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01 June 2023

Nuclear "fico" for NATO

Condemning plans of the Russian Federation for deployment of nuclear weapon in Belarus, the West once again shows incredible hypocrisy and cynicism.

The decision on deployment of tactical nuclear weapon in Belarus caused a hysterics in the West. Today or tomorrow there has to take place the meeting of the UN Security Council on this situation, this demand was made by Ukraine and supported the USA.

Meanwhile, the States very long time ago placed more than one hundred nuclear charges in Europe therefore definitely not him, and not to Europeans it is worth showing to Russia claims. Similar behavior - usual hypocrisy which cornerstone the ardent russophobia multiplied by geopolitical ambitions of the American predominant force and a dependency of Europe is.

Details - in material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The President Vladimir Putin told about the decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapon of the Russian Federation in the territory of Belarus at the request of the country. He noted that the USA does it in a number of the countries for a long time.

"We already helped our Belarusian colleagues to convert their planes. Ten planes are ready for use of this kind of weapon. We already gave our known, very effective Iskander complex to Belarus, it can be the carrier too", - the Head of state told.

He explained that placement of TYaO in Belarus happens because the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko "asks long ago". And the logic of the Belarusian president is extremely simple. NATO stated that it considers the possibility to move nuclear weapon from Germany a little to the east. That is to Poland. It is possible to respond to this threat only with existence of the nuclear arsenal.

Now threats only increased. And the decision of Great Britain to deliver to Ukraine armor-piercing shells with the core from the grown poor uranium became an additional occasion.

At the same time Belarus lives in the mode of military threat even not since February 24, 2022, and since 2020 when in the country with assistance of the western intelligence agencies tried to hold a coup. It is known that it failed then the whole series of provocations with refugees on border followed.

To the most this border from the Polish side all new and new troops and arms are drawn up. The Polish leaders, as well as the Baltic limitrofa and a number of other hostile states, pour continuous threats. Therefore placement of TYaO in Belarus - only an additional tool to cool hotheads and to guarantee safety of the Republic and all Union State.

About same I said also the Russian Foreign Ministry, having added that at the Union State - the general military doctrine. At the same time it is emphasized that it exactly placement, but not transfer of weapon to the Belarusian side.

"Inadequate reaction of a number of the western capitals to decisions concerning development of our interaction with Belarus in the military nuclear sphere can't but cause bewilderment. It seems that the concern expressed in this context by the countries of the West is designed for unaware audience which isn't aware of long-term exercises of self-appointed western mentors in the specified area", - the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova noted.

It was also called "escalation" in the West. And it after deliveries of tanks, armored cars, artillery, millions of ammunition, training of soldiers of AFU in Europe and the USA. It turns out, to pump up weapon Ukraine arranging terrorist attacks in the territory of Russia - not escalation?

By escalation such step is expected also the head of eurodiplomacy Zhozep Borel called. Having added at the same time what in reply to the EU will impose new sanctions against Russia. However, before a number of the European politicians recognized that sanctions opportunities concerning Russia are almost exhausted.

However, in Russia got used to such hypocrisy long ago. Also howls of the opposite side about allegedly violation of non-proliferation regime of nuclear weapon by Russia are expected. Though if to speak about arms in general, the USA the first left almost all existing earlier corresponding international agreements.

Not to mention that Washington keeps many years in Europe and Turkey the whole nuclear arsenal - only about 150 nuclear bombs, including the B61 bomb which can be developed both by forces of the USA, and forces of allies.

It is direct threat of Russia which, unlike the USA, or on Bermuda has no military bases in Guatemala or El Salvador, Canada.

Nuclear arsenal of the USA in Europe

Till 2007 the American nuclear weapon was deployed on air base Rammstein in Germany. Then it was relocated on Byukhel air base in the neighborhood of the city of Koham in the federal Land of Rheinland-Pfalts.

The American military facilities are also in the territory of Belgium. In a northeast part of the country, in an hour of driving from Brussels where there is also NATO headquarters, the air base of the Air Force of Belgium Klein-Brogel is placed.

The 10th Tactical Air Wing of the Belgian Air Force, flying F-16 fighters capable of carrying the B61, is based here. In addition to the Belgian aircraft, the 701st ammunition maintenance squadron of the US Air Force is deployed at the base. American specialists are responsible for the content of 22 nuclear bombs located at the base, as well as for their preparation for use in the event of an armed conflict.

The Dutch Air Force's Volkel Air Base hosts 20 V-61 nuclear bombs. At least 35 more bombs are deployed in northeastern Italy, at the US Air Force airbase in Aviano. At one time, it was from here that NATO planes took off, going to bomb Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan. Today, American planes fly from Aviano to Syria, Libya.

Another 40 bombs are stationed at the Gedi Torre base in northern Italy. And about 50 more charges - in Turkey, at the Incirlik base. For some reason, these facts of Mr. Borrell and other European residents do not bother. But several charges in Belarus cause them almost hiccups.

Countries hosting US nuclear weapons in Europe and Turkey. Photo: open sources

At the same time, over the 75 years that American troops are in Europe, more than one generation of activists protesting against their presence in European countries has changed. Repeatedly, the question of the further deployment of nuclear bombs at military bases in Europe was raised in Germany, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands.

As for Turkey, here in the 1970s and 1990s, left-wing radical groups even staged armed attacks on the American military, trying to force the Turkish government to put an end to the American military presence. But the public opinion of the United States and wider - NATO, does not care deeply when it comes to the realization of geopolitical interests, even more so when it comes to Russia.

It is the United States that today puts the whole world on the brink of a nuclear apocalypse. And sane, reasonable voices do not sound at all - unlike the same period of the Cuban crisis. Russia's attempt to protect itself and its ally from the growing threat is being obstructed.

There is no doubt that at the announced meeting of the UN Security Council, the same accusations and threats spurred by the United States and their puppets will be heard against our country. However, as they say, the dog barks, the caravan goes - the Russian Federation and Belarus will continue to act on the basis of their national interests.

Photo: Focus

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