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09 December 2023

"Pre-politicized": Maria Zakharova on the "right" corrupt officials in the EU

Today there was another briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Traditionally, the correspondent of The Moscow Post asked his question.

The first question of the journalist of our publication touched upon the topic of the past attack of drones on the Kremlin in the context of the accumulated experience of bilateral contacts between the Russian Federation and the United States on issues of strategic stability.

"What can you say about this? If a drone attack is not a reason to "reconcile security hours," then what should then be considered a subject for urgent consultation? "- the question was asked.

Maria Zakharova recalled the existence of many channels of communication with the United States on sensitive issues that are subject to discussion precisely by experts-professionals of a narrow profile. Unfortunately, Washington does not use these channels often. For some reason, a professional conversation and a real dialogue on making practical decisions on this topic did not take place. This is not of interest to the American side.

As for the described situation, the point is not in expert consultations as such, but in "charge" and conscious policies, as they say, on "inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia, losing on the battlefield," and so on.

"What consultations, if the United States openly and directly stated that the Kyiv regime will support everything. To the clarifying question - what, and in the murders and terrorist attacks, said - do not ask us about this. At the same time, Washington did not openly condemn the actions of the Kyiv regime and completely solidified with it. This is a deliberate long-term position of the United States, which also sponsored the funds and weapons of the militants, "said Maria Zakharova.

Developing the topic, the correspondent asked if it was planned to convene the UN Security Council to discuss an attempt to attack drones on the Kremlin?

The diplomat recalled that on the same days a terrorist act was committed against Russian citizens - because of the planned terrorist attack, a citizen of our country died and was seriously injured, this is Zakhar Prilepin, a writer and politician.

These people have been declared as targets of the Kyiv regime over the years. This is not just an expression of the animal essence of the Kyiv regime, but a planned murder by terrorist methods.

The Russian Foreign Ministry intends to draw attention to the situation during meetings of the UN Security Council, during consultations in the body, on the terrorist activity of the Kyiv regime on an ongoing basis. Both in terms of practical diplomatic activities and in an informational way.

The final question from our publication concerned the statement of the head of the foreign policy service of the European Union Josep Borrell. He is counting on the speedy approval in the EU Council of a project to introduce a mechanism of sanctions against any country on charges of corruption.

"What can the lawyers of your department say about this?" - asked the journalist.

Maria Zakharova pointed out that Borrell draws "direct analogies" with what Urusula von der Leyen is now accused of.

"Maybe he wants to sit her down," the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry wondered.

Urusula von der Leyen is suspected of corruption of about 9 billion euros in the purchase of an American-made vaccine for the EU market, which caused many questions and shock when the pandemic raged.

It turned out that Urusula von der Leyen was in direct contact with the head of the American company.

As a result - a contract for 9 billion, doubts about the quality and effectiveness of the product, and so on. Now there is an investigation, but the focus is on allegations of corruption.

"Perhaps Borrell meant just Urusula von der Leyen. And this is not a joke, since a huge number of contradictory statements and EU documents were previously adopted, "the diplomat said.

As an example, Maria Zakharova also outlined the EU's actions to stop the sovereignty of Moldova. Earlier, the political association also advocated sanctions against those who encroach on the sovereignty of the state. At the same time, the current ruling elite of the country is affiliated with Romania, does not hide this, and gradually denies Moldova the right to be a sovereign state. All this resembles some "outlandish contradictions."

Russia consistently defends the inclusive, technical nature of international anti-corruption cooperation on the principles of equality, mutual consideration of interests. Russia condemns Western attempts to politicize processes in this area.

"Politicized, politicized and pre-politicized. They come up with wrestling tools that, if not aimed only at them, are certainly double-edged. "

This approach interferes with effective joint work and destroys all joint developments in more than several decades. The broad consensus for fruitful and effective cooperation in the fight against corruption today is undermined by the stubborn desire of individual countries to impose convenient rules and politically motivated decisions. An example, in fact, is Borrell's proposal.

"I am waiting for American corrupt officials to be included in these lists and how EU sanctions will be imposed on them. And the oligarchs of the Kyiv regime?! There are also corrupt officials through one, "said Maria Zakharova.

As a result, it turns out that the EU divides all corrupt officials into "right" and "wrong."

The stated grounds for imposing sanctions allow not only to arbitrarily approach the choice of persons involved in the sanctions lists, but also to freely interpret the current norms of international law. All this is another tool of political influence and has nothing to do with the real mechanisms for punishing criminals.

Photo: RIA FAN

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