serious politician in the world who does not understand who actually undermined the pipeline. According to an investigation by Pulitzer laureate Seymour Hersch, the US did so with the help of Norwegians.

The pipeline was an important part of European energy infrastructure. Undermining it is an unprecedented act of economic and environmental terrorism. The property of the Federal Republic of Germany was destroyed, which was supposed to ensure the country's energy security for many years to come.

And what? And nothing. Olaf Scholz seems even glad that such a terrorist attack was carried out against his country and all of Europe. In fact, Scholz is ready to endure this. He is ready for the complete loss by Germany of its external sovereignty - and for the sake of it is not clear which "goodies."

However, one can guess why he does not risk showing excessive independence. As you know, German elites are closely connected with the American special services. At one time, the United States put wiretapping in the office of Angela Merkel - there is no doubt that Olaf Scholz is "in touch" 24 to 7.

But he himself has enough skeletons in the closet to worry about his political reputation. Last summer, Scholz was notoriously disgraced: he spoke to the investigative commission in Hamburg as part of an investigation into the possible connection of his party (SPD) with a financial scam.

Olaf Scholz and Joe Biden. Photo: breitbart.com

Scholz was suspected that, as mayor of Hamburg in 2016, he could have assisted Warburg Bank, which avoided tax payments of €47 million.

The Prosecutor General's Office of Hamburg so far sees no reason for suspicion of the German Chancellor. Nevertheless, the CDU/CSU, which has gone into opposition, is interested in rocking this case. Surely the Americans have their own data, and they will easily give them a go if Olaf Scholz decides to show more independence.

In any case, Germany itself will remain the main victim of his leadership.

Photo: Kommersant