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09 December 2023

Russian Foreign Ministry: Joint projects of the Russian Federation and the DPRK will receive new development

Today the traditional briefing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia took place. The Moscow Post journalist also asked his questions.

The correspondent of our publication in hot pursuit of the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the DPRK decided to ask about the main projects of economic and infrastructure interaction between Russia and this country.

"In particular, what was done to access Russian cargo to the port of Rajin in the DPRK? Since 2013, this project has been promoted as a trilateral between South Korea, the DPRK and Russia, "the question was asked.

Diplomat, Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexei Zaitsev, noted that trade and economic interaction is an integral part of the entire complex of interaction between our country and the DPRK. The largest joint start is the Hassan-Rajin transport and logistics project, which at a certain stage also involved the participation of the Republic of Korea. Thanks to the efforts of the Russian Federation, the withdrawal of restrictions provided for by the sanctions of the UN Security Council was issued. Thus, there are no legal difficulties with the access of Russian cargo to the port of Rajin.

As for South Korea's activities, Seoul has suspended participation in the project since 2016. The Russian Foreign Ministry expects that the port of Rajin and other joint projects with the DPRK will receive new development as Pyongyang removes the existing anti-epidemic measures.

Earlier, Deputy PIA of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexei Zaitsev also managed to preemptively comment on the issues that The Moscow Post was preparing on other topics of the Russian foreign policy.

In particular, he pointed out that now about a thousand citizens of Russia and the CIS states have applied for evacuation from the conflict zone in the Middle East. The diplomat assured that the Russian Foreign Ministry pays special attention to the security of Russians, maintains contact with them through Russian diplomatic and consular institutions.

Zaitsev also spoke about the supply of ATACMS tactical missiles by the United States to Ukraine. The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that the secret transfer of ATACMS long-range missiles to Kyiv confirms the US desire to further escalate the conflict in Ukraine. Military assistance provided by the West to Kyiv indicates that they "do not refuse to continue hostilities until the last Ukrainian," and Zelensky's actively promoted "peace formula" is not peace, but only the desire to continue hostilities.

Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

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