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29 November 2023

Russian Foreign Ministry: Finland succumbed to Western anti-Russian hysteria and psychosis

Today there was another briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Traditionally, the correspondent of The Moscow Post asked his question.

The first question of the journalist of our publication touched upon the supply of depleted uranium shells to Ukraine, which was discussed by the British authorities.

"How is it supposed to establish the fact of the supply of such shells or their use on the battlefield?" - the question was asked.

Maria Zakharova recalled that, firstly, this fact was established by the British authorities themselves, saying that they had the intention to transfer the shells. Secondly, the details of this fact should be clarified with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The fact of delivery of depleted uranium shells or their use is quite amenable to accurate determination. For this, there are all the necessary means of objective control, but the Ministry of Defense is doing this. The military has all the tools to conduct the necessary expertise.

The Russian Foreign Ministry proceeds from the fact that the UK is aware of the perniciousness of the actions and the measure of responsibility that they assume in the event of the supply of such ammunition and their use by the Kyiv regime.

Another issue was raised by the topic of bilateral relations between Russia and Finland, which not so long ago became a member of NATO.

"What can you expect in other areas of bilateral relations with this neighboring and once neutral country?" - asked the journalist.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that Russia follower conducted a line of good-neighborly and mutually beneficial cooperation with Finland. The basis was traditional and strong trade and economic relations, decades of developed ties.

This approach was destroyed by the leadership of Finland, which chose a confrontational course towards our country in line with the all-Western anti-Russian propaganda and military psychosis. The prospects for the normalization of relations must be correlated with the actions of Finland.

'It wasn't our choice. We warned that everything that happens, unfortunately, will hit bilateral relations, "said Maria Zakharova.

The key condition for bilateral interaction, as enshrined in the Concept of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation, is the awareness by European states of the lack of alternatives to peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial, equal cooperation with Russia, an increase in the level of foreign policy independence, a transition to a policy of good neighborliness with the Russian Federation.

This is fully applicable to bilateral relations between Moscow and Helsinki. All these principles are formulated in a conceptually new adopted document. They will be applied in a comprehensive and quantitative manner to all elements of Russian foreign policy, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry summarized.

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