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25 September 2023

Resignations in Zelensky's apparatus - resignation, or the beginning of the end?

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy dismissed Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova and SBU head Ivan Bakanov.

The dismissal of key figures from the most important government posts speaks not just about serious problems, about real panic in Zelensky's team, according to The Moscow Post.

Here's how he comments on this situation himself:

- I decided to remove the Prosecutor General and to remove the head of the Security Service of Ukraine.

As of today, 651 criminal proceedings on high treason and collaborative activities of employees of the prosecutor's office, pre-trial investigation bodies, and other law enforcement agencies have been registered. In 198 criminal proceedings, the relevant persons were informed of the suspicion.

In particular, more than 60 employees of the bodies and the SBU remained in the occupied territory and work against our state.

Such an array of crimes against the foundations of national security of the state and communications recorded between employees of the security forces of Ukraine and the special services of Russia ask very serious questions to the relevant leaders. Each of these questions will receive a proper answer!

The pathos of the speech is clear: "Around the enemies, everywhere treason!," And, perhaps, there are grounds for this. But, on the other hand, what, from the point of view of the Zelensky regime, is called "treason," in fact, is a manifestation of common sense, a rejection of Nazi ideology and a step towards restoring fraternal relations between the two artificially divided peoples.

Surely among these more than 600 "traitors" named by Zelensky, there are many of them. But this does not apply to the dismissed characters in any way. Journalist Yulia Vityazeva in her Telegram channel briefly and clearly formulated the reason for Venediktova's dismissal: "Did she lie and substitute too much?"

And if you recall the wild lies about the "mass rapes" of the ex-Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova, a close, by the way, friend of Venediktova, then Zelensky can only sympathize. With such "assistants" and enemies are not necessary. Everyone knew about the unbalanced nature of Irina Venedikova and the fact that she was used to any "stress" (and they happen every day in her work) to shoot with alcohol. So, then, the departure of Venediktova was a matter long decided, of course.

But with Bakanov, everything is much more complicated: everyone knows about his long-standing conflict with the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces Valery Zaluzhny. As well as the fact that Zelensky constantly took the side of his long-time friend Bakanov in these conflits, with whom they almost grew up in the same sandbox. Whatever they say about Zaluzhny, but what in what, but in professionalism, the personnel general will not be denied.

At the same time, Bakanov, who at one time received the military rank of "lieutenant" just like that, you live well, did not deserve the post of head of the Armed Forces of Ukraine except for friendly relations with President Zelensky.

The fact that the SBU practically does not obey Zelensky, but is in fact a CIA branch, has been known for a long time and this situation did not develop under Zelensky: the State Department through the SBU broke the power of Yanukovych with the hands of nationalists, on whose defense Berkut stood, and after the victory of the SBU Maidan finally turned into a CIA branch.

So, the appointment of Bakanov to the post of head of the SBU was nothing more than a "goodwill gesture" from curators from the United States. Now that the Russian special operation is beginning to gain momentum, and the Nazi garrison in Slavyansk has been living out its last days, it has not been possible to launch a partisan war in the territories of Kherson, Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv regions controlled by Russia, and even the "security of Ukraine" controlled by Kyiv is bursting at the seams, Zelensky was literally forced to make a personnel decision, which he clearly did not want to make.

Now his position in the SBU has weakened very much, and there is nothing to oppose Zaluzhny, with whom Zelensky has a long-strained relationship, or rather, no one. It is possible that these high-profile resignations will be the beginning of the end of Zelensky himself, and NATO generals with the help of the CIA will try to arrange a military coup in Ukraine, and put at the head of the junta General Zaluzhny, who can with the "iron hand" to restore "order," solving problems with mobilization, and put several hundred thousand more Ukrainians under arms, as well as solve other problems of manageability and control of the situation in the SBU.


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