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07 June 2023

Ryabkov: "Interaction with the United States and American allies of our allies is a serious reason for discussion"

Today a press conference was held by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov. Our journalist also took part in it. The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation commented on the situation with US biological laboratories in other countries.

"At least five branches of American biological laboratories are located in Kazakhstan today. There are laboratories in Armenia. According to some reports, about 12 units. With Tajikistan, the United States generally expects to expand cooperation in the field of security, unofficial work is also underway there. How does this all fit into the framework of relations within the CSTO?, " - asked the journalist of The Moscow Post.

Sergei Ryabkov said that what was said is just one of the reasons why the Russian side pays increasing attention to biosafety in its various refractions.

"Of course, interaction with the United States and American allies of our allies is a reason for discussion, for serious conversations," he added.

At the same time, the deputy minister said that Russia trusts its allies, knows about their responsible approach to how to build their relations with Washington.

"But we also know that this state - the United States of America - is guided by interests opposite to ours in its approaches to working with Russia's CSTO allies," he stressed.

He added that here there is a field for in-depth discussions, in-depth discussions, which they are doing, including having and expanding the base in the form of relevant memoranda of understanding and other documents with countries nearby and traditionally interacting with the Russian Federation in this industry, "having essentially inherited from the past medical system, etc."

"What can you say about the reaction of the leadership or diplomats of leading countries included in the category of friendly in quotes to materials about US biolaboratoria in Ukraine or the CIS countries? Kazakhstan, for example, borders on China, "The Moscow Post journalist also asked.

In response, Sergei Ryabkov recalled that Russia also borders on the PRC, and at the same time the countries have good mutual understanding in many areas:

"We note that a number of states not only from the category of friendly, but also from those who occupy other issues, I would say, a more aggressive anti-Russian line, have carefully and carefully approached the argument and the set of facts, materials that we presented on the approach to the meeting and directly within its framework. The discussion showed that there is no easy attitude towards all this, it is becoming less and, probably, this is one of the effects that give reason to hope that the idea of ​ ​ strengthening the KBTO regime as a whole will continue to receive broader, more pronounced, more articulated support, "the Deputy Minister added.

Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian federation

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