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09 December 2023

Russian Foreign Ministry: Zelensky feels absolute impunity in provocations at ZPP

Today there was another briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Traditionally, the correspondent of The Moscow Post asked his questions.

The first question of the journalist of our publication touched upon the UN reaction to attempts to commit terrorist acts by Kyiv against the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

Vasily Nebenzya said earlier that the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation circulated a letter to the UN, once again confirming that "we have no intentions to blow up the nuclear power plant under Russian control". Also, a request was made to influence Kyiv.

"Was there a reaction to these two positions from the UN Secretary General, his Secretariat, other units of the Organization?", - the question was asked.

Maria Zakharova pointed out that there was no public reaction, there was also no reaction through bilateral channels. The Russian Foreign Ministry does not have data on UN reactions to the incident. The UN Secretariat is indifferent to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities continue to try to sabotage the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

The reluctance to openly recognize the facts cited by the Russian side that expose the terrorist plans of the Kyiv regime only more encourage the Zelensky regime to carry out provocations against the station.

"He feels absolute impunity and received indulgence from the" collective West"", - Maria Zakharova said.

One gets the impression that Ukrainian actions are not just not condemned, but already and, in fact, tacitly encouraged.

Russia will continue to defend the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and will respond extremely harshly to any attacks by Ukraine on this facility. The Russian Foreign Ministry calls on the UN and the IAEA not to turn a blind eye to the situation and clearly state the situation and indicate where the danger to the functioning of a civilian facility comes from.

Another question from The Moscow Post journalist touched upon the situation with the riots in France.

"How do you assess the situation in France in terms of respect for civil rights and manifestations of racism against national minorities. Were there any cases of threats to the life or property of Russians during the pogroms?", - the correspondent asked.

The Russian embassy in France does not have data on threats to the lives and property of Russians in this direction. No data were received, although the situation is under constant monitoring. There is also no information about the injured Russians. The Foreign Ministry understands that the geography of the riots is extensive. Therefore, earlier the Russian Embassy recommended that citizens of the country in France refrain from visiting disadvantaged areas and suburbs of cities, as well as exercise caution when going outside in the dark.

Maria Zakharova noted that the world in recent years has witnessed a repeated and flagrant violation of human rights in France. This is the position of not only Russia, but also the expert community at international platforms.

The Presidential Council of Libya, after restoring Russia's full diplomatic presence in the country, hopes to develop relations with Moscow. Influential players in Libya such as Turkey and Egypt also decided to exchange ambassadors.

"How, in your opinion, can this affect the settlement in Libya?" - asked the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The diplomat noted that the normalization of relations between Turkey and Egypt should positively reflect on the situation in Libya. It is no secret that Cairo and Ankara competed for influence in the former Jamahiriya. They supported the opposing camps of the country. such competition remained one of the reasons for the preservation of the state of dual power in Libya. The Russian Foreign Ministry hopes that Egypt and Turkey will approach the Libyan settlement from a closer perspective, which will help overcome the protracted crisis.

The final question touched upon the criminal activity of the American special services in relation to the activities of Russian diplomats in the country.

"How can Russia respond to the psychological pressure on Russian diplomats in the United States, which is within the framework of the" recruitment campaign"?", - the journalist asked.

Maria Zakharova recalled that Russian diplomats are polite people, strong in spirit and with a large margin of patience, who have gone through more than one crisis in recent decades. The closure of the Russian consulate in San Francisco was filed by the American authorities almost as an anti-terrorist operation against the Russian Federation. Helicopters flew there, filmed how diplomats collect documents and work on materials. Something needed to be taken out after several decades of work of the Consulate General. And something had to be disposed of on the spot. We remember how the US media showed pipes and fireplaces that were smoking and this was presented as evidence that Russian diplomats are engaged in a little linen of illegal work. "Spy passions" were inflamed, hysteria about this was inflated in the American media.

Unbearable conditions were also created for the families of diplomats, and tough recruitment attempts by the American special services were also in effect. Such a situation is assessed as wild, barbaric, by the US security forces to implement their own goals and plans.

Diplomats have seen a lot and it is difficult to surprise them with something. The degree of decline in moral and moral by the representatives of the United States is striking. Nevertheless, morale remains, there is an understanding that diplomats stand shoulder to shoulder with the whole country on their own information and political front.

"We are doing everything one thing, fighting for our own sovereignty, for the opportunity to live truly free, knowing our history, looking to the future. Everything that is invented for us - we will go through how we went many times with dignity", - the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized.

No matter how hard American intelligence officers try, whatever restrictions and exploits they come up with, no matter how they restrict the freedom of movement of employees of Russian diplomatic missions - all hostile attacks temper the character of domestic diplomats and force them to look at the world more realistically.

Building a common peaceful future on the whole planet remains not empty words for the Russian Federation, while for the United States this is the story of their own self-disclosure.

Russia responds to many attacks on its address in a mirror and symmetric manner, this principle will continue to be used. The Russian Federation intends never to build obstacles to the life of American diplomats in the Russian Federation, and all retaliatory measures are taken exclusively as mirror measures against similar insane and lawless actions of US representatives against Russian diplomats.

The United States needs to make claims only to itself, since each action causes similar and equal opposition. This must also be learned by those who orchestrate recruitment campaigns to Russian diplomats and personnel of Russian diplomatic missions abroad.

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