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03 October 2023

Russia is threatened with "cluster" terror

The West "feeds the combat power" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and prepares new suicide brigades for battles.

Judging by the incoming information, Western curators assisted in the preparation of the July 17 terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge to the naval forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the SBU. Maxar has confirmed that the US commercial satellite has WorldView-2 filmed the bridge twice in the past month. During the terrorist attack over the Black Sea, there was an American reconnaissance and strike UAV MQ-9 Reaper.

The head of VTsIOM Valery Fedorov said in an interview with the "Izvestia" newspaper that the Russian assessments of the attack on the Crimean bridge on July 17 are dominated by the desire to punish terrorists and hit the enemy harder.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that if the western origin of surface unmanned aerial vehicles attacking the bridge is revealed, as well as the role of Western countries in planning, sponsoring and implementing this operation, this will confirm their complicity in the terrorist activities of the Kyiv regime.

Was there another attempt to disrupt traffic on the Crimean bridge expected? Undoubtedly, in Russia, the relevant services took it into account and took measures. But the attack was carried out "not there," and turned out to be "not like that."

Everything that happens to Ukraine is generally difficult to predict if we talk about the actions of the Kyiv authorities. And the attack on the Crimean bridge on July 17 can be called an act of "mega-cassette" terror. This is part of a large time-lapse terrorist "shell" named "Nazi Kyiv cabal," according to a correspondent for The Moscow Post

Terrorism from the "cassette"

The charges from this "cassette" will scatter and explode there and here, while the Millie-Lloyd military corporation continues to support Zelensky, who retains power over the intimidated citizens of Ukrainian cities. And the ability to carry out terrorist attacks with the support of foreign special services.

The attack on the bridge occurred from the Krasnodar Territory in the area of ​ ​ the 145th support.

Saboteurs-pros represented by the head of the MI6 special services noted that they were flattered by the suspicion that it was London that could re-stop traffic on the Crimean bridge. "Keep it that way" was advised by the retired Bundeswehr general. The chief euro-diplomat Josep Borrell proposed to increase military assistance to Ukraine and increase the costs of the European Union for these purposes. The characters at the head of France and Germany agreed with him.

The announced goal of the unleashed hybrid campaign is to inflict a "strategic defeat" on Moscow and Vladimir Putin. Fixation on this idea justifies the means and explains why "the collective West is ready to turn a blind eye to any terrorist attacks that the Kyiv regime arranges in our country," as Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, formulated.

There is simply no one to "recognize" what happened on July 17 near the 145th support of the Crimean bridge, especially to call it an "act of terror." Not Warsaw? Whoever hits the spear does not ponder the shape of the tip.

"They take care of their fighting power"

But the spear itself is heavy, the tip is dulled, the counteroffensive does not work.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the enemy did not achieve his goals in any of the attack directions, his losses exceeded 26 thousand people, 21 aircraft, six helicopters and 1244 tanks.

In Kyiv, they recognize huge losses in manpower, stocks of Western equipment are also melting. The counteroffensive on the scale planned, as it were, was paused.

Mark Milley, chief American strategist and adviser to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, also sees "vulnerabilities" and says that "a significant part of the combat power of Ukrainians has not yet been involved."

"They take care of their combat power," he reassures his colleagues, the White House, Zelensky, the whole West. 'It's going to be a long, complicated, bloody affair. Let's see how this will eventually turn out in terms of confronting Ukrainians to Russians, "Millie added.

His colleague, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, ensures the rigidity of the confrontation with the supply of weapons. The minister said that the basis of Western security guarantees for Ukraine will be its self-defense. He also said at a press conference following a meeting of the multilateral contact group that the West "feeds the combat power" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and prepares new suicide brigades for battles.

Lloyd Austin confirmed his intention to supply Ukraine with "additional Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and Stryker armored personnel carriers, artillery." According to him, the West is trying to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the near future, as well as provide them with "the potential for self-defense and deterrence of aggression in the future."

