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30 November 2023

Russia and Greater Eurasia

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by videoconference at the plenary session of the First Eurasian Economic Forum (EEF), held in Bishkek.

The key topic is "Eurasian economic integration in the era of global change. New opportunities for investment activity, "according to The Moscow Post.

The Russian initiative to form a large Eurasian partnership - with these words, the Russian leader addressed the audience - acquires a special sound.

The first President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev, who stood at the origins of the organization, then said: "Should you choose what is more important for you - to work more actively and deeply with your immediate neighbors, natural partners" or to prioritize the global system of division of labor by joining the World Trade Organization?

The Russian Federation and the independent republics of the former USSR were then at a crossroads, but decided to create "this organization" - Eurases, aimed at developing Eurasian integration. The decision to follow this path was not opportunistic.

The first EEF meeting, where he addressed Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov, Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko and Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission Mikhail Myasnikovich, did not become one, according to Vladimir Putin.

We're getting stronger in something

"We have become absolutely competitive at the world level, in world markets," Putin said, adding that Russia remains the world's largest exporter of wheat, acquires new competencies, and concentrates its economic, financial, and administrative resources in breakthrough areas. The most necessary things have been done in key areas "that ensure our sovereignty," he said.

For the development of the country, engineering and scientific centers are important as a basis for their own development. Not just assembly shops, but engineering centers, scientific centers, - said the Russian president and proposed to work together on this both within the framework of Eurases and within the CIS, "invest money" because it is in the interests of Russia and any other country that wants to increase its economic, financial, and ultimately political sovereignty.

"Here I do not see any problems associated with the fact that we have not completed something there in the field of import substitution... - this is not a panacea for all troubles, and we are not going to engage exclusively in import substitution. We are just going to develop, "said Vladimir Putin.

Greater Eurasia

"Greater Eurasia is a project, and the main idea is to create a common space of equal cooperation for regional organizations," Putin said. The Great Eurasian Partnership is designed to change the political and economic architecture of the continent, to become the guarantor of stability and prosperity, taking into account the diversity of development models, cultures and traditions of all peoples.

The Russian president noted the role of the leaders of the Eurasian countries who supported this proposal. The benefits of the "big Eurasian partnership" were noted by China and India, members of the BRICS, other countries and organizations, including the SCO and ASEAN.

According to Vladimir Putin, Russia "considered for itself the greatest priority the construction of relations with our direct, natural neighbors in the common economy even within the framework of the Soviet Union."

It is noteworthy that Vladimir Putin addressed the topic of "common roots" several times, saying about the base that has been inherited since previous times, which needs to be supported and invested in this common base of resources, to restore the competence of joint work.

"Our high-tech spheres are developing and developing successfully. And we would like us to do that with our Eurases partners. We can and should restore these competencies of joint work, "the president said and cited Belarus as an example, which retained important competencies, including in microelectronics.

The five countries, Vladimir Putin said, have created the basis for the formation of a common digital space, including a single system of traceability of goods, and are developing platform solutions, including the Work Without Borders search system. Despite the crisis related to the current political situation, the volume of deductions of labor migrants from Russia to their countries is not decreasing, even increasing, he said.

The practice of settlements in national currencies is expanding, their share in mutual trade of the Union countries has reached 75%. Work continues on the conjugation and mutual use of national payment systems and bank cards. It is planned to move from the SWIFT system to direct correspondent contacts between banks of friendly countries, including through the financial messaging system of the Central Bank of Russia. It was proposed to strengthen interaction with key credit and financial centers of the Asia-Pacific region.

The idea of ​ ​ a large Eurasian partnership is associated with global economic trends, with the fact that the center of economic development is gradually moving to the Asia-Pacific region. Russia intends to develop relations within the framework of Eurases, with the regions of Asia, Latin America, Africa.

As for "our partners from Europe," Russian companies can occupy their niches. "Our business, our production - it has grown already, and it will safely sit on the ground prepared by our partners. Nothing will change, "the president said. "Of course, we understand the huge technological advantages, high-tech advantages in developed economies, it goes without saying. We are not going to cut ourselves off from this, "Putin said.

On sanctions and bans

It is impossible to separate a country such as Russia, given its partners in Eurases, and in the world as a whole, is an absolutely unrealistic task, attempts to solve which are associated with damaging one's own interests. And as resilient as the economies of those countries pursuing such shortsighted policies are, they face challenges. For 40 years, Europe and the United States have not had such inflation, unemployment, violations in chains of ties, food problems.

Vladimir Putin noted that attempts to "cross out any objectionable person who has his own point of view and is ready to defend it" are reflected in the system of economic and political relations. And the point is not only in Russia and not even in China, it is in many other countries of the world that want to pursue and will pursue an independent policy. "And no" world gendarme "will be able to suspend this natural global process," but attempts to do this lead to chaos and economic shocks, he added.

"Violation of rules, norms in the field of international finance, trade does not lead to anything good. And in simple terms, this will only lead to problems for those who do it. Theft of other people's assets has never brought anyone to good, primarily those who are engaged in this unseemly business, "the Russian leader said.

On the prospects of Eurasian partnership

Within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union, a roadmap for industrialization has been formed, including more than 180 projects with a total investment of more than $300 billion, an agricultural industry development program of 170 projects worth $16 billion. Among the new topics in Eurasian integration is the development of cooperation in the field of "green" technologies, environmental protection and energy conservation.

Vladimir Putin proposed concrete ideas for the integrated development of a large Eurasian partnership that go beyond Eurases. Among them are common institutions for the continent at key growth points, including the creation of a Eurasian export center and trading houses, the formation of a Eurasian reinsurance company, the development of cross-border special economic zones, possibly even with supranational powers.

Further, the President called it important to develop cooperation between Eurases and foreign partners, to promote key projects and plans with a special role in this Business Council of Eurases, which can become a platform for business cooperation in greater Eurasia.

"At the same time, as I said, it is advisable to support the freedom of business initiative, creative activities of business, our investors. I propose to form additional, better incentives for them, to actively participate in financing Eurasian projects. Companies representing national businesses of the Eurasian countries, of course, should receive priority support here, "he stressed.

Finally, Vladimir Putin proposed to form a comprehensive development strategy for a large Eurasian partnership that would reflect key international challenges, identify promising goals, and contain tools and mechanisms for achieving them. He proposed to think over further steps to develop a system of trade and investment agreements, including with the participation of the SCO member states, ASEAN and BRICS.

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