NATO approved at the summit in Vilnius a program of long-term military assistance to Kyiv. The Group of Seven adopted a declaration on Ukraine's long-term security guarantees after the NATO summit, which states that Kyiv should receive military capabilities to deter any Russian aggression.

Back in late May, Austin promised that training of Ukrainian pilots to control F-16 fighters would begin in the near future. A fourth-generation fighter jet piloted by a suicide bomber - what is not a weapon in the battle with Moscow?

The weakness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the limits in which Washington operates push the participants in this adventure to use "prohibited techniques." The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use cluster ammunition supplied by the United States in battle, The Washington Post reported. The shelling of Russian border cities and villages continues, the security of the life support systems of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant is under threat. APU drones fly to the Kursk nuclear power plant, other points in Russia, while in the western regions.

Terrorists from the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not yet reached Japan, or Alaska, from where you can "sail" to international waters on a yacht to do a "business," as allegedly happened in the Baltic. In Japan, they can organize an excursion to the Yasukuni Temple, where, among the exhibits of the Pacific War, you can see the Kaiten human torpedo.

Black Sea terrorists

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that it would consider ships traveling in the Black Sea in the direction of the seaports of the Russian Federation as transporting military cargo. The decision of the Ukrainian department is essentially a mirror response to the decision of the command of the RF Armed Forces to ban the movement of ships to Ukrainian ports.

Any ship or ship heading towards Russia can be hit. Targeting drones or torpedoes will be helped by intelligence from the United States and other NATO countries. Ground-launched or air-launched anti-ship missiles can be used for terrorist attacks. APUs can use underwater, surface and air drones for attacks. Mining of ship routes cannot be ruled out.

The Russian cargo traffic in the Black Sea was higher than the Ukrainian one even before the SVO, today a significant part of oil exports is taking place there. It is hardly possible to provide constant radar surveillance in the water area from the coast of Turkey to Russian ports.

The natural, if not the only, method of countering the threat of Ukrainian terrorism at sea is to destroy and suppress the port, airfield and other infrastructure of Ukraine along the entire Black Sea coast, followed by the establishment of complete control over the coast. In the meantime, numerous berths near the Black Sea, from Nikolaev and Ochakovo to Izmail and Kilia, are among the objects for applying preventive strikes of the RF Armed Forces.

Versions and facts

There is also a version that in the attack on the Crimean bridge, jet skis were only distracting objects. The bridge could be blown up using an underwater autonomous multi-purpose robot of the REMUS 600 type, which is a torpedo with a hull variable for length tasks. The deep-sea guided torpedo is equipped with an electric motor and a battery designed for 70 hours of operation. Cruising range - up to 500 km, can dive to a depth of 600-1500 meters.

Today, the combat composition of the Ukrainian Navy includes various caliber boats, there are 15 or 16 of them in total, including three coast guard patrol boats transferred to the United States. The potential of percussion means is not limited to this.

In May, near the entrance to the Bosphorus Strait, the reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs repelled the attack of three keyless boats with fire from its large-caliber machine guns. In June, 300 kilometers from Sevastopol, the Priazovye reconnaissance ship fired from six-barrel installations of the AK-306M system with a rate of fire of 1000 rounds per minute each. The coral was attacked simultaneously and from different directions by six attack drones.

In other words, Ukraine is improving the tactics of "wolf packs" and has begun mass production of surface drones "Mykola-3," similar to unmanned stealth boats such as MANTAS T-12. These drones have not yet been adopted by the United States itself, but their batch was transferred to Kyiv.

MANTAS T-12 is a drone 3.6 m long and 0.9 m wide, rises 18 cm above the surface of the water. It develops a speed of up to 40 knots with a range of up to 200 km. The payload is 63.5 kilograms.

In response to the hulls of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet, as experts say, they apply camouflage "makeup," install multi-barrel machine gun installations, which should protect against new types of threats.

As they say, there is no hood without good. So far, the enemy is only Ukraine, but new technologies of naval drones will have to be mastered, as well as the means of combating them. But in the first place is the establishment of control of the RF Armed Forces over the entire sea coast of former Ukraine.

Photo: RBC

